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Flames!  My stay in London did not just have the sole purpose to attend the London Collections:Men – there was something else that I already had impatiently been waiting to show you. I was granted the great honour to model the Spring/Summer 13 collection by iconic and modern British fashion house REISS for my blog!

In my last preview of the SS 13 lookbook I made no secret of how fond I am of the collection- which is dominated by candy hues and pastel colours like baby pink, coral and sky blue with contrasting khaki and tomatoe tones, that add depth and a certain grown-up-ness – exactly the shades of my dreams.  Stylish, wearable, directional, with a subtle sexiness, is what REISS wear always meant to me since I discovered the label in 2006. It was interesting to hear, that the company, which launched in 1971 started producing women’s clothing only in 2000!

Experiencing the quality and softness of the fabrics, which were floaty and silky  and felt luxurious yet comfortable against the skin (mainly tencel -very light viscose – and silk were used for the dresses, blouses and shirts) made this a valuable experience. The down side of this experience is that I am left way more indecisive about what I would love to get for myself and this summer (thinking that obviously I won’t be able to have it all….;) ) When it comes to tayloring, I’d always rely on Reiss designs and it seems that the design team behind it all exactly knows what a young women living in a buzzing world metropole wanst: sophisticated – chic – effortless. Don’t you just love it when you throw on a dress and instantly look like the well dressed , self confident woman you are?

IMG_0656IMG_0668IMG_0682IMG_0695IMG_0698IMG_0740 IMG_0747IMG_0760IMG_0755IMG_0767IMG_0768IMG_0725

All photographs thanks to: Philipp Ueberfellner

Eye catching details of the accessories are large flower applications on bags and clutches, adorable square stud details and the mix of materials like raffia and suede. I also immediately noticed the soft as butter quality of the grosgrain leather used for jackets and handbags, that had me craving for both badly.

Part of the SS13 collection already is available in stores and online. For all of you savvy and budget concious shoppers (like myself mostly ) I also wanted to give you the hint that sale is coming to an end – which really is the best time to shop, because it means that prices drop down to the lowest. Reiss is now offering up to 70% off the Autum/Winter collection and free shipping when more than 150 Euro spent or 300 USD (free standard shipping in the UK on all orders). To give you a hand, I have a pre-selection of the best pieces of the sale for you, those that would really make sense to have in a well assorted wardrobe:

Hadden Jacket  Was £225 Now £90

Joyce Refined Track Pants  Was £89 Now £26

Bella Skirt  Was £135 Now £40

Felicity Coat  Was £295 Now £88

Greneta Shoes  Was £149 Now £44

Since we have been talking men’s fashion a lot lately, I thought I’d  let you know that the choice of men’s wear is on sale is eclectic offering suits and jacket from classic, clean- cut tayloring to a more fashionable approach in colour and fabric. (Who knows, you may have an ultra stylish hubby or boyfriend). Here you can  Shop the Men’s Sale at Reiss.com. I am also working on my next giveaway for all of you, gorgeous readers, in cooperation with Reiss, so make sure to check back for that!

Now I am just left wondering which one of those outfits did you find the most striking?

xox, the Flamboyante

Reiss UK


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photo credit: Leroy Dawkins

He was the most photographed man during London Collections: Men and in case if you’ve ever wondered where you saw this pair of steel blue eyes before, here is a little hint – he was the face of the Dolce and Gabbana light blue fragrance commercials.

I am talking about male super star model David Gandy, who hosted a press event at the Hospital Club, the main venue of the London Collections: Men. It was a rather exclusive event and the location rather small and intimate. After the event the charismatic heart-throb had been so kind to stay around for a while to take  pictures with those, who didn’t get a chance in the first run – including myself.

It was only thanks to the lovely Leroy Dawkins of Diary of a clothes horse, that I got a picture with David Gandy. I think I would never have asked, I imagine it to be difficult to say something meaningful, when transfixed by such steel-blue eyes. Leroy took this amazing photo for me to remember this wonderful moment forever and he also did a fantastic write-up on meeting Mr.Gandy, that I enjoyed reading so much.



Flames, now I’m impatiently awaiting your comments! 😀

xox, the Flamboyante


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One of the reasons I eventually decided to attend the London Collections and widen my horizons in regards to men’s fashion was, that I received and invitation to the MR.PORTER presentation. MR.PORTER is the male ‘counterpart’ of  NET-A-PORTER, of whom I’m admittedly an addict, and who are the number one source for me, when on the look out for the extravagant certain something.

What looks like a casual gathering of handsome male models here is the presentation of four of the most coveted British men’s wear designers: Katie Eary, Matthew Miller, Richard Nicoll and Sibling. The simple installations spoke for themselves and without a doubt a host like Mr.Porter wouldn’t leave his guests neither hungry nor thirsty – tea and crumpets by Good & Propper tea were served outside of the venue. Enjoy a preview of what is going to set the tone in men’s fashion  this Spring/Summer –  not just in the UK but world-wide.


I hope you are delighted as I am about this boost that men’s fashion seems to be experiencing at the moment. Which designs did you like?

xox, the Flamboyante


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Would you have thought that behind these modern classic and utmost wearable men’s wear designs is a girl? Alexia Hentsch to be more precise is the designer of cool British men’s fashion label Hentsch Man and she is just as fun and outgoing as her creations. She was so kind and sweet to do a short interview with me for my blog, which was more like a little chat.


I was laughing when Alexia said that her ex-boyfriend inspired her to design menswear – because it is taken right out of life. She said that she used to be making clothes for him. Today Alexia is presenting her Autumn/Winter 13 collection in one of London’s most coveted areas for fashion lovers: on Monmouth street in Covent Garden.

The models wearing double-breasted boxy cut men’s blazers in grey tones with contrasting wool trousers are kind of the epitome of the up to date, young British man – who is certainly not the usual type of beau. I asked her about the models and Alexia, said she chose a more preppy and hype kind of look in men, something that is more international – hence the plenty of tattoos and piercings. I love patterns and drawings and the quirky and kind of ironic illustrations of the adventures of the Hentsch man run like a thread through the presentation. In the eyes of Alexia,   the contemporary man isn’t scared of fashion, neither of colour – and with the rising trend  of men’s fashion, men can rest assured to have more variety to complete and give the certain it to a standard wardrobe.


Don’t forget to let me have your thoughts and be prepared for more fabulous men’s fashion inspiration from London Collections: Men!

xox, the Flamboyante


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Flames! I have just gotten back from an amazing and incredible trip to London and London Collections: Men – you are able to imagine I am tired – yet I am way too excited to go to rest before I haven’t shared some canapés (little delicious fingerfood to stimulate your appetite) of the LCM. Please enjoy first impressions for now and stay tuned as I will be posting more and more about this alluring event turning around modern men’s fashion and –  that you shouldn’t miss out!









I really enjoy photography more and more – did you enjoy my photos?

I cannot wait to show you more highlights of the past three days – good night and sweet dreams!

xox, the Flamboyante


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Flames! As promised I will be announcing the winner for my December Smythson notebook giveaway today. Before I do that I must tell you that I won’t be announcing a new giveaway today. I made some lovely experiences the last year with my blog giveaways, but sometimes it didn’t work out so well (parcel’s were returned or I had no reply from the winner). I’ve realized I need to work out properly the logistics of these giveaways in order to provide you giveaways that are fun and run smoothly. I am working on it and will be back soon with fabulous prices that add dazzling excitement to the whole Flamboyante experience.

And now the winner (drumroll): ALICIA ZIMMEY – you are the winner of my December giveaway! Alicia is a writer and book lover and amongst my dearest readers and commenters – so it is a well deserved win!

To keep you up with what I am up to next I want to share this little teaser with you – can you guess where my next travels will lead to?

It seems to me that 2013 will be full of surprises and although the past year I blogged, posted, photographed and written about all things girly and womanly, I decided to take a peek into the men’s world of fashion this time.

Are you intrigued?

xox, the Flamboyante


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animation maker free

It is so good to be back on my blog 😉 –  I did in fact take that time out, as I mentioned after coming back from my last trip to London. So therefore it has been really quiet – here on my blog as well as on my social media channels. I took the past five days to intensively spend with my beloved ones and recharging my batteries a little in order to get a fresh view and new inspiration as well as new motivation.

I have plenty of good things to share with you – some things I promised to bring a little bit earlier already, but better late than never. When it comes to the following article about Jessica_Au and her JAU LABEL I am in fact way too early, because – you may already have guessed it: we are talking fashion future trends again! In September it has been quite a hot topic on my blog and I focused on and tried to detect what is awaiting us in the world of fashion in our near future – to me a highly interesting subject, because in one or the other way it is reflecting a collective us or humanity. Ofcourse fashion would be just an aspect of the trend of community spirit or to put it in other words –  to answer the question: where are we going? I believe with fashion always comes so much more, other than just new colours, new tailoring, pattern, prints and fabrics – it stands for the time we live in, the music we hear, the status of environment, economic situation and even political stability (or not). Looking back in fashion history we can divide it into different eras – from the flappers in the Twenties to the Flower Power era with its hippie culture over to punk, grunge up to today’s fashion. It sometimes seems hard to see through, when at the moment the world of fashion seems to be overflowing with choices as well as information, but I have very clearly gotten an idea of some key trends that describe our current time – in terms of what fashion may look like in the future as well as in a more communal way of thinking. That’s why I think London-based designer Jessica_Au’s  JAU LABEL lookbook is so interesting to look at together today.



Her influences range from the neo-trash movement to Japanese street styles over to glamorous personalities such as sex idol Brooke Candy or Mykki Blanco, a rapper with multiple personalities including the female version of himself. Her collection ‘Neon’ came from a love of going out and clubbing , Jessica Au says herself, who can’t quite put her finger on what this collection is about except it is definitely intertwined with the lightheartedness and humour of her boyfriend Kaidy, and the things he introduced her to. Her collection sold out this year at the London Fashion Week in September at Somerset house and it has been housed in Japan’s TEKKNOPOLICE alongside some of today’s most sought after designer’s. Her label is set to expand at an incredible rate in the next few years to come. She has teamed up with film director Rob Heppel to create a fashion film, that accompanies her collection (click here)

-5 -8 -11 -6 -9 -13 -14 -16 -17

I talked about how I detected many trends in the past few months. When it comes to materials, I could definitely and delightfully see that designers currently seem to love to play and experiment with the use of organic materials like wood, fabrics and leather combined with industrial materials such as perspex and PVC. Deconstructed and deformed – or exaggerated forms of tailoring seems to appeal more and more and there is a general vast expressiveness wether it be in detail or eye-catching and bold. To make a long story short: I see fashion becoming way more deliberating, tolerating and a form of articulation, while we all learn to think out of the boxes.

Now doesn’t that sound like a sweet future? With all of that I think we’re looking into a bright 2013.  Can’t wait to hear what you predict – or wish for!

xox, the Flamboyante


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photo credit: Paulina Villalpando

It was a truly inspiring moment hearing Stella McCartney’s speech at this year’s British Fashion Awards, when she took on the award for British Designer Brand 2012. In fact it has been a very special moment in my life, that I will always remember.

In her speech Stella McCartney talked about how she struggled in her beginnings as an independent designer and how hard it was to follow her intuition and heart, when it seemed that the most influential people in her life at that moment turned their back on her. I tried to describe with my own words what Stella McCartney has said in my post: My British Fashion Award Experience, but no one could describe it better than herself. I can only say that in this moment there was triumph in the air. We can never be reminded too often to believe in ourselves and in our gut feeling – that’s why this speech is so important and inspirational:

The above photo of myself sitting in the audience of the BFA has been taken by fellow blogger and jewellery designer Paulina Villalpando from Mexico. She wrote a beautiful and extensive feature about her evening at the BFA’S on her blog PAAR. It is always great having someone with a professional eye taking a photo – as for usual I would ask my friend Katy or another friend available,  and none of them are professional photographers (yet they are great!). I really appreciate she captured that special moment in my life for me.

I hope to have given you some inspiration today. Not only has Stella McCartney taken home two awards, she has been announced the most popular fashion brand online by British Vogue and British Elle.

Can you feel the triumph?

xox, the Flamboyante


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I would put on any of these –  right away…The upcoming REISS Spring/Summer 2013 collection has hit the nail on the head for me!

My love affair with British fashion label REISS dates back to 2007, when I moved to London to spend the most amazing three years of my life. Going to a REISS store would always have been a special treat and when wearing REISS clothing I would always feel grown up, ladylike and ultra stylish. Pieces I bought back then are still hanging in my closet, which tells me a lot about the quality of  REISS wear. It also means that their designs, as fashionable they are, are timeless and versatile.

What great honour to feature the REISS Spring/Summer 13 lookbook so early on my blog!                                                                                                                                               Expect vivid colours such as pale pink, watermelon, cornflower, olive and navy to come your way in spring, on clean cut feminine aesthetic, that is teamed with exaggerated graphics and floral prints. When taking a close up look on future fashion trends I’ve noticed that play on texture and the combining of diverse material will be written in capital letters. REISS SS13 isn’t any short of that. Raffia, linen, canvas and leather, all these materials are finding common ground in the up coming creations of fashion house REISS. I am very pleased to see that dresses continue to come in a fit and flare shape, some of these beauteous dresses ( the pale pink dress as well as the black graphic print dress) remind me of the lighter, summery baby doll version of the EOS dress I wore in autumn (here and here). I’m even more delighted about crisp pastel hues and candy colours that remind of the sassy and womanly flair of the 60s. What I find so utterly clever is the head-to-toe tonal look, where contrast is achieved through the use of different material, texture or colour shading. Grosgrain leather jackets that finally come colourful alongside leather dresses and skirts that say va-va-woom let my own heart skip a beat. Also expect some fierce accessories, that feature oversized flowers, as well as chunky chain necklaces and top handle bowling bags alongside oversized clutches handbag – wise. I’m smitten with any of that and as  – what I am afraid could be an incurable fashion obsessed I decide to kindly ask REISS to keep one of the above outfits with unbearably beautiful abstract flower print – reserved for me.


I will leave you with some good news and some bad news, and the bad one is first: These beautiful pieces won’t be available before February 2013, when they hit the stores and will also go online.

And now the good news:  You can shop the current Autumn/Winter collection online and comfortably take a 30 percent off shoes and accessories, including free shipping! For limited time only, so hurry if you still need to get your hands on a special gift for the festive days! Simply click on the banner below and happy shopping!
Reiss UK

xox, the Flamboyante


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Dear girlfriends, the two days I spent in London around the time of the British Fashion Awards 2012 ceremony have been a true roller coaster ride! If you have followed my blog lately you already knew about my excitement about the event…and it has truly been overwhelming! On the one hand it has been incredible to dive into the glamorous world of fashion and celebrities, to witness with my own eyes such high-profile event like the British Fashion Awards – a celebration of British culture, fashion design and the – distinct sense  of fashion that developed over the years almost  like a tradition in the UK. I  love and adore that sense of fashion – it’s absolutely  my cup of tea, so to speak.

On the other hand I once again learned that not all that glitters is gold – and that there is a force that is always able to put you in front of an unexpected situation – and that force is called life. After these overwhelming two days, when rushing down an escalator at Heathrow airport in order to arrive at the gate in time, I slipped, fell and almost broke my leg but eventually getting away with some nasty scratches. I posted a photo of my poor, injured leg on Instagram and I thought I share it with you – not because I am trying to arouse pity, but because it really happened! Maybe you have already experienced something similar. Well, I certainly can say that life has thought- or actually reminded me to take every step thoughtfully!

But let me get back to the story of an amazing event- I thought it would be the best to share this experience the way I experienced it: I arrived in London last Tuesday and after a make over at the Lounge Soho for my hair and at Ilamasque for make up I arrived at the Savoy Theater with my purple ticket. These tickets were reserved for fashion students and bloggers and I also met designers and shop owners. I sat in the upper stalls of the theater, quite far from the stage and quite up high as well, yet did I feel very close to the whole happening – especially at some certain highlights of the event.

The stage set  was ultra stylish – minimalistic and architectural, themes that also seem to influence current fashion. The first award – the award for outstanding achievement went to Manolo Blahnik and on a large video wall a whole range of celebrities congratulated the iconic shoe designers, including editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, Topmodels Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, and legendary Hollywood actress Anjelica Houston just to name a few. For the third time in a row Alexa Chung was announced the winner of the British Style award, this year by master of couture Valentino. When she entered the stage, you could tell why: with her no-sweat, simple yet sophisticated and refined fashion sense, she absolutely deserves it. Roksanda Ilincic took the Red carpet award  and her dress has been amongst the most outstanding and extra-ordinary creations of the whole evening, I was very fascinated. It was so beautiful to finally see the people behind the designs I marvel at, adore, partially even wear myself – suddenly the whole philosophy of a brand becomes clear, because this is about the person who creates it, their character shines through everything they do and the way and context they put them together. To my great joy Stella McCartney was handed over an award for two times – once for Designer Brand and the second one for the Designer of the Year. Stella McCartney said in her speech that this is the proof, that when many years ago she left a French Couture House she designed for, in order to independently design in her home country, the UK, she has made the right decision despite being told that she will regret it forever if she’d leave said label. Eventually she did – to become what she is today: designer to the world’s most influential people wearing her designs at events of the highest profile – on top. She dedicated the award to her husband, who made their marriage look effortless and to her babies. The award for model was taken by Cara Delevigne – another award well deserved. When she entered the stage you could tell, this girl doesn’t only have looks to kill – she is charming and has a sense of humour on top of it. Cara was wearing a lovely sixties seeming dress with a modern, futuristic edge due to a breathtakingly green metallic finish.

Erdem was announced the winner of the New Establishment award and hot shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood took home the Accessory Designer award. Another personal highlight of this evening has been the performance of Rita Ora. I have to very frankly say, that I have come across Rita Ora, but only in terms of her styling choices for the red carpet. Shame on me I never actually listened to her music, I didn’t know what I have been missing out on. I would describe her voice as grounded and solid yet airy and melodic and felt true pleasure listening to her performance. For the full list of awards and winners and also for the highlights on the red carpet you can visit the homepage of the British Fashion Award. I – after this long story – want to share a few pictures taken from my  point of view – alongside, what I find were the most remarkable styles on the red carpet.

Outside the Savoy Theater at arrival: photographers waiting for 
celebrities to enter:


Stage setting and Alexa Chung being announced winner of 
the British Style Award:

Cara Delevigne, winner of the Model Award

Rita Ora performing live:

And now some Red Carpet higlights, ladies and gentlemen:

Topmodel and actress Amber Valetta:

Roksanda Ilincic, winner of the Red Carpet Award
Best style: Alexa Chung:

Model Cara Delevigne:
Simone Rocha:
Richard Nicoll and Josephine de la Baume:

Carolina Issa:
Two-time winner Stella McCartney:
all red carpet photo credits and rights: British Fashion Awards

My style for the event:

Red Valentino dress, metallic coat by Pinko (above)
dramatic make up

I am back home now, unfortunately with an injured leg, but I am taking this quiet time of the year to relax,recover and recharge my batteries, working on some creative projects with all the inspiration and experience I now have under my belt. The next weeks I will dedicate to all my musings, dreams and ideas. Maybe that has been the deeper reason of my accident on my homeward journey and I just needed some little time out to reset my focus. In the end I was overall lucky! I must thank the British Fashion Award and the British Fashion Council a lot for giving me – as a blogger coming from Austria – such great opportunity to attend such prestigious event.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my report about the British Fashion Awards and that it maybe has given you some interesting thoughts or insight.

I also hope all is well and radiant on your end!

xox, the Flamboyante

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