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Flames!  My stay in London did not just have the sole purpose to attend the London Collections:Men – there was something else that I already had impatiently been waiting to show you. I was granted the great honour to model the Spring/Summer 13 collection by iconic and modern British fashion house REISS for my blog!

In my last preview of the SS 13 lookbook I made no secret of how fond I am of the collection- which is dominated by candy hues and pastel colours like baby pink, coral and sky blue with contrasting khaki and tomatoe tones, that add depth and a certain grown-up-ness – exactly the shades of my dreams.  Stylish, wearable, directional, with a subtle sexiness, is what REISS wear always meant to me since I discovered the label in 2006. It was interesting to hear, that the company, which launched in 1971 started producing women’s clothing only in 2000!

Experiencing the quality and softness of the fabrics, which were floaty and silky  and felt luxurious yet comfortable against the skin (mainly tencel -very light viscose – and silk were used for the dresses, blouses and shirts) made this a valuable experience. The down side of this experience is that I am left way more indecisive about what I would love to get for myself and this summer (thinking that obviously I won’t be able to have it all….;) ) When it comes to tayloring, I’d always rely on Reiss designs and it seems that the design team behind it all exactly knows what a young women living in a buzzing world metropole wanst: sophisticated – chic – effortless. Don’t you just love it when you throw on a dress and instantly look like the well dressed , self confident woman you are?

IMG_0656IMG_0668IMG_0682IMG_0695IMG_0698IMG_0740 IMG_0747IMG_0760IMG_0755IMG_0767IMG_0768IMG_0725

All photographs thanks to: Philipp Ueberfellner

Eye catching details of the accessories are large flower applications on bags and clutches, adorable square stud details and the mix of materials like raffia and suede. I also immediately noticed the soft as butter quality of the grosgrain leather used for jackets and handbags, that had me craving for both badly.

Part of the SS13 collection already is available in stores and online. For all of you savvy and budget concious shoppers (like myself mostly ) I also wanted to give you the hint that sale is coming to an end – which really is the best time to shop, because it means that prices drop down to the lowest. Reiss is now offering up to 70% off the Autum/Winter collection and free shipping when more than 150 Euro spent or 300 USD (free standard shipping in the UK on all orders). To give you a hand, I have a pre-selection of the best pieces of the sale for you, those that would really make sense to have in a well assorted wardrobe:

Hadden Jacket  Was £225 Now £90

Joyce Refined Track Pants  Was £89 Now £26

Bella Skirt  Was £135 Now £40

Felicity Coat  Was £295 Now £88

Greneta Shoes  Was £149 Now £44

Since we have been talking men’s fashion a lot lately, I thought I’d  let you know that the choice of men’s wear is on sale is eclectic offering suits and jacket from classic, clean- cut tayloring to a more fashionable approach in colour and fabric. (Who knows, you may have an ultra stylish hubby or boyfriend). Here you can  Shop the Men’s Sale at Reiss.com. I am also working on my next giveaway for all of you, gorgeous readers, in cooperation with Reiss, so make sure to check back for that!

Now I am just left wondering which one of those outfits did you find the most striking?

xox, the Flamboyante

Reiss UK


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The New Year 2013 isn’t far from us. I have spent quite a lot of time lately looking back at what 2012 has brought me, what experiences I made and the route my life is taking these days. It was in fact more than I hoped for, little did I know what would be a few months down the road when I started this blog in February and I also never thought that it would become a ‘serious thing’ for me, a whole new chapter in my life and maybe even new career path.

I have put together a little retrospective to share with you – but before I start I need to say that whatever I have done in 2012 in regards to my blog, whatever I have ‘achieved’ – it is all thanks to  Y O U ! If you wouldn’t have signalised that you enjoy reading my online diary, that you like  looking at my sartorial adventures in photographs, if you didn’t respond in your comments, on facebook and even in private mails – if it wasn’t for all of that I would have already been discouraged and not sitting here late at night, thinking of how I could possibly thank you all!

Some of the highlights in 2012 were:

*Having my first co-operation with smaller labels like Sinfused and 100%Love from Bali in May.

*Attending my first Fashion Week in Copenhagen in August and co-operation with Leisure Wear fashion label Black Sheep. Attending Vienna Fashion Week.

* Attending London Fashion Week, writing an article about the London Fashion Week Exhibition and photographing The Unique TOPSHOP show in September.  Seeing some of the most popular personal style bloggers for the first time there.

*As a result of going to the above events: being featured on online fashion magazines such as Elle.com and the Stylecolumn   (right after Olivia Palermo;))

*Attending the British Fashion Awards in October – witnessing Stella McCartney taking home two awards and reporting about it in October.

*The numerous re- posts and kind mentions of my blog and an amazing DIY for one of my eye-catching flamboyant looks by the lovely Anje of Made in Pretoria.

I have made a collage with what I thought were the best outfits – but just one for each month. I have asked myself how to describe my style? It was not, that when I started out, that I had a clear idea of who or what the Flamboyante is- or where my niche would be – but I have grown into it, it has been a proper self discovery-trip :D. I can gladly say today I know where I am standing:

”The flamboyant girl or woman is a woman who is not afraid to show her colourful and brilliant side – yet she has her both feet on the ground, knowing what reality means and that it  is predominant even in the glamorous world of fashion. To me the flamboyant girl is somebody who wants to make the best out of everything whether this is her appearance or her house, but that alone wouldn’t be enough – she adds her signature hand writing to it as well. The flamboyant girl is beautiful with her edges and flaws and her best asset is character – the flamboyant girl is not an empty shell!”

I know there are so many amazing women out there – that work hard, do amazing things and look fabulous at the same time – and I hope to meet many more of you in the future!


If I can say anything about my personal style – then for shure that it is colourful with a big nod to elaborate prints and patterns. Very often I have styled more brilliant and fancy pieces with one-tone pieces to add calm to the outfit. Flamboyante was the first name that crossed my mind to describe my personal sense of style and I think I have served it well.

We all are the sum of our experience and of course – the past year has not just brought fun and success – sometimes things didn’t work out so well. As a flamboyant girl I know one thing:


(photo via Pinterest)

Having said all of that: I am wishing you a fantastic and healthy start into the New Year – may your New Years Eve be filled with joy and laughter – may you be light-heartedly looking back at the past year and say it was a good one and make the New Year 2013 an even better one – it’s all in your hands!

May all your dreams and wishes fulfill – but remember you will have to dream them first!

Big xox, the Flamboyante


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I would have loved to have written this post from Paris. The plan was to go there for three days and returning back home the 24th just in time for Christmas.The tickets were ready and everything was packed – but then somebody in the family got sick and we all canceled it. Well, I guess that’s reality –  it may happen.

For me this would have been my only journey for these holidays – how amazing would it have been to send greetings from the tour d’Eiffel on world’s end day? As much as I would have been thrilled to see wonderful Paris again, I said to myself: well how many of you would love to be in my home town Vienna right now? – in fact I heard many people saying how much they would love to visit or visitors saying how much they loved it.

So instead of sightseeing in Paris, the family and I went on a little excursion tour to the Schönbrunn palace,amongst the most famous tourist attractions of Vienna. It has been the Empress Sisi’s summer residence in the 18th century and is surrounded by a breathtakingly beautiful vast baroque park. On this occasion I was wearing a mint oversize coat from TOPSHOP combined with grey tones – a combination that really works for me – and the shirt dress by Ksubi I would have loved to wear in France on my ‘French style holiday’, but I also can’t wait to rock in summer as a beach dress.

We took photos for about fifteen minute in front of the palace, it is unbearably cold here at the moment. There was also an annual Christmas market and we treated ourselves to punch and then moved on inside the palace. Before we went home I captured the Gloriette, which served as a point de vue to overview the impressive park and took a last impression of beautiful Schönbrunn castle – by night, at Christmas.


I was wearing:
Ksubi printed cotton T-shirt dress
black and grey coatigan (similar style)
TOPSHOP coat (similar)
Stella McCartney golden Falabella bag
H&M faux leather leggings
grey suede Le Silla platform pumps (similar grey platforms)
Isabel Marant alpaca  blend beanie (similar in mustard)
Isabel Marant ring


I hope you enjoyed our little getaway to the Schönbrunn castle today. I also hope that everything is going well and running smoothly for you in this hectic time of the year. I personally am positively looking forward to my next getaway – and in the meantime I am enjoying myself at the most beautiful place to be at Christmas: at home. I usually am not a superstitious girl but one thing I know for sure: I will never again book a flight ticket, when it has got ‘the end of the world’ marked in the calendar!

xox, the Flamboyante


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I am starting to finally truly getting into a festive mood and today my best friend and I went for a stroll through beautiful Viennese Christmas markets. I decided to add a little glam to the event by wearing something, I was in fact looking forward to be wearing for a while now: a ballerina skirt I found online at Topshop.  I live in a city where a grown up woman wearing a tutu would be looked at as outlandish whereas in other bigger cities like London I would be just a girl wearing a skirt. As much as I appreciate the quiet and calm of my home town, I sometimes have to do something more bold, more glittering, well a bit more flamboyant. I love dressing up and the festive season is a perfect occasion for that. I remember the first time in my life I was allowed to stay out at night longer than midnight : it was a New Years eve. You must know by that time of the year temperatures here in Austria drop down to zero and below. On that first New Years eve out and about town I was wearing a little silver lurex dress by H&M and probably not the thickest coat to cover up. I have been freezing like crazy, but I didn’t mind because it was so beautiful to be wearing that glittery dress.

I kind of still feel the same today: the festive time of the year is screaming: gold, metallics, lurex, shimmer! When we took the photos at this beautiful carousel, a group of teenie girls nearby started giggling. I took it as a compliment, because there is nothing better in the world than people laughing and smiling. I am sure that some of them would love to wear a ballerina skirt too. And that many woman out there would love to be ballerina, be it just for a day….

I hope you enjoy the photos we took for you – thanks to my ear muffs – quintessential in Austrian winters – I didn’t have to freeze so much. Maybe thanks to a little excitement for coming up Christmas too…


I was wearing: 
ASOS mistletoe sweater
TOPSHOP ballerina skirt
Lurex leggings by Intimissimi
 REISS multi strap court shoe BELLE

PS: Are you in love with those beautiful strappy court shoes of mine? The upper material is pony hair and I am finding them super elegant, a true upgrade to my wardrobe! I just thought that I’d let you know that REISS is offering 30% on shoes and accessories, plus free shipping – and that before Christmas sale! Maybe a good chance to find an outstanding and stylish gift for someone beloved – or to treat your self to a little something for underneath the Christmas tree. Hot favourite of mine:  the clutches! Especially the metal bar framed Mira clutch or the sophisticated  embellished Yasmin clutch. Just click on the link below and happy shopping!
Reiss UK

xox, the Flamboyante

Leather painted pleasures

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I saw it and I knew I had to have it right away – it had my name written all over it – thanks god it was TOPSHOP!

I am talking about this incredibly gorgeous leather painted dress, which basically is like a sleeveless skater dress with wonderful phantasy story print, telling the story of a fox,a bird and a magical wood. I would love to have more fashion like that,please! Painted leather to me personally exudes luxury – just think of personalized Louis Vuitton bags – the leather is being painted. Usually, when browsing for leather jackets or skirts we would find a lot of black and brown and now with more colourful trends many other colours as well – but not so much painted leather. I wonder why? This is just such a brilliant way of adding uniqueness to a piece of clothing and would give so many more options of designs, which again means so much more fun. I will try to  find out how to paint on leather appropriately – that will be very interesting! I teamed my beautiful dress with the only other  leather painted piece I own: a Vintage belt that is hand painted with tropical scenes and with black and red Chelsea ankle boots by ASOS Action, which are simply superb – I love rocking them. I would absolutely say this outfit is Fashion Week material. I made up that term – It means that a dress is dazzling and makes an impression, exciting enough to be worn at any Fashion Week, whether that would be here in Vienna, in London, Copenhagen or elsewhere.

I am wearing:

TOPSHOP leather painted  dress

(there is also a skirt with same print – here)

ASOS ACTION black and red Chelsea ankle boots

vintage belt

Multicoloured definitely is my colour – have you discovered yours? And what would be painted on the back of your leather jacket?

xox, the Flamboyante


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In my last post there was a lot of writing going on, a lot of thoughtfulness. But sometimes we don’t need a lot of words,in fact we don’t need any at all  but one: Bibi –  equivalent to fun!

When I bought my Christian Louboutin Bibi 140 tartan pumps (yes, that 140 stands for 14cm/5.5 inches) at the Christian Louboutin store in Copenhagen during Copenhagen Fashion Week time I was told by the (very nice) shop assistant, that these shoes truly are fun. I initially had my eyes laid on a golden pair,  more – let’s say – grown up one, when I noticed ‘Bibi’. I bought the golden pair of Louboutins but then returned to the shop the next day to have them exchanged for the beautiful tartan patterned ones and the salesgirls’ response to that was – sure. They are so much more fun!

Enthusiastically I wore them on one of the Copenhagen Fashion week’s aftershow parties at Toldboden- if only anyone had told me that these shoes need to be worn in beforehand. It means you should wear them for some time at home before rocking them at some fancy high-profile event. As someone who thinks she has worn plenty of high-heels plenty of times, I assumed it wouldn’t be a problem, but we are talking about a 14cm heel (5.5 inches) with a 2,5cm platform (1 ich). I mean this is not your all day every day high heel you’d wear when just popping down to the supermarket and I soon noticed that the shoe is giving its wearer a different poise, it’s in the way you stand in those. It was not exactly the same with 100 Bis un bout patent pumps I bought in summer, they are significantly shorter as well. My party at Toldboden ended after two hours with aching feet.

Later I found a post on someone’s social network saying something like: Ladies, don’t forget to wear in your Loubis before you go to sit front row of the shows – and it showed three celeb fashionistas sitting in the front row. It made sense – one may be used to wearing high heels but it’s nowhere near the same to wearing Bibi 140 pumps by Christian Louboutin – that is a science of its own.

I’ve worn them in at home in the meantime – and now I’m good to run marathons in them, no need to mention win them.

I was wearing:  
Christian Louboutin Bibi 140 tartan pumps

Lilac tartan jumper
  green Hugo Boss skirt

J. Crew earrings
(similar ones: here)

I hope you are having fun ladies – remember to try and always do what makes you happy and to live life to the fullest!

xox, the Flamboyante


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The plan was to belt on some Louboutins and once again turn the streets of Vienna into a vibrant runway. But today was rainy and grey and as nice as it is to go all colorful and prepped up, it just doesn’t work everyday and in each life situation.

So I ended up in my casual all day street wear – and maybe it has been about time for me to do so.  I am taking it from some of my readers’ response that some of you may get the impression that style or being fashionable mainly is a question of money . Well, I certainly don’t want to leave this impression, because it is not the case and also not the point.  I have already mentioned it many times on my blog- I buy a lot of things in sale or on the OUTNET, in fact I am not always willing to pay the full retail price and rather not wear the latest, latest. Which also isn’t a problem because trends keep coming, going and returning. When, in two days the Maison Martin Margiela collab with H&M will hit the stores everyone will want to wear oversized vests and coats. Both of the items I am wearing today, the oversized checked jacket from Richard Nicoll as well as the oversized Alexander Wang cardi are from last year and where in sale already. I teamed them with my nude Acne pistol booties, a style that won’t go out of fashion for long, because it is classic, stylish and versatile. They are from last year as well. And to make the statement, that it is not about having money to burn, complete – I also sell a lot of things on E-bay to have that extra money to keep my wardrobe fresh and exciting. My best bag at the moment is the golden Falabella by Stella McCartney –  when I bought it in August and I must say it was a good pick as the bag is a skillful style, able to accompany many of my looks. To me personal style is how you put your outfit together, which defines you and noone else but you can do in the same way and creativity is the key word.

Another thing that had me thinking quite a bit was the fact that I received an email by a modeling agency today, saying that they didn’t want to work with me. A couple of weeks ago I met the booker of an agency I’ve worked for many years ago, at the after show party of the Vivienne Westwood couture show. I went to say hi and he suggested I should stop by the agency. I felt akward because after I moved back from London to Vienna, I actually didn’t feel like working in this field again, reason being that the market in Vienna is too small and as oppose to London, one can’t make a living out of it. Modeling in Vienna means a lot of waisted hours sitting at the castings and in the end of the day not really getting much out of it. Nevertheless last Friday I followed his invitation and dropped by the agency. I was quite puzzled when he didn’t even take a minute to say hello, or ask me how I’ve been or what I’ve been up to in the mean time. Instead he refered me to his casting agent, what must have been an about eighteen year old girl. I could tell right away she didn’t like me and I was utmost uncomfortable with the whole situation. So when today she sent me the mail with negative reply I immediately was forced to think: What was that? Where they just looking for an opportunity to drop their beloved ‘Sorry, we don’t have a picture for you today’ line?

However, the whole situation didn’t leave me hurt, sad, insecure or anything like that. On the contrary: I embarked on this journey to taking my career into my own hands and to secure my place in the fashion industry. I said to myself that I won’t sit around, waiting for someone to give me a job or think I am great or suitable or whatsoever. I have knowledge, expertise and profound passion for many things related to fashion and I am sharing it with you – What more can I ask for 🙂
Besides it is never said that I won’t hit the catwalk ever again or be a designer’s muse, it even doesn’t say that another agency wouldn’t  love to work with me if I was looking for their contact. If there is anything I ever learned in my life and especially with my blog, than this is not to let other people tell you what you can’t achieve – just because maybe they couldn’t. Sometimes it is good to walk through life with no great expectations but with patience and stamina for the projects y o u called into life and the dreams that you dream and not other people dream for you (or don’t)…

I was wearing:  Alexander Wang oversized cardigan from the OUTNET

                            Richard Nicoll checked blazer with shearling trim

                            (lovingthis one from TOPSHOP, quite affordable!)

                            Falabella bag by Stella McCartney in gold

                            J Brand denim 901 glittered finish

                             (similar one here)

                            Acne pistol booties in nude

                            McQ razor blade brass and leather cuff

                            Andrea Garland vintage inspired lip balm necklace ( win here)

I hope that with my story I inspired or encouraged you to stay true to yourself and believe in you. How do you deal with rejection? I’m really interested to hear!

xox, the Flamboyante

PS: Don’t forget to enter my November giveaway for a chance to win a cute lip balm necklace by Andrea Garland – as I’m wearing in this post. I keep my fingers crossed for you!


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It seems that around the festive season one trend keeps on coming back: red is flattering us in all shapes and shades from merlot, to brick red, to high lighter red. I have seen this lava -red dress by Reiss London in stores during London Fashion Week time and remained restless and sleepless until I finally made it mine. Since I live in Vienna I had to buy it online – I brought the accessories, the necklace and bracelet already with me from my London trip. I love this black and silver jewellery because it is ultra versatile and adding a bit of wickedness to this rather elegant dress.

Since it is freezing cold I had to wrap up in my coat and head band – I chose different variations of red accents to complete my look. I think mixing different hues of red, lighter with darker ones is the new black when it comes to the red trend. We’ve moved inside a shopping mall because the wind has been unbearably chilly – and of course we had a lot of onlookers: Luckily most of them were positive – yet they were puzzled about what a girl in a lava red dress is doing here.

I’m taking pictures for my fashion journal, mind me – and that ain’t crime…

I think every girl must have at least one good red dress in her closet – since the festive season has started and I suppose you all are beginning to get busy, I thought I’d give you a little hand with finding the hottest and most remarkable red dresses across the web –  suited to every body type and budget. Here is my pre- selection of the web’s best red dresses for you:

ASOS Mini dress with fit and flare skirt

ASOS Skater Dress in Lace and Velvet

SPLENDID Washed-crepe shirt dress

MAJE Slow crepe wrap- effect dress

VALENTINO Lace and silk-satin bubble dress

And last but not least I have one good reason why you should buy, borrow, steal, well basically own a red dress:

It is sexy!

How will you be rocking the red colour trend this year? Let me know in the comment section below!

xox, the Flamboyante

Reiss UK


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Were you marveling at the gorgeous designs that hit the runways the recent Fashion Week season? Were you then maybe wistfully sighing –  thinking if only you were a millionaire, to be able to afford those pieces –  like I sometimes do? I have got good news for you: With what you already have, what you love, what you always wear and the new season’s key piece you need to have and want to treasure forever – you will be able to create a look that is spot on trend! The rest is being yourself, since fashion is the art of expression.

I had this Versace leather skirt forever and it has already been altered for me. I teamed it with the Carven Hyronimus Bosch silk print T-shirt, the season’s power piece I had to have and know it will outlast the short period of current. The print is inspired by the paintings of  imaginative painter Hyronimus Bosch, who lived in the Netherlands in the 15th Century. I would say it tells the story of some sort of Apocalypse , maybe from how the painter imagined it to be – quite interesting taking into account that he lived almost six hundred years before us.

Together with the skirt the outfit looks like a dress made of diverse fabric – leather, silk and jersey and the vivid combination of  differing materials has been another hot trend spotted throughout new collections of plenty of designers. I bought my studded trench in a small boutique in Nice for not more than fifty Euros – I just thought it is a cool piece that will always compliment an outfit. Time is always a good investment for finding cool affordable pieces across the globe. I had my shoes and bag for long- they are perfect, long-lasting basics – true investment  pieces because they are always chic.

At London Fashion Week I could see the ear cuff  trend coming to live when I photographed the TOPSHOP show and I must say I completely digged it. So when recently city hopping to London I brought one with me. May not be everyone’s cup of tea as the British may say, but I love the idea of being more creative with jewelery and also more experimental.Dark Moss Deborah Lippmann nail polish I bought in summer. Natural but tamed hair – the rest is – you guessed it –  the art of expression. Enjoy the photos – I think there is always some new detail to discover.

I was wearing:
Carven Bosch Silk Print T-shirt
Vintage Versace leather skirt
Falke tights
Studded trench from Nice
Mulberry postman's lock ankle boots
Jimmy Choo elaphe clutch
Reiss bracelets here and here
Topshop earcuff

Marc by Marc Jacobs ear studs

         Deborah Lippmann Billionaire nail polish

I almost forget to mention the vintage inspired  Andrea Garland lip balm shelley necklace you can win here!

Happy birthday to my best girl Katy!

Has this inspired you? Are you keen to try new things and which?

xox, the Flamboyante

To trend or not to trend?

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What is a must do when you are in London for something like eight hours, where you also want to shoot a Halloween street style journal?

Stopping by  TOPSHOP is a must do when you are in London! I am already back but brought these two magnificent pieces – a blue ribbed peplum jacket and tiled print jacquard cigarette trousers in teal, for which I spent eighty-five pounds both together. I truly got some great value and style for my money and it was a big plus that I could actually go, see and fit those pieces. I shopped on a budget and the decision was hard, with the eclectic choice you’d find on the five floors of  TOPSHOP at London’s Oxford Circus – but I truly think I made the right decision. I will be wearing this jacket made of a firm, stretchy fabric, a little bit neoprene -ish with plain skinny  jeans as well for a relaxed business outfit and in winter I can team the pants with some cosy, long knits that are knee-length. The jacket is available in burgundy as well, but somehow I always go for the blue tones, they just suit me the best.

I really hesitated for a long time on this peplum trend and also the brocade trend. Why? Because a couple of years ago blazers and jackets either came in a straight and boxy cut or  figur hugging, tailored cut, whereas the peplum actually is over- emphasizing the female silhouette. Well, I finally dare to embrace this new femininity expressed through fashion – so I think I made a good investment. Ofcourse: classic pieces will last a lifetime in your closet, but I think the peplum cut is here to stay for good in one or the other way, because in the end it is just another way of tailoring, another option for a designer to create a certain look.

Today I had a good opportunity to see if this trend is wearable outside of the fitting rooms of  TOPSHOP – I went for a cake with my best female friend, it was late afternoon in Vienna, and since it is already winter here it is also getting dark early. On our way we stopped at the old fire department of Vienna, which served as the perfect location for capturing all the details of this outfit:

I was wearing:
   J. Crew  gold plaited link chain necklace
( I also love this more affordable one from TOPSHOP)

TOPSHOP tiled print jacquard cigarette trousers

and blue ribbed peplum jacket

 Stella Mc Cartney Falabella bag
Mulberry postman's lock boots

  Deborah Lippmann Sugar Daddy nail polish

What is your verdict? To trend or not to trend? And, when you are looking for trends, where do you go to? What are you keen to try?

Looking forward to hearing about it!

xox, the Flamboyante

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