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I would have loved to have written this post from Paris. The plan was to go there for three days and returning back home the 24th just in time for Christmas.The tickets were ready and everything was packed – but then somebody in the family got sick and we all canceled it. Well, I guess that’s reality –  it may happen.

For me this would have been my only journey for these holidays – how amazing would it have been to send greetings from the tour d’Eiffel on world’s end day? As much as I would have been thrilled to see wonderful Paris again, I said to myself: well how many of you would love to be in my home town Vienna right now? – in fact I heard many people saying how much they would love to visit or visitors saying how much they loved it.

So instead of sightseeing in Paris, the family and I went on a little excursion tour to the Schönbrunn palace,amongst the most famous tourist attractions of Vienna. It has been the Empress Sisi’s summer residence in the 18th century and is surrounded by a breathtakingly beautiful vast baroque park. On this occasion I was wearing a mint oversize coat from TOPSHOP combined with grey tones – a combination that really works for me – and the shirt dress by Ksubi I would have loved to wear in France on my ‘French style holiday’, but I also can’t wait to rock in summer as a beach dress.

We took photos for about fifteen minute in front of the palace, it is unbearably cold here at the moment. There was also an annual Christmas market and we treated ourselves to punch and then moved on inside the palace. Before we went home I captured the Gloriette, which served as a point de vue to overview the impressive park and took a last impression of beautiful Schönbrunn castle – by night, at Christmas.


I was wearing:
Ksubi printed cotton T-shirt dress
black and grey coatigan (similar style)
TOPSHOP coat (similar)
Stella McCartney golden Falabella bag
H&M faux leather leggings
grey suede Le Silla platform pumps (similar grey platforms)
Isabel Marant alpaca  blend beanie (similar in mustard)
Isabel Marant ring


I hope you enjoyed our little getaway to the Schönbrunn castle today. I also hope that everything is going well and running smoothly for you in this hectic time of the year. I personally am positively looking forward to my next getaway – and in the meantime I am enjoying myself at the most beautiful place to be at Christmas: at home. I usually am not a superstitious girl but one thing I know for sure: I will never again book a flight ticket, when it has got ‘the end of the world’ marked in the calendar!

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I am starting to finally truly getting into a festive mood and today my best friend and I went for a stroll through beautiful Viennese Christmas markets. I decided to add a little glam to the event by wearing something, I was in fact looking forward to be wearing for a while now: a ballerina skirt I found online at Topshop.  I live in a city where a grown up woman wearing a tutu would be looked at as outlandish whereas in other bigger cities like London I would be just a girl wearing a skirt. As much as I appreciate the quiet and calm of my home town, I sometimes have to do something more bold, more glittering, well a bit more flamboyant. I love dressing up and the festive season is a perfect occasion for that. I remember the first time in my life I was allowed to stay out at night longer than midnight : it was a New Years eve. You must know by that time of the year temperatures here in Austria drop down to zero and below. On that first New Years eve out and about town I was wearing a little silver lurex dress by H&M and probably not the thickest coat to cover up. I have been freezing like crazy, but I didn’t mind because it was so beautiful to be wearing that glittery dress.

I kind of still feel the same today: the festive time of the year is screaming: gold, metallics, lurex, shimmer! When we took the photos at this beautiful carousel, a group of teenie girls nearby started giggling. I took it as a compliment, because there is nothing better in the world than people laughing and smiling. I am sure that some of them would love to wear a ballerina skirt too. And that many woman out there would love to be ballerina, be it just for a day….

I hope you enjoy the photos we took for you – thanks to my ear muffs – quintessential in Austrian winters – I didn’t have to freeze so much. Maybe thanks to a little excitement for coming up Christmas too…


I was wearing: 
ASOS mistletoe sweater
TOPSHOP ballerina skirt
Lurex leggings by Intimissimi
 REISS multi strap court shoe BELLE

PS: Are you in love with those beautiful strappy court shoes of mine? The upper material is pony hair and I am finding them super elegant, a true upgrade to my wardrobe! I just thought that I’d let you know that REISS is offering 30% on shoes and accessories, plus free shipping – and that before Christmas sale! Maybe a good chance to find an outstanding and stylish gift for someone beloved – or to treat your self to a little something for underneath the Christmas tree. Hot favourite of mine:  the clutches! Especially the metal bar framed Mira clutch or the sophisticated  embellished Yasmin clutch. Just click on the link below and happy shopping!
Reiss UK

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Speaking of art and just recently about the Vivienne Westwood Couture After Show Party – an interesting article about an extra-ordinary co-operation has fallen into my hands:

Just in time for her 70th anniversary the last year (would you have guessed it?) the grand dame and punk royalty Vivienne Westwood has designed a signature sleeve for the  Chivas Regal 18yo bottle.

With her stylish four-piece design in Union Jack Vivienne Westwood has turned the Chivas Regal 18yo bottle into the style icon of  whisky.

The co-operation has been presented first time at London Fashion Week 2011, where Vivienne Westwood, who celebrated her 70th birthday on April 8th, strutted some pieces of her Autumn/Winter collection on the catwalk – amongst it the stylish four-piece in Union Jack style for  Chivas Regal 18yo Scotch Whisky.

The designer delightfully signed a few of the bottles before her very first show in Vienna. The hand crafted edition is limited to a 2,5k pieces, signed in gold, serially numbered and available world-wide at the price of 425 Euro. In the meantime some of the exemplars have already been auctioned for a way higher price.

Chivas is continuing a series of legendary co-operations with prestigious designers, such as Christian Lacroix, Andree Putmann and Alexander McQueen.

Tasteful co-operation:

The queen of punk has re-invented and revamped the premium blend scotch whisky and tailored a sophisticated silk coat in Union Jack print. The history of Chivas as well as the history of Union Jack reach back into the year 1801 – Vivienne Westwood took it as an inspiration for the exclusive limited edition.

Only by looking at the past, we are able to create the future. I come from England, therefore the British culture is undeniable in my designs“, says the artist and designer, who happen to have a very special relation with Austria. ( Her spouse and former student Andreas Kronthaler is Austrian)

The foundation of this co-op between Chivas and Vivienne Westwood was the love of handy-craft and the profound knowledge about the meaning of the past for the future.

”The symbiosis with Vivienne Westwood is a colaboration on the highest fashion level. Artisan craftwork and exclusivity make the two of them a perfect match, the fact that we now have Vivienne Westwood ( flag-ship store) in Vienna is a great pleasure because the international character is made visible, ” says Doris Kurzbauer, head of marketing about the interplay of design expertise and whisky creation.

Limited edition:

Four hand-tailored pieces with golden embellishment are exuding masculinity and elegance. White golden, round logo buttons are keeping the coat together and giving it the typical Vivienne Westwood look. The designer has included an instruction, that describes how to put the four pieces together, so they build the coat. The colours blue and red are giving this special edition of Chivas Regal 18yo a touch of luxury – they represent precious stones sapphire and ruby which also  are set on the crown of the Queen’s crown jewels. To top off this exclusive and extravagant creation the British fashion icon has added a crowning accessory – each bottle is carrying a blue golden ”flash” with her signature imperial orb around its neck.

Pernod Ricard has one of the most prestigious portfolios of drink labels such as:  ABSOLUT Vodka, Havana Club, Rum, Chivas Regal, Ballantine’s Olmeca Tequila, Beefeater Gin and Mumm and Perrier- Jouet champaign.

Pernod Ricard is supporting responsible drinking and handling of alcohol – more information on: http://www.verantwortungsvoll.at

Text translated from German by the Flamboyante

From what I see on the pictures I think the coat looks opulent, wonderful and cool. Now I am just left wondering: for the price of 425 Euro – would you love to make such limited edition Vivienne Westwood for Chivas bottle yours or would you invest in one of her famous and unique tailored dresses? Do you love Vivienne Westwood as much as I do?  You should then certainly have a look at her blog Get a live where she is campaigning for environmental issues and a sustainable life style.

Ps: A little birdy told me that there is a 20% mid-season promotion in stores and online  – just thought, I’d let you know…


the Flamboyante

Love drunk at the Vivienne Westwood couture after show party

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It has been more than a week ago I spent this magnificent evening for once more at the red bar at the Viennese Volkstheater and I’m still not over, what great pleasure it has been.

Reason being I followed an invitation to the Vivienne Westwood Gold label after show party, I love going to these kind of events because it gives me the chance to mingle with other likely – minded fashionable folks.

I don’t know if I looked tipsy that evening, however my glary eyes are due to something completely different: In fact I didn’t even drink much this evening, you could possibly say I have been ‘love drunk’  – but more of that later.

Vivienne Westwood has just recently opened up a store in Vienna – and I would say it has been about time, not just for the fact that her husband is Austrian.  The party has been the joyful conclusion of Vivienne Westwoods couture show, where pieces from her  Gold Label alongside couture pieces were presented at Vienna’s prestigious Kunsthistorisches Museum. I wasn’t lucky enough to see it but am so lucky to know a friend blogger who has been and you can see the coverage of the show on his blog ANDY art magazine.

Since I am already talking about people I met this evening at the red bar- in fact it has been a lot of young, talented and open-minded fashion industry insiders – from editors and photographers to emerging designers, models, performing artists. When I am saying emerging designer (here in Vienna) I immediately think: Mark and Julia, who won the Ringstrassen galleries designer awards in April. I am definitely keen to find out more about the two lovelies, I have the feeling they are going to ‘revolutionize’ and turn around Austria’s fashion world with they intuitive campaigns and ideas. I met Benjamin Quirico  of  Faux Fox magazine – I cannot wait to hold an actual copy of this print magazine in my hand. If the magazine is half as quirky, interesting and creative as benjamin tatoos on his arm (which I firmly believe it is) I am already taken. I am super excited to know that the fashion scene in Vienna is buzzing at the moment, there is so much new ‘addition’. And in that particular evening I even spotted some true ‘Austrian’ fashion icons, those who were the ‘pioneers’ when fashion still used to be a foreign word  with a mystical meaning to people on my country- I am talikng about the likes of Miss Candy also known as Holger Thor, who is internationally renowned as drag artist.

I personally love a little dressing up as well so I sported some really cute wire rabbit ears.

Enough of the talking –  enjoy the photographs of the party and the lovely people from Vienna:

Photo credit Vivienne Westwood: Kemara Pol of ANDY art magazine

Last but not least  let me explain why I had been ‘love drunk’ on that special evening. I realized how much I love my home town and that I absolutely enjoy myself at the best parties here in Vienna amongst the people I have known for years. Although I may not be in touch a lot with most of the people, I would always stumble over them at an event and I would always feel homely and ‘safe’, kind of ‘accepted’. I am having a rosy glow because I have never gotten so many nice compliments in one evening – and mind me it wasn’t those with a hidden agenda – just the kind appreciation of some good old friends…

I was wearing:

MCQ Alexander McQueen

                                                Knitted and lace sweater dress

Mimi Holiday by Damaris

Ribbon and wire bunny ears headband

And you, are you in love with your city? What do you enjoy doing most in your home town?

xox, the Flamboyante

Vienna Fashion Week 12: Spotlight on: Callisti

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From the 10th to 16th of September there was fashion in the air in my home town, due to the annual Vienna Fashion Week, taking place at the museum’s quarter. I have been there last Thursday to capture some of Vienna’s finest in design. Let me on this occasion introduce you to Callisti of Martina Müller Callisti, she is a Vienna based designer for men’s and women’s fashion, who established in 2007. It’s not only Austrian celebrities who rely on Callisti when it comes to feminine, extravagant evening robes for special occasion like galas or balls.  Brooke Shields  once stunned in a sequined cocktail dress at the Jimmy Fallon late night show.

Bold, fierce, self-confident, feminine are the words that come into my mind when I look at her designs, which combine tough materials as leather with long floating fabrics. Sit back and enjoy one of the many highlights of Vienna fashion week!


All photo credits: Mateusz Zawieja of FASHION POSITIVE

How do you feel about the collection. Do you see yourself wearing one of these outfits? Which one – let me know!

xox, the Flamboyante

Vienna fashion week starts with a Peng!

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My home town Vienna may be small, but when it comes to partying, down in the clubs, when people are getting drunk and have fun, Vienna becomes as cosmopolitan as any of the big cities. It is the same vibe you’d expect on any of the Vice parties across the world, or the hip guest-list-only parties in Parisian super expensive night clubs.

Vienna has it’s fashion week too, it is once a year in September, kicking off on Monday, the 10th this year. The Vienna fashion camp is taking place on this weekend, you could say it kind of is the up beat event to the Vienna fashion week, involving many of the Austrian fashion bloggers, designers and fashion lovers.

This weekend fashion was in the air in Vienna and I couldn’t help but hitting up the town, with my camera and my golden Falabella bag. DIESEL  was calling Vienna’s most stylish people to their red room nite event at the red bar, inside Vienna’s Volkstheater. You know it’s a good party when DJ Rodney Hunter is spinning the records. On the second floor Austria’s freshest selectress Flo Real was heating up the crowd –  she’s always stylin’, I love the big statement earrings she is wearing all the time. I met some of the cream of the crop of Vienna’s fashion bloggers and some of my good friends –  it couldn’t get any better. I later hit the mode talking party hosted by Peng! magazine, these are the best outdoor parties in Vienna, so since summer is coming to an end perhaps a good idea.

After a sum of five vodka orange drinks at five o’clock in the morning I’m  calling it a day – but I couldn’t help thinking that the party just begun when I left….

DJ Rodney Hunter, DJ FLO REAL, blogger Michele from eaudbedroom, blogger Mike York.

Blogger Kemara Pol from Andy Art Magazine

I like to party – everybody does…

xox, the Flamboyante

Dame Jane Goodall: H is for Hope

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Last weekend has been inspiring for me in many ways: I spent three days right in the middle of the alps, which has been enlightening not just because I got in touch again with mother nature, but also because having met an extraordinary person: Dame Jane Goodall. I joined the second annual Benefit Gala of the Jane Goodall charity taking place in Kitzbühel. Arriving without any expectation in my mind I must say the evening has been moving and a true eye opener.

On that occasion I was being reminded how overwhelmingly beautiful Austria’s natural landscapes are. The alps are worldwide known for ski-ing and have served as backdrops for many movies, with the most famous one being the Bond movie: ‘On her majesty’s secret service’. Each winter they turn into an arena for winter sports and even the winter olympics have been taking place in the alps of Kitzbühel once, in 1956.

I spent my time in the amazing Reitherwirt hotel – I couldn’t have been more comfortable with a suite that even featured a sauna and a terrace where I could overview beautiful and impressive mountains:

It is hard to describe the feeling I had on the evening of the gala – and it is also not easy to reproduce all the words that have been said on this evening. There is a bottom line  of the message of Jane Goodall, who is one of the greatest researchers in history, and who revolutionised behavioural research. Knighted by the Queen of England and UN ambassador for peace, it is very clear and simple what Jane Goodall is telling us and sharing with us on this evening: That we must remind ourselves tirelessly to live in respect, love and harmony with nature. To use our earth’s resources wisely and also put the effort in to restoring and fixing what we have already abused and neglected..’ I have seen whole woods being re-forested and whole rivers being cleared’ she says.

There is no need to say that if we’d continue harming the environment in the way we do it now, we’d one day have very poor living standard, if any at all. So if natural resources can be cleared and restored on a larger scale, then why do we do so little about it? ‘Every little counts’, Jane Goodall reminds us. If I do something today and you too do something, this together will make a whole big difference.

Auctions of a variety of personal belongings of Jane Goodall, handmade crafts and even a whiskey drink with the world-famous researcher brought all in all more than 90.000 Euros – a hand-woven carpet went at 9000 Euros and Jane Goodall is letting the buyer know that from this money the children of a whole village will receive education for a whole year. Her charity is not only saving lives of endangered species, but is also taking care of native people who life nearby the reservoirs. The charity’s mascot is a little monkey – Mr. H – because H is for hope – and Jane Goodall is amongst the few heroes, who refuses to give it up.

You can find out more about the fascinating life and work of Jane Goodall and how you can support the charity here.

On this evening I was wearing Jimmy Choo Vikki glitter pump in navy, an amazing asymmetric sequined dress by Diane von Furstenberg (I found a similar and quite affordable one here ), DKNY clutchChan Luu lapis lazuli earrings and Tiffany bracelet and ring.
Dear friends, always remember: there is nothing in the world more fashionable, more fabulous, more stylish than giving back.

If you have a cause or charity you support, I can’t wait to hear about it! Let’s all together make an impact and inspire other people so that day by day there is more people making a change!

xox, the Flamboyante

Kitzbühel: jewel of Austria

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Kitzbühel is a tiny, picturesque town in Innsbruck, the capital of Austria’s state Tyrol and it is situated right in between the alps. As small as it may seem to be, it is actually big in Europe and even world-wide. It is famous as one of the most beautiful skiing regions, in winter the rich and famous reside in one of the luxurious hotels and make sure to be spotted on the slope. The rest of the year Austria’s stunning landscapes and mountains attract visitors from all over the world and awakens their wanderlust – I can certainly say that a two days out there in the alps will give an energy boost that is beyond. The center is a luxurious place and even fashionistas and  lovers of high fashion designer brands won’t be disappointed spending some time in the medieval town. It is like the Nice of Austria – it is truly amazing and breathtakingly beautiful, with people being friendly and relaxed.


I was wearing:  Markus Lupfer sequined sweater (I found a similar one on the Outnet here ), J Brand glittered jeans ( found similar one on the Outnet here ), Jimmy Choo Vikki glitter pump, DKNY CLUTCH, STEFANEL coat, Deborah Lippman Marquee Moon futuristic sequined silver / glitter on my nails.

So next time you plan a trip to Austria, don’t forget:

Love is in the air in Kitzbühel…

xox, The Flamboyante

Out of Africa

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model Nadine Salem

Today I spent a magnificent day at the African days festival, the Afrika Tage,  in my hometown Vienna.

This festival style event is annually taking place on the Donauinsel offering anything from music to food, to fashion and beautiful, unique handicraft from the African community in Austria. I’ve been going there for the past three years and it certainly is a magical event, taking place late July until mid August. I love going there and I know that plenty of people from all over Austria come for the event, wether it be young or old, it offers something for everyone.

There certainly is something like a deeper reason why I am drawn to African life style and music, and also foods, even fashion – it is not just the joie de vivre that traders and exhibitors, the people there exude, or the truly wonderful ware you could possibly buy… With one part of my parents being from Egypt, I think I can say I have some African blood running through those veins. I am half European and half African so to speak, I grew up here in Austria.

What is special about me going to the event this year, is that this year I am ultimately doing it in style!

I never shop impulsively, I don’t even shop in stores unless for accessories. So usually no biiig shopping spreads in H&M and Zara, but updating my wish lists on the web sites (every true fashionista knows…) constantly, waiting for the perfect moment (price drops) to buy the piece I’ve been longing for so long…

However the choice and quality you get at Zara, Mango, H&M these days is eclectic and of a high fashion level, I think these days a lot of effort and creativity goes into designs and patterns. We shot a lot of details and I felt so comfortable and just – myself, besides I love wearing wide legged trousers from soft fabrics like silk or linen in summer, they are so airy and perfectly stylish.

This outfit has so many lovely details, the tiger print shirt and scarf pattern trousers are both from Zara. I bought the belt last year here  on the festival, with the gold and black wooden pearls it completed the outfit perfectly. My clutch is by BCBMAXAZRIA, my earrings and brass rings are MADE for Africa. The big African bracelet is a family gift, the blue thin bracelet Isabel Marant , the other silver love necklace by Tiffany. This big cocktail ring is by Kenneth Jay Lane, I believe that I bought this statement necklace years ago in Paris, during my training there. I am wearing another fabulous thing: some Vintage Gucci suede sandals!

I am also wearing Deborah Lippmann Billionaire nail polish ( 🙂 ) – it is like a dark and rich moss tone. My lipstick is Chanel rouge noir. (In case you didn’t know, you can win a Deborah Lippmann nail lacquer here together with a fabulous By Terry  skin care product.)

We took so many lovely photos today, it was more than thirty  pictures I wanted to share with you. So I decided to give you the coverage of the event, with impressions of music, shopping and eating at the Afrika Tage – the African days here in Vienna in my next post.

When I started my blog I didn’t actually want to buy an outfit just for an event-but make use of what I already have in my closet. I ended up buying these two very fashionable pieces, that can be combined separately in many various ways. What do you think? Mixing two strong patterns, is this a bold choice? Are these trends you love and are picking up on at the moment?

Can’t wait to get to talk fashion with you all!

xox, the Flamboyante

Bringing sexy back … to sports wear

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I’m a true city girl. But sometimes even a city girl needs a break from the city – that’s when I  pop into my favourite sweater , grab a Vienna city bike and explore the green treasures of my own city. Renting a city bike for a day costs one Euro by the way – isn’t that an inexpensive and fabulous way to make an impact on our environment…and of course I wanna do all of this in style (catching some fresh air, relaxing my mind and saving the world…)

Today I teamed a  black lace back sweater from …Lost for her  with Burberry Brit shorts, By Malene Birger boots, my beloved, fringed Jimmy Choo tote – and since I love details – a red Bandana and red bra from Palmers P2 (all the girls in Austria know Palmers for their quality underwear)

So as I said – I’m snapping up a city bike and off we go – to Neuwaldegg, a posh area at the city border of Vienna and I’d say it’s something like the Hollywood Hills, where the rich and beautiful reside…

Don’t you just love the lace detailing in the back?  Lucky me, I got this Madrid’ sweater gifted from BlackSheepstore .

They include brands such as …Lost for her, where I got my sweater from (it’s on SALE!!) and Black Sheep, which is more cool girl street fashion (think L.A. style) and I am so looking forward to their autumn collection!

After a 20min ride I arrive in Neuwaldegg and immediately get to see the lovely mansions , little castles and picturesque gardens… But before I explore –  I strike a little pin-up pose – just for the fun of it ;)…let me show you my impression of  Vienna’s Neuwaldegger area:

These apples from one of the gardens got me craving for…an apple. I think I need a break.

What do you think about the hair do? I really loved rocking it today, got many delightful looks for it and decided I must sport this hair do, next time I hang out with the girls, see what they say… The brass rings are from Made for Africa, the butterfly ring is from a bijouterie in Paris, the blue bracelet is Isabel Marant and the red one Chan Luu. I’m wearing Love is a Battlefield by Deborah Lippmann on my nails- the chrome finish is super fierce!

I got my head cleared and spent some quality time. I showed that you can be sexy and attractive wearing your leisure wear and I again know a little bit more about my wonderful home town. Mission completed, I brought sexy back to sports wear! Now it’s time to go back to city life…

I hope you find this inspiring in one or the other way – and I hope that you’ll be  coming with me on our next trip to fabulous. In the mean time please:

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See you soon and don’t forget to do everything you do…in style!
xox, the Flamboyante

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