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One of the reasons I eventually decided to attend the London Collections and widen my horizons in regards to men’s fashion was, that I received and invitation to the MR.PORTER presentation. MR.PORTER is the male ‘counterpart’ of  NET-A-PORTER, of whom I’m admittedly an addict, and who are the number one source for me, when on the look out for the extravagant certain something.

What looks like a casual gathering of handsome male models here is the presentation of four of the most coveted British men’s wear designers: Katie Eary, Matthew Miller, Richard Nicoll and Sibling. The simple installations spoke for themselves and without a doubt a host like Mr.Porter wouldn’t leave his guests neither hungry nor thirsty – tea and crumpets by Good & Propper tea were served outside of the venue. Enjoy a preview of what is going to set the tone in men’s fashion  this Spring/Summer –  not just in the UK but world-wide.


I hope you are delighted as I am about this boost that men’s fashion seems to be experiencing at the moment. Which designs did you like?

xox, the Flamboyante


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The New Year 2013 isn’t far from us. I have spent quite a lot of time lately looking back at what 2012 has brought me, what experiences I made and the route my life is taking these days. It was in fact more than I hoped for, little did I know what would be a few months down the road when I started this blog in February and I also never thought that it would become a ‘serious thing’ for me, a whole new chapter in my life and maybe even new career path.

I have put together a little retrospective to share with you – but before I start I need to say that whatever I have done in 2012 in regards to my blog, whatever I have ‘achieved’ – it is all thanks to  Y O U ! If you wouldn’t have signalised that you enjoy reading my online diary, that you like  looking at my sartorial adventures in photographs, if you didn’t respond in your comments, on facebook and even in private mails – if it wasn’t for all of that I would have already been discouraged and not sitting here late at night, thinking of how I could possibly thank you all!

Some of the highlights in 2012 were:

*Having my first co-operation with smaller labels like Sinfused and 100%Love from Bali in May.

*Attending my first Fashion Week in Copenhagen in August and co-operation with Leisure Wear fashion label Black Sheep. Attending Vienna Fashion Week.

* Attending London Fashion Week, writing an article about the London Fashion Week Exhibition and photographing The Unique TOPSHOP show in September.  Seeing some of the most popular personal style bloggers for the first time there.

*As a result of going to the above events: being featured on online fashion magazines such as Elle.com and the Stylecolumn   (right after Olivia Palermo;))

*Attending the British Fashion Awards in October – witnessing Stella McCartney taking home two awards and reporting about it in October.

*The numerous re- posts and kind mentions of my blog and an amazing DIY for one of my eye-catching flamboyant looks by the lovely Anje of Made in Pretoria.

I have made a collage with what I thought were the best outfits – but just one for each month. I have asked myself how to describe my style? It was not, that when I started out, that I had a clear idea of who or what the Flamboyante is- or where my niche would be – but I have grown into it, it has been a proper self discovery-trip :D. I can gladly say today I know where I am standing:

”The flamboyant girl or woman is a woman who is not afraid to show her colourful and brilliant side – yet she has her both feet on the ground, knowing what reality means and that it  is predominant even in the glamorous world of fashion. To me the flamboyant girl is somebody who wants to make the best out of everything whether this is her appearance or her house, but that alone wouldn’t be enough – she adds her signature hand writing to it as well. The flamboyant girl is beautiful with her edges and flaws and her best asset is character – the flamboyant girl is not an empty shell!”

I know there are so many amazing women out there – that work hard, do amazing things and look fabulous at the same time – and I hope to meet many more of you in the future!


If I can say anything about my personal style – then for shure that it is colourful with a big nod to elaborate prints and patterns. Very often I have styled more brilliant and fancy pieces with one-tone pieces to add calm to the outfit. Flamboyante was the first name that crossed my mind to describe my personal sense of style and I think I have served it well.

We all are the sum of our experience and of course – the past year has not just brought fun and success – sometimes things didn’t work out so well. As a flamboyant girl I know one thing:


(photo via Pinterest)

Having said all of that: I am wishing you a fantastic and healthy start into the New Year – may your New Years Eve be filled with joy and laughter – may you be light-heartedly looking back at the past year and say it was a good one and make the New Year 2013 an even better one – it’s all in your hands!

May all your dreams and wishes fulfill – but remember you will have to dream them first!

Big xox, the Flamboyante


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I would put on any of these –  right away…The upcoming REISS Spring/Summer 2013 collection has hit the nail on the head for me!

My love affair with British fashion label REISS dates back to 2007, when I moved to London to spend the most amazing three years of my life. Going to a REISS store would always have been a special treat and when wearing REISS clothing I would always feel grown up, ladylike and ultra stylish. Pieces I bought back then are still hanging in my closet, which tells me a lot about the quality of  REISS wear. It also means that their designs, as fashionable they are, are timeless and versatile.

What great honour to feature the REISS Spring/Summer 13 lookbook so early on my blog!                                                                                                                                               Expect vivid colours such as pale pink, watermelon, cornflower, olive and navy to come your way in spring, on clean cut feminine aesthetic, that is teamed with exaggerated graphics and floral prints. When taking a close up look on future fashion trends I’ve noticed that play on texture and the combining of diverse material will be written in capital letters. REISS SS13 isn’t any short of that. Raffia, linen, canvas and leather, all these materials are finding common ground in the up coming creations of fashion house REISS. I am very pleased to see that dresses continue to come in a fit and flare shape, some of these beauteous dresses ( the pale pink dress as well as the black graphic print dress) remind me of the lighter, summery baby doll version of the EOS dress I wore in autumn (here and here). I’m even more delighted about crisp pastel hues and candy colours that remind of the sassy and womanly flair of the 60s. What I find so utterly clever is the head-to-toe tonal look, where contrast is achieved through the use of different material, texture or colour shading. Grosgrain leather jackets that finally come colourful alongside leather dresses and skirts that say va-va-woom let my own heart skip a beat. Also expect some fierce accessories, that feature oversized flowers, as well as chunky chain necklaces and top handle bowling bags alongside oversized clutches handbag – wise. I’m smitten with any of that and as  – what I am afraid could be an incurable fashion obsessed I decide to kindly ask REISS to keep one of the above outfits with unbearably beautiful abstract flower print – reserved for me.


I will leave you with some good news and some bad news, and the bad one is first: These beautiful pieces won’t be available before February 2013, when they hit the stores and will also go online.

And now the good news:  You can shop the current Autumn/Winter collection online and comfortably take a 30 percent off shoes and accessories, including free shipping! For limited time only, so hurry if you still need to get your hands on a special gift for the festive days! Simply click on the banner below and happy shopping!
Reiss UK

xox, the Flamboyante

Leather painted pleasures

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I saw it and I knew I had to have it right away – it had my name written all over it – thanks god it was TOPSHOP!

I am talking about this incredibly gorgeous leather painted dress, which basically is like a sleeveless skater dress with wonderful phantasy story print, telling the story of a fox,a bird and a magical wood. I would love to have more fashion like that,please! Painted leather to me personally exudes luxury – just think of personalized Louis Vuitton bags – the leather is being painted. Usually, when browsing for leather jackets or skirts we would find a lot of black and brown and now with more colourful trends many other colours as well – but not so much painted leather. I wonder why? This is just such a brilliant way of adding uniqueness to a piece of clothing and would give so many more options of designs, which again means so much more fun. I will try to  find out how to paint on leather appropriately – that will be very interesting! I teamed my beautiful dress with the only other  leather painted piece I own: a Vintage belt that is hand painted with tropical scenes and with black and red Chelsea ankle boots by ASOS Action, which are simply superb – I love rocking them. I would absolutely say this outfit is Fashion Week material. I made up that term – It means that a dress is dazzling and makes an impression, exciting enough to be worn at any Fashion Week, whether that would be here in Vienna, in London, Copenhagen or elsewhere.

I am wearing:

TOPSHOP leather painted  dress

(there is also a skirt with same print – here)

ASOS ACTION black and red Chelsea ankle boots

vintage belt

Multicoloured definitely is my colour – have you discovered yours? And what would be painted on the back of your leather jacket?

xox, the Flamboyante


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That thing hanging on the hanger is not a baby bib, ladies- this is a mock shirt! Please add the word to your fashion jargon – you will need it 🙂

I saw this ‘thing’ at the COS store in Nice a couple of months ago it kind of lingered in my mind. I found it online but eventually wouldn’t buy it for a while. Yet I kept on thinking about how this small accessory is going to upgrade plenty of my jumpers, cardigans and dresses, giving them the certain ‘it’. Just recently a COS store opened up in Vienna, and the moment I heard the news I would go there to finally get my hands on this affordable, versatile and cute update to my wardrobe. Inside the store I asked the shop assistant, if they have the mock shirt I saw on the Internet in store. Ofcourse, the sales girl immediately asked me: ‘The what’? (I don’t blame her though, I mean where not in the UK, where someone just ‘d go: Sure dear I’m getting it for you, besides mock shirt is not a German word) But she’d very soon go: Oh you mean that thing, drawing a fictitious bib. She told me they’d have one left but only in M/L and before she even finished saying Large I’ve already snatched it from her it, heading to the cash desk to make, what I felt was the best purchase of the year.

Later in the afternoon my best girl Katy would stop by. I said to her: This is not a shirt I am wearing underneath, it’s a mock shirt. Katy was so fascinated by ‘the thing’, she even made me take off my jumper, so she could peruse it. She was fascinated how the mock shirt can be adjusted at the sides – why people didn’t have this idea earlier, she said.

Why are mock shirts or collars so versatile? Because you may have a tight-fitting dress or jumper and you don’t want to squeeze a whole shirt underneath but still want to wear a collar with it. Isn’t it amazing how little, simple things will make the difference when it comes to fashion?

I am wearing:
COS jumper
COS mock shirt
Kenneth Jay Lane earrings
(found similar candy coloured earrings by Erickson Beamon here)
Kenneth Jay Lane crystal ring (on sale!)
Victoria Beckham denim

The COS mock shirt has already sold out online, but to make the search for similar styles and cute collars easier for you, I have pre-selected a choice from across the web for you, including the ultra cute Sonia Rykiel crystal embellished cotton collar, I also quite fancy.

1. Miu Miu striped silk collar
2. Asos embellished stone floral collar
3. Philipp Lim pointed metallic leather collar
4. Sonia Rykiel crystall embellished cotton collar
5. Karl Alycia metal-tipped lace-trimmed cotton collar
6. Karl Lagerfeld black diamond and 
hydrothermal emerald - embellished collar

Are you as fascinated by the mock shirt as much as we were?

xox, the Flamboyante

Vienna Fashion Week 12: Spotlight on: Callisti

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From the 10th to 16th of September there was fashion in the air in my home town, due to the annual Vienna Fashion Week, taking place at the museum’s quarter. I have been there last Thursday to capture some of Vienna’s finest in design. Let me on this occasion introduce you to Callisti of Martina Müller Callisti, she is a Vienna based designer for men’s and women’s fashion, who established in 2007. It’s not only Austrian celebrities who rely on Callisti when it comes to feminine, extravagant evening robes for special occasion like galas or balls.  Brooke Shields  once stunned in a sequined cocktail dress at the Jimmy Fallon late night show.

Bold, fierce, self-confident, feminine are the words that come into my mind when I look at her designs, which combine tough materials as leather with long floating fabrics. Sit back and enjoy one of the many highlights of Vienna fashion week!


All photo credits: Mateusz Zawieja of FASHION POSITIVE

How do you feel about the collection. Do you see yourself wearing one of these outfits? Which one – let me know!

xox, the Flamboyante

June GIVEAWAY: wear your heart at your sleeves!

In Accessories, Giveaway on June 1, 2012 at 1:22 pm

June is here and since I decided to do a monthly price draw with fashion-forward prices a true fashionista couldn’t resist: Here is my JUNE – GIVEAWAY! This time I am giving one fashionable friend of the Flamboyante the opportunity to wear her heart at her sleeves – with this amazing heart intarsia ICE WATCH in red – it couldn’t get any more spot on trend!


1)  Follow my blog – via Bloglovin’ by clicking on this icon and  enetering your e-mail address


or simply scroll down my blog,  go to: Follow Blog via Email on the right hand side – enter your e-mail address and your good to go!

WordPress users are welcome to simply follow my blog through WordPress…

2) Comment on one post you thought was fabulous – simply scroll down the blog – on the very right hand side on the bottom you’ll find the archives – or simply click on the Missflamboyante bar on the very top of the page to scroll down the blog scroll.

3) Let me know you followed my blog and commented on one post (preferably tell me which post you commented on)  by commenting on this post – and that’s your entry !                   (for example: I commented on ‘Here Kitty, Kitty!’, I want to win this watch )!

The price draw is open to anyone worldwide – no restrictions. If you didn’t follow the above rules (not commenting on a post or not following my blog) your entry won’t be accepted.

I also recommend following the Flamboyante on


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to get updates on fashion, lifestyle, beauty, price draws and to know when a winner is announced!

Winner for this price draw will be announced 1st of July!

I keep my fingers crossed for you my lovely and stylish friends and looking forward to reading your comments!


xox, the Flamboyante

Snake screaming mint

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When you want to be a street style blogger, you more or less depend on weather, since street style is mostly photographed outside, on the streets.

The weather in Vienna has been beyond awkward in the past two weeks. Last week we had chilly temperatures, that would normally belong to winter. This week it had been rainy on and off, making it really hard for me, to continue my work and passion as a personal style blogger. Today we’d at least have a cosy 26 degrees, but every other hour we had rain showers and it’s been so muggy that everyone around me was complaining about head ache and migraine. Luckily I was spared from head ache and I really had an urge to be creative again today. So we shot this outfit regardless of the weather, just around the corner from where I live.

So I may not have a great story to tell you, as I may have in other posts. But I think this outfit speaks for itself and it was something I had in mind for a longer time already. It just lingered around in my mind and I said to myself, today is the day I am going to make this work. I always thought that snake prints would be gorgeous teamed up with mint pastels.

I teamed a snake print leggings with a mint coloured blouse that has pearl embroidery on the collar and the shoulder line. Underneath I was wearing a mint vest to get the length I need when wearing a legging – I completely dislike the combination of leggings with a short tee, I think this is something one could sport at home but not when going outside. The faux snake-skin boots made my outfit complete.

Accessory – wise I picked my beloved Jimmy Choo clutch, you may have seen in many of my outfit posts. Not that I only have one clutch, but this one here is not only my favourite but just works with almost anything. I chose a spiked bangle to echo the pearls on my blouse. The turquoise bracelet is a Versace I once snapped up in sale. When I had it at home, I first wasn’t sure what to do with it and if it was something I would wear a lot. Today was a premiere and I really fell in love with it so perhaps you will see me wearing it again and again. I also tried a glitter nail varnish for the first time ever and I think it is pretty cool, I love it! I brought my Murrano glass earrings and god knows where I got them, but I think I once purchased them in London many years ago.

I really tried to be creative with my outfit today and my idea of a snake and mint fusion.

Therefore I hope that this will inspire you – I think most of us will have similar pieces in the wardrobe. So do let me know if you are going to do the snake and mint thing anytime soon, I am excited to hear your  fashion stories!

xox, the Flamboyante

A fling with spring

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Today it had almost a 30 degree outside and everything bloomed – the flowers in Vienna’s most amazing parks, the people and my love for fashion and my home town. I felt like bursting with inspiration and creativity – luckily I had my good friend Katrin at hand , who agreed to be my muse today.

Katrin modeled flower prints at their best for me. We got the pieces for our shoot from Austrian designer  SAPERLIPOPETTE, who is excellent for wearable, adorable and comfortable women’s wear – who would have thought that these three qualities in clothing would find common ground? And did I mention that the designs actually are affordable?

I know: it sounds almost to good to be true. But the fabrics used for SAPERLIPOPETTE clothes are so comfortable ( mainly high quality cotton and viscose) that Katrin said she had no problem wearing them all day long, even at this hot weather. Wether they are stunning, I’ll let you explore, but I already know that by the end of my article I will have  you in love – either with the dresses or beautiful Vienna or (and this is directed at you, boys – I know some of  you like to peek into my blog)… perhaps with Katrin.

How stunning is Katrin looking in those designs? We loved to mix and match the different patterns and I think this is also a part of the philosophy of Saperlipopette. Some of her designs are convertible, which I think is just so much more sustainable these days, I mean we all want good value for money.  And I also think the clothes are super versatile, as they are no-fuss – one could wear them on the playground with the kids, or wear them at school, wear them at the beach club, for a Sunday afternoon stroll, on a date…you get the picture.

I would have loved wearing them today, but then I couldn’t have acted as the photographer, which every now and again I feel the urge to be. When Katrin and I stopped by the shop to get some more outfits, Katrin slid in a little time for shopping – and immediately found a piece she absolutely needed to have: looks like she is in a tangerine mood?

We decided to go the amazing Volksgarten for the second part of the shoot and if you follow my blog, you may have noticed I mentioned that Vienna has some outstanding parks.

On our way back home we stopped by the store one more time – Katrin had to snatch up a few pieces from the vibrant, womanly Saperlipopette designs. If you wanna know how to get your hands on one or the other clothing item, it is advisably to stop by their web page, since Caro, the owner, is only opening the store every second Friday and Saturday of the month. But don’t worry, you won’t have to wait another month – there is a contact number, so you can contact the owner, if you have seen something you like.

I have had the perfect muse today, and my muse certainly has updated her spring/summer wardrobe with some stunning pieces. I am only left wondering: what do my readers now think of Austrian fashion? Don’t be shy and drop me a comment!

xox, the Flamboyante

We’ve built a palace so you can shop

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This is not a fairy tale, it’s actually true. Vienna has built a temporary palace inside of the museum of applied arts – the MAK. This boutique style expo is called Modepalast – the fashion palace. In the last three days one could shop, browse and marvel at the work of about 90 designers, most of them national or based in Austria. To me that’s good news, because three months ago I embarked on a journey, where I was going to find out more about the fashion of my country, the sense of fashion and the people involved in it.

This time I was able to look at a bigger picture, all the labels of Austria were together in one spot. Some of the designers I knew from long time ago and some were completely new to me.

That was my question answered, now let me answer some of your questions:

Has the clothing been nice, interesting, stylish? Did I see must haves, wants, arm candy? Is this a place to spend and get fabulous fashion in return? Considering the eclectic choice of clothing for children, women and men, jewellery, accessories, shoes, home deco – well all kind of unique or hand-crafted things – considering all of this: yes, yes, yes!

Guilt free fashion love

I’m sure you’ve seen one or the other thing you fancy…

Some of the designers were:

Ayo van Elmar

Ivan Asen 22


La femme Mimi

Tata Christiane

Ivan Jankovic



A shop I really loved was:

Bee Zee Eco Kid  – I stopped there because they did the cutest toys and clothing for babies and toddlers. The two girls at the stand were extraordinarily charming. The materials of the clothing line are not only eco friendly but the small company also pays attention to sustainability as they support an African fair trade community. I’m immediately taken….

No wonder at all the label won the best green designer 2012 award of Modepalast Vienna.

Also no doubt, the Modepalast is a place where fashion meets art. You’ll find yourself thoroughly pampered and catered for and it is a wonderful platform to socialize.

I know this has been a long round tour and I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far. You may even now think that Austria has some cool and genuine designers. Last but not least let me show you whom I met on the event.

Ayo van Elmar, who’s fashion she herself describes as contemporary afrocentric chic. I loved the vibrancy of her clothes, plus I absolutely love all sorts of ethnic fashion, I absolutely adore African fashion.

I’ve heard of this name earlier but to my surprise the designer has been someone I knew from my past modelling time. I couldn’t help saying it, but I felt so proud of  her being such talented designer and createing such a beautiful collection – it’s just so nice.

And I meet the best of Austrian fashion bloggers – of course there is more – but more of that later.

It kind of was an exciting moment. Just imagine: you start out on something and suddenly find yourself in the middle of that something. There was Anna Heuberger of H. Anna, who is a fashion and beauty savvy blogger and a theory of drama (almost- finished) student, writing in German. There also was Teresa Hammerl of Colazione a Roma, who’s a blogger for fashion, loves all things Italian and is a free-lance journalist and fashion reporter. I really thought her outfit was special – so well put together – reflecting her personality:

                                                 Anna Heuberger of H. Anna

Teresa Hammerl of Colazione a Roma

One or the other might hopefully now know more about my home country Austria, about the fashion scene, the designers, the bloggers…I’m calling it a day – for today. But before I leave, let me suggest you put the dates for next year’s Modepalast 2013 on your calendar. If you love, breathe and need  fashion then it  will be a great excuse for a trip to Vienna.

Let me know what you are thinking about Austrian fashion – has it been a new terrain for you?. And hopefully see you there next time!

xox, the Flamboyante

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