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Halloween in London

In Street fashion, Travel on November 2, 2012 at 2:06 am

I hope that you all were having a ball this Halloween! – I have accidentally spent Halloween in London.

How can somebody accidentally be in another city on just one day? By buying a flight ticket for the wrong dates! It happened to me the second time this year – this time I told myself to take advantage- London is the only place to be at Halloween –  and I was highly rewarded! I decided to shoot a London Halloween street style journal I want to share with you, because I thought many of the costumes were magnificent, fun and made with a lot of love for detail. Although I didn’t dress up – I had very little time arriving in London at 5pm and returning this morning at 7 am – I had so much fun, meeting up with an old friend and designer Pierre  and enjoying my second home town.

I personally found the kids the most scariest – I was amazed how gruesome they can act – and you? On my way home I was stopped by these gentlemen, who insisted on taking a photo with me. I could not refuse them and it was a good opportunity to show off the Carven top  with a  print inspired by the artist Hieronymus Bosch I was wearing. I hope I’ll be able to show you more of it, I think it is magnificent and Carven absolutely is a label we must put on the top of our favourite designers list. It’s been quite chilly and rainy so I threw my Reiss parka over it, I bought a few years ago here in London.

I was wearing: 
Carven  Bosch silk print tee
Reiss parka (loving this affordable leight weight parka)

Designer's remix cardi-coat

Vince riding pants

Andrea Garland shelley lip balm necklace

Ps: I will be announcing the winner for the October giveaway tomorrow – promised. You may tell I am having a little difficulties placing everything in time and tend to sometimes mix up things. But I’ll give you a hint: you will get a chance to win your own Andrea Garland shelley lip balm necklace – more of that tomorrow!

I hope you got a lot of treats,

xox, the Flamboyante

Let’s go shopping in Nice!

In Shopping, Street fashion, Travel on October 10, 2012 at 10:01 pm

As I mentioned in my post about the Monaco yacht show,my actual stay on the French Riviera has been in Nice, of which I captured  some amazing impressions I would like to share with you. It has been a short stay and it’s purpose merely relaxation, so no wonder at all on one of the four days I embarked on a little shopping tour, since Nice is known to be a shopper’s paradise offering the most popular and exquisite brands, not only from France of course.

Wether you want to shop high street fashion or mainstream like Zara or H&M or more exclusively like Chanel and Louis Vuitton, you won’t be left disappointed when taking a tour through the center of Nice, where you’d quickly find whatever you are craving for. Bistros and larger shops or chains, including  Sephora, The Galleries Lafayette and a Virgin megastore are located on the Rue Jean Medecin dubbed the Champs Elysee of Nice. The more exquisite shops like Chanel, Sonia Rykiel, Armani or Bally, as well as Louis Vuitton are located on a street with the appealing name Avenue du Paradis – doing a little side trip to this street truly is an enchanting experience.

Remarkable has been the architecture as well, the smaller villas, which yet are extremely opulent, deriving from the Belle Époque.  The beach is a pebble beach, although I’m a great fan of the sea, I refrained from it this time, as I prefer sandy beaches, besides it wasn’t exactly mid-summer anymore, but more the end of it. Pebble beaches may not be everyone’s cup of tea, yet the view and the fresh air were amazing. On the French Riviera you’d see palm trees all around, to me the ultimate eye candy, since I have a strong affinity for everything tropical or Caribbean, I would love to – some day – spend some more time there, not just for a brief holiday…

As for the food, which I don’t have a picture for you unfortunately, you may be able to imagine, it is a lot of seafood, alongside red meat, which is a major food ingredient in French cuisine – think beef tartare or a whole variety of steaks. I decided to go back to Veg – it means back to Vegetarian, which I have been strictly, happily, healthily for three years before, and when I moved back home from London, I changed my eating habits and now feel I want to go back to it again. I will talk about the why and how later – however, Nice wouldn’t exactly be a vegetarian’s paradise, since people with a veggie lifestyle are always on the look out for healthy, light and organic food – which probably is harder to find there.
We are embarking on the place Massena – from where we are getting to all the magical little streets  with mentioned boutiques, as well as the main shopping mile – let’s go!

On this day I was wearing a flared jacquard dress by Reiss, which I also have been wearing at London Fashion Week with a different styling. I talked about it in my last post, how I love the trend of sculptured dresses and bell skirts as it makes my sportive body frame appear more feminine. I definitely decided to be more femnine in my way of dressing in the future, especially this autumn/winter.  Why the change? I can’t really say, I think it’s a sentiment, for me a new way of expressing my new found  joye de vivre…

Eos dress by Reiss
Burberry sunglasses (found similar square frame glasses here)

I’ve treated myself to a Louis Vuitton iPad case, it doesn’t necessarily take big things to put a smile on my face.

So what will brighten up your day? Is it traveling? Shopping? Or maybe just the warm hug  and smile of some one important to you…Drop me a line, I can’t wait to hear!

xox, the Flamboyante

Reiss UK

Nautical by nature: the Monaco Yacht Show 2012

In Celebrity, Design, Travel on September 24, 2012 at 6:25 pm

If I would  ever in my life consider buying a yacht, I wouldn’t do so without having visited the Monaco Yacht Show before –  The most exclusive and prestigious  boat show event in the world, where the most luxurious and sophisticated yachting companies meet top-notch clients.

Lucky me, to be able to go to this extraordinary event, without really considering buying such luxury yacht. Or maybe not yet. After having seen the elegance of these boats one’s passion for them can fire easily. The slickest design was pairing with the utmost advanced technologies at the show – next to a selection of more than one hundreds yachts of all sizes, high technological nautical products, like the U-boat, were on exhibition.

Enjoy my photos from the Monaco Yacht Show 2012, taking place in picturesque Port Hercules on the French Riviera:

On this very special occasion I was wearing a jacket by Les prairies de Paris with amazing sailboat and palm tree print,which I found in Copenhagen. I was also wearing a striped Cos T-shirt and Etoile Isabel Marant shorts, square framed Burberry sun glasses, Chloe Marcie bag,  Reiss bracelet, Gucci chain link ring and Chanel ballerinas and earrings. I have been to the Chanel store in Nice, where I have been provided excellent fitting service, in fact the merchant sized my shoe size a half-size down – which explains why before I had a hard time finding the perfect fitting shoe.

I also want to thank the organisation of the Monaco Yacht Show for granting me access, I found the staff very helpful and kind.

Have you spotted the luxury boat of your dreams already? If you have, I can’t wait to hear which one it is. Watch this space, as I will be continuously posting from various fashion weeks during the next days,

xox, the Flamboyante

Kitzbühel: jewel of Austria

In Austria, Street fashion, Travel on September 3, 2012 at 4:03 pm

Kitzbühel is a tiny, picturesque town in Innsbruck, the capital of Austria’s state Tyrol and it is situated right in between the alps. As small as it may seem to be, it is actually big in Europe and even world-wide. It is famous as one of the most beautiful skiing regions, in winter the rich and famous reside in one of the luxurious hotels and make sure to be spotted on the slope. The rest of the year Austria’s stunning landscapes and mountains attract visitors from all over the world and awakens their wanderlust – I can certainly say that a two days out there in the alps will give an energy boost that is beyond. The center is a luxurious place and even fashionistas and  lovers of high fashion designer brands won’t be disappointed spending some time in the medieval town. It is like the Nice of Austria – it is truly amazing and breathtakingly beautiful, with people being friendly and relaxed.


I was wearing:  Markus Lupfer sequined sweater (I found a similar one on the Outnet here ), J Brand glittered jeans ( found similar one on the Outnet here ), Jimmy Choo Vikki glitter pump, DKNY CLUTCH, STEFANEL coat, Deborah Lippman Marquee Moon futuristic sequined silver / glitter on my nails.

So next time you plan a trip to Austria, don’t forget:

Love is in the air in Kitzbühel…

xox, The Flamboyante

Sweet bits: the city of Copenhagen

In Design, Food, Travel on August 17, 2012 at 5:32 am

Copenhagen opera house

Last but not least: after my fashion week – end experience I found a little time for sight-seeing and shopping in Copenhagen. It was last Sunday, I had time for a little boat tour and going to the Ripley museum, which was nice. I’ve been to Copenhagen before, but that’s long ago, and I’m only remembering very little.

Copenhagen is a modern city that offers an eclectic choice and variety of shops (- like the Louboutin shop, I couldn’t resist going there), restaurants, museums and spare time activities. The city is pulsative and vibrant and as I tweeted right away, when I arrived: full of beautiful people. Yes, the Danish are fascinating, the male and the female, I found many people with very dark hair and blue eyes, which I am finding exotic.

Let’s go to the Ripley museum first, the museum of curiosities. Where I find the tallest and smallest men, the bearded woman who got several proposals of marriage on one day, a fish wearing glasses, a bat wearing hollywood paintings on his back, and – the thing I just had to try: the love throne. I had to place my middle finger  on a special reader and then the throne would tell me whether I’m sensational, a sweetheart, a wild thing or passionate…Well see, what the throne said:

Ripley museum, Copenhagen

I loved the Danish bakeries, I think apart from the French, they are the best!

Danish bakeries

When you go on a boat trip, obviously you would only get one perspective: from the sea. I was a little bit disappointed seeing the little mermaid only from the back – but then again her pretty back deserves some attention as well… I embarked on Nyhaven for a little guided tour – I was surprised how small the city actually is, for the fact that it is so modern.

Copenhagen, black diamond library

Copenhagen, dragon’s tower

The little mermaid, Copenhagen

Copenhagen, spiral church

I could tell right away, the Danish love social gatherings, wether it would be the fashion week or the marathon, which took place on that Sunday, and made it almost impossible to move through the city.

When, after the boat trip, one is hungry, it is a good idea to go to one of the restaurants on Nyhaven. They more or less all have the same menu, offering burgers, steaks, fish in all variation from pickled (herings) to grilled. If burgers and fish aren’t for you, you can do as I do: I ordered Avocado salad with  chicken:

Although Sunday isn’t the best day for shopping, I want to give you another eye candy – a little impression from the Louboutin shop in Copenhagen, where I bought the Bibi 140 tartan pump, which I am also wearing in this post.

The Flamboyante, Christian Louboutin Bibi 140 tartan pumps

It was a hard decision between the golden glitter pump and the tartan pump – but Bibi finally won me over. They are too cute, plus I’m somehow a Brit at heart – so they are perfect and will always let me have fond memories of Copenhagen…

I hope you enjoyed this little fabulous getaway from your office desktop, lap top, or perhaps even mobile phone?

I completely fell in love with Copenhagen – what city did you fall in love with this summer? Let me hear about it!

xox, the Flamboyante

Tanning like a model…

In Advice, Beauty, Travel on July 11, 2012 at 5:49 am

This time I am back with some real insider tanning advice. Ever wondered why models never seem to age (think  Kate Moss) ? Of course there are many secrets to it, and all put together will make the impact. One thing every model or celebrity knows, is that wearing sun screen in summer is v i t a l for youthful looking skin. The damage of exaggerated sun tanning is irreversible and certainly not something you will want to deal with later. It’s better preparing and protecting your skin each time before you go tanning, than regretting it later.

Celebrities also know that even in Winter UV can affect your skin in a bad way. It is advisable to use a facial care that already has SPF throughout the year!

Before tanning I get a good body scrub. Turkey – where I spent my holiday – has turkish steam baths on every corner, that offer whole body scrubs – a true bliss!

This year I discovered Supergoop! – which is an award-winning sunscreen lotion, and a true insider tip amongst beauty worshippers and celebrities. It soaks in in nil time, without leaving those greasy white marks, you’d usually get from sun lotion. It has a nice smell of citrus and it is even eco-friendly. I bought a big family bottle to make sure my skin stays moisturized and protected throughout the whole summer. I also brought Supergoop! SPF 30 sunscreen swipes with me. They are fabulous to ‘touch up’ on the go, or you could just pop them into your city bag, to be assured the most important part- your face – is always protected.The swipes just work like those facial swipes you’d use to take off your make-up.

So the key to a healthy tan is peel, protect and be beach babe fabulous! I was wearing a ‘Brangelina’ bikini by Pistol Panties.

I hope you’re finding this helpful – from my side, I’m sure,that after reading this – you’re good to hit the beach and tan like a star!

xox, the Flamboyante

Ahoy! Impressions from Alanya

In Food, Travel on July 8, 2012 at 10:32 pm

A week has passed since my return from the Turkish Riviera – all the more I am pleased to share my impressions from my vacancy. My impressions are of the ruins of Alanya, the sea, the beauty of the Cleopatra beach, turkish foods and a cheeky photo of myself on a pirate boat tour. Since I am sticking to my beauty routine even in my holidays – I took a picture inside the Xperia spa in Alanya, where they offer a fish pedicure. Not my cup of tea though – little fish nibbling off skin on my feet – what are they: mini barracuda? No thanks! What has been fabulous though were the turkish steam baths, body scrub included, which is perfect before tanning and for an even beautiful tan.

The foods were – depending what you’d choose – rich and healthy, of course you’d get fresh fish caught from the sea. I found the way they’d display the meals funny, the meals were covered in plastic so you could see what they’d actually look like. Turkey is also known for copying big designers – they are specialized on luxury handbags – especially those with a logo including an L and a V…But I wasn’t tempted to buy a fake Louis Vuitton bag, since I am more into understatement, if you know what I mean…

There is a story about the Cleopatra beach, which is a truly beautiful beach: it is said that in 65 BC Marcus Antony purchased the city nearby the sea to express his love for the Egyptian queen Cleopatra.

Hope you’re enjoying all the little stories around Alanya and my photo stream…

Have you already made any holiday experience yet? If yes, where?

Hope your summer is dazzling so far…

xox, the Flamboyante

What’s in a model’s beauty safe

In Beauty, Celebrity, Travel on June 15, 2012 at 11:18 pm

I’ve got one more and last post from Amsterdam and the Exchange hotel for you. I wanted to give you all some insight into a true model’s secret to beautiful, youthful looking skin. If you have thought that the pretty girls on the run way were blessed with clear and beautiful skin like this by nature – than I have got news for you: Very much likely the models have a beauty regimen with specific beauty products that will do miracles. Of course these are not the products you’d get at the usual drug store and also prices are slightly higher. But than again brands, everybody knows well, will have products at the same price range, but perhaps not as much as effective.

It is quite handy knowing a few secrets and tricks for a more glamorous self. Before I shot I use a certain product range of Rodial , that will seriously take a few years off (or a few nights of excessively partying in the past…) It preps my skin perfectly for make up, although usually I wear very little make up, as this isn’t exactly the best for skin too.

For beautiful, fresh looking skin every fashion and beauty conscious girl needs a routine. When traveling I don’t wanna take a whole trolley with cosmetics so the Rodial Glamtox Skin Care On The Go Kit is perfect for a  short-term stay.

The kit includes the Glam balm lip. I use the products before taking pictures and I think it really makes a difference. When working with make up artists during my modeling time I always got remarks about my dry lips. This product is perfect to solve the problem, had I only known it earlier. It’s texture is fabulous on the lips, it has a very gentle scent of rose and the job it does is just amazing: my lips stay plumped and juicy all day long!

The Glamoxy snake serum is like a serum to apply over the day care and it helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles – and by that I mean what I say. When taking pictures for my blog I  prefer the photos that don’t need any photo-shopping at all and with the right preparation  and make up true miracles can be achieved.

The Glamtox night is for the night skin care routine and it helps  promoting elasticity by nourishing the skin with Vitamin C and moisturizing. I really enjoy the mild tingling on my skin caused by the hyaluronic acid. How I know it works? Because I wake up in the morning with a fresh glow 😉

The Glamtox day SPF15 is brilliant  because it has sun screen and this is so vital to  keep your skin youthful looking! It contains hyaluronic acid which helps the skin cell’s renewal and is commonly known under beauty experts and celebrities. The Glamtox daycare has a nice texture that soaks up quickly and it has a lovely smell that reminded me of grapefruit.

I also loved the texture of the Glamtox cleansing balm and I was using it before applying the day and night care – it left my skin thourougly cleansed, hydrated and firm, in a way I haven’t experienced before.

Rodial products contain natural ingredients.

That’s a true model secret revealed here. Maybe most of the celebrities  are afraid to reveal their beauty secrets or they don’t have time, being occupied with other things. If you go to the press page of Rodial you will immediately see – not just how many celebs from Kate Moss to Gwyneth Paltrow are relying on it, you will realize: Rodial is a true gem in the beauty industries!

I promise I will be soon bringing you more dazzling news from the world of beauty and lifestyle as I finally decided to share my expertise with you 😉

I  hope that one or the other will find this some useful advice – stay fabulous, gorgeous!

xox, the Flamboyante

Blurred and floating in Amsterdam

In Accessories, Celebrity, Design, Fashion, Fashion photography, Street fashion, Travel, Trend on June 15, 2012 at 1:41 pm

It may not be the news that I am wearing floral prints for the summer – but this floral print here is a specific one – the blurred florals, which have more of an arty touch, think aquarelle paintings. To me this print is so fascinating, it deserved an outfit post with the beautiful streets of Amsterdam as my backdrop.

To me this had been a great opportunity, a special occasion to later share and being able to indulge in reminiscence. I couldn’t imagine any better way to pay tribute to the Netherlands and the relevant soccer games, than wearing a beautiful, floaty, pleated chiffon skirt in orange together with a blurred floral print blouse. I made the Marc by Marc Jacobs Petal to the Metal Flap Pouchette my little tourist bag – why I mention it? Because I admit buying this bag because of the cute bird embellishment at the front. No regrets – this bag fits with many things because it is feminine and subtle – you can get the look here. I had to throw over a little denim jacket because it’s been – although very sunny – quite a bit chilly…

I was feeling comfortable yet elegant and as I said special visiting a foreign town. I firmly believe it’s the little things in life that will make you the happiest and I treated myself to a cute little souvenir on this weekend getaway.

I bought this adorable chain ring with a little blue star made of semi precious stone in a boutique called Bon Bon. The chain is gold filled and the ring has been fitted to my finger – up to today I haven’t been taking it off, because it is as light as feather – since it is real gold, no problem (you know with the showering, dish washing, etc.) Bon Bon jewellery is beloved by celebrities such as superstar model Doutzen Kroes – I really regret not having taken another piece, I paid for the ring a mere 22,50…

My stay in Amsterdam had been wonderful, I already shared my impressions of the city in my previous post. Of course it had been way too short. There are so many lovely places to visit in the world, the options are almost endless.

I am already dreaming of the next place to visit and hoping this will be happening soon…

Have you planned any traveling any time soon? Let me hear about it…

xox, the Flamboyante

Orange and brick stone inspiration

In Fashion photography, Street fashion, Travel, Trend on June 12, 2012 at 11:50 am

If you take a trip, then you’ll experience something…I spent the last weekend in Amsterdam, so luckily I have a new story to tell. It was the weekend when Denmark beat the Netherlands in the EM. Late afternoons were rather relaxed and the streets were comparably empty as most of the people spent it in front of the screen. Regardless of the defeat in soccer people in Amsterdam were jolly and happy and the evenings and nights were lively and vibrant.

But let me start from the beginning…

I stayed at the Exchange hotel, a small boutique hotel near the Central station, which was handy because from there it was easy to get into the diverse districts. My room was nice and cosy, though pricey, because it was a weekend. Each room of this hotel is differently designed and the hotel’s slogan says: The hotel with rooms dressed like models.

Speaking of dressing and model, I was sporting some comfortable sneaker/jeans/scarf combination, giving the look an upgrade by picking Isabel Marant sneakers and scarf. I wanted to be comfy and able to move around but still dress accordingly to who I am (representing myself so to speak).

So what is Amsterdam known for?  – Let me start with the cliché before I get to the deeper core of what I experienced…

It is known for its bicycles, the  beautiful Grachten along the canal and the picturesque brick stone buildings.

Ofcourse Amsterdam is a very touristic place, masses of people are streaming into the city each weekend, coming from every corner of the world. People come for the Dutch beer, the soccer,they come for shopping and enjoying the lavish life and no doubt they come for the coffee shops..

However, it didn’t take me long until I would get an idea of the true Dutch spirit. The Dutch love social gatherings  – wether it ‘d be a hangout with friends or through sports. Religion plays an important role for Dutch people, whereas religious belonging doesn’t seem matter so much or let alone be an issue. I have seen members of different religions happily and peacefully celebrating next to each other in the same ceremony – to me this seems to be extremely progressive. And of course Dutch people are very stylish and fashion conscious – no wonder at all, Amsterdam has some truly fabulous boutiques as well, such as the Maison Rika for example…

I hope you enjoyed the little virtual  getaway to Amsterdam from your office desk, home computer or mobile device – and if you haven’t been to Amsterdam yet, I hope that you could get an idea of what it’s like.

I’ll be back soon with some more inspiration from Amsterdam and a little outfit post. In the meantime keep on dreaming – about city getaways or beach holidays, mountain tours and other expeditions – summer holiday is just around the corner!

xox, the Flamboyante

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