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Dame Jane Goodall: H is for Hope

In Austria, Charity on September 5, 2012 at 6:37 pm

Last weekend has been inspiring for me in many ways: I spent three days right in the middle of the alps, which has been enlightening not just because I got in touch again with mother nature, but also because having met an extraordinary person: Dame Jane Goodall. I joined the second annual Benefit Gala of the Jane Goodall charity taking place in Kitzbühel. Arriving without any expectation in my mind I must say the evening has been moving and a true eye opener.

On that occasion I was being reminded how overwhelmingly beautiful Austria’s natural landscapes are. The alps are worldwide known for ski-ing and have served as backdrops for many movies, with the most famous one being the Bond movie: ‘On her majesty’s secret service’. Each winter they turn into an arena for winter sports and even the winter olympics have been taking place in the alps of Kitzbühel once, in 1956.

I spent my time in the amazing Reitherwirt hotel – I couldn’t have been more comfortable with a suite that even featured a sauna and a terrace where I could overview beautiful and impressive mountains:

It is hard to describe the feeling I had on the evening of the gala – and it is also not easy to reproduce all the words that have been said on this evening. There is a bottom line  of the message of Jane Goodall, who is one of the greatest researchers in history, and who revolutionised behavioural research. Knighted by the Queen of England and UN ambassador for peace, it is very clear and simple what Jane Goodall is telling us and sharing with us on this evening: That we must remind ourselves tirelessly to live in respect, love and harmony with nature. To use our earth’s resources wisely and also put the effort in to restoring and fixing what we have already abused and neglected..’ I have seen whole woods being re-forested and whole rivers being cleared’ she says.

There is no need to say that if we’d continue harming the environment in the way we do it now, we’d one day have very poor living standard, if any at all. So if natural resources can be cleared and restored on a larger scale, then why do we do so little about it? ‘Every little counts’, Jane Goodall reminds us. If I do something today and you too do something, this together will make a whole big difference.

Auctions of a variety of personal belongings of Jane Goodall, handmade crafts and even a whiskey drink with the world-famous researcher brought all in all more than 90.000 Euros – a hand-woven carpet went at 9000 Euros and Jane Goodall is letting the buyer know that from this money the children of a whole village will receive education for a whole year. Her charity is not only saving lives of endangered species, but is also taking care of native people who life nearby the reservoirs. The charity’s mascot is a little monkey – Mr. H – because H is for hope – and Jane Goodall is amongst the few heroes, who refuses to give it up.

You can find out more about the fascinating life and work of Jane Goodall and how you can support the charity here.

On this evening I was wearing Jimmy Choo Vikki glitter pump in navy, an amazing asymmetric sequined dress by Diane von Furstenberg (I found a similar and quite affordable one here ), DKNY clutchChan Luu lapis lazuli earrings and Tiffany bracelet and ring.
Dear friends, always remember: there is nothing in the world more fashionable, more fabulous, more stylish than giving back.

If you have a cause or charity you support, I can’t wait to hear about it! Let’s all together make an impact and inspire other people so that day by day there is more people making a change!

xox, the Flamboyante

Rachelle Jeanty – a french lesson

In Austria, Celebrity, Charity, Music on March 23, 2012 at 12:13 pm

Bonjour, comment allez-vous?

There are certain things we can do in our home town that are extraordinary, that can inspire us, change perspectives and give us drive for new action. There are plenty of things we could do to find any of this –  going to an event of cultural exchange is one of them…

Today I’ve seen something extraordinary, well actually I’ve heard it. I’ll try to explain it:  Describing the beauty of a butterfly is hard to do. But when you see it, it all becomes clear. – The same is with the voice of Rachelle Jeanty. It is hard to describe the beauty of the voice of the Canadian soul and gospel singer, as she is belting out, filling the air and reaching into every corner of the Salon Rouge – and straight into our hearts. She is singing in french, songs from her album D’ÂME SOUL – which I would interpret as Soul from the soul. The title is doing justice, everyone in the audience is deeply touched. But not just by the wonderful voice of Rachelle Jeanty ( maybe the sweetest lullaby you’ve ever heard  would come close to describing her voice ). It was the message in her songs that has been extraordinary, so precious and special…

With a lot of feeling she is telling a story out of her life, how she refuses to sexualize herself as a woman on her path of  becoming this wonderful singer she is. She gives young women the advice to stay grounded in life and to believe in themselves.   As she sings she dances and sways – exuding so much joye de vivre…

Rachelle Jeanty  is reciting a poem, accompanied by a pianist. She is performing a song simply about how she appreciates and loves life. She is encouraging young women in the audience to sing along with her and then encouraging all of us to do so. In the end we hear her singing  ‘Ain’t nobody’ by Chaka Khan – only in French, saying  ‘It’s a party’ . People start to dance and so do I – and it feels very relieving.

No wonder all the people are trying to get their Cd’s signed by Rachelle Jeanty. I get mine signed as well and a chance to have a chat with the amazing soul and jazz star. What a great story she has got to tell. She grew up in Montreal and has roots in Haiti. She resides in Berlin where she is teaching  young aspiring singers herself. Another aspect of her life: Rachelle Jeanty toured for two years with Celine Dion. She toured with the greatest performers in Francophone music – no wonder at all  – she is one of them.

Rachelle is a class of its own.  She is proud of her Haitian roots but I think most of all she is proud to be a woman – the woman she is. The way she carries herself is full of dignity. I felt very special around her today.

Incredible things happen in your own town, just around the corner – sometimes. You just have to be open for it. It’s what I learned this evening at the Fête de la Francophonie. On this occasion I was wearing a very special dress, the Kiandra dress by Diane von Fürstenberg. I immediately fell in love with the teardrop cutaway around the neck line, so I made this my special occasion dress. Often compared to Coco Chanel the designer is not only making fabulous dresses. From Diane we get a lot of advice on how to become a more attractive, confident and sensual Woman. Feel like a woman, wear a dress is the slogan she is known for.

I believe we should all be a bit more the person we want to be – and that we have to remain a certain curiosity and spontaneity in life. Life ‘s a party – when you respect and appreciate it.

Je vous embrasse, la Flamboyante

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