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Flames!  My stay in London did not just have the sole purpose to attend the London Collections:Men – there was something else that I already had impatiently been waiting to show you. I was granted the great honour to model the Spring/Summer 13 collection by iconic and modern British fashion house REISS for my blog!

In my last preview of the SS 13 lookbook I made no secret of how fond I am of the collection- which is dominated by candy hues and pastel colours like baby pink, coral and sky blue with contrasting khaki and tomatoe tones, that add depth and a certain grown-up-ness – exactly the shades of my dreams.  Stylish, wearable, directional, with a subtle sexiness, is what REISS wear always meant to me since I discovered the label in 2006. It was interesting to hear, that the company, which launched in 1971 started producing women’s clothing only in 2000!

Experiencing the quality and softness of the fabrics, which were floaty and silky  and felt luxurious yet comfortable against the skin (mainly tencel -very light viscose – and silk were used for the dresses, blouses and shirts) made this a valuable experience. The down side of this experience is that I am left way more indecisive about what I would love to get for myself and this summer (thinking that obviously I won’t be able to have it all….;) ) When it comes to tayloring, I’d always rely on Reiss designs and it seems that the design team behind it all exactly knows what a young women living in a buzzing world metropole wanst: sophisticated – chic – effortless. Don’t you just love it when you throw on a dress and instantly look like the well dressed , self confident woman you are?

IMG_0656IMG_0668IMG_0682IMG_0695IMG_0698IMG_0740 IMG_0747IMG_0760IMG_0755IMG_0767IMG_0768IMG_0725

All photographs thanks to: Philipp Ueberfellner

Eye catching details of the accessories are large flower applications on bags and clutches, adorable square stud details and the mix of materials like raffia and suede. I also immediately noticed the soft as butter quality of the grosgrain leather used for jackets and handbags, that had me craving for both badly.

Part of the SS13 collection already is available in stores and online. For all of you savvy and budget concious shoppers (like myself mostly ) I also wanted to give you the hint that sale is coming to an end – which really is the best time to shop, because it means that prices drop down to the lowest. Reiss is now offering up to 70% off the Autum/Winter collection and free shipping when more than 150 Euro spent or 300 USD (free standard shipping in the UK on all orders). To give you a hand, I have a pre-selection of the best pieces of the sale for you, those that would really make sense to have in a well assorted wardrobe:

Hadden Jacket  Was £225 Now £90

Joyce Refined Track Pants  Was £89 Now £26

Bella Skirt  Was £135 Now £40

Felicity Coat  Was £295 Now £88

Greneta Shoes  Was £149 Now £44

Since we have been talking men’s fashion a lot lately, I thought I’d  let you know that the choice of men’s wear is on sale is eclectic offering suits and jacket from classic, clean- cut tayloring to a more fashionable approach in colour and fabric. (Who knows, you may have an ultra stylish hubby or boyfriend). Here you can  Shop the Men’s Sale at Reiss.com. I am also working on my next giveaway for all of you, gorgeous readers, in cooperation with Reiss, so make sure to check back for that!

Now I am just left wondering which one of those outfits did you find the most striking?

xox, the Flamboyante

Reiss UK


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I am starting to finally truly getting into a festive mood and today my best friend and I went for a stroll through beautiful Viennese Christmas markets. I decided to add a little glam to the event by wearing something, I was in fact looking forward to be wearing for a while now: a ballerina skirt I found online at Topshop.  I live in a city where a grown up woman wearing a tutu would be looked at as outlandish whereas in other bigger cities like London I would be just a girl wearing a skirt. As much as I appreciate the quiet and calm of my home town, I sometimes have to do something more bold, more glittering, well a bit more flamboyant. I love dressing up and the festive season is a perfect occasion for that. I remember the first time in my life I was allowed to stay out at night longer than midnight : it was a New Years eve. You must know by that time of the year temperatures here in Austria drop down to zero and below. On that first New Years eve out and about town I was wearing a little silver lurex dress by H&M and probably not the thickest coat to cover up. I have been freezing like crazy, but I didn’t mind because it was so beautiful to be wearing that glittery dress.

I kind of still feel the same today: the festive time of the year is screaming: gold, metallics, lurex, shimmer! When we took the photos at this beautiful carousel, a group of teenie girls nearby started giggling. I took it as a compliment, because there is nothing better in the world than people laughing and smiling. I am sure that some of them would love to wear a ballerina skirt too. And that many woman out there would love to be ballerina, be it just for a day….

I hope you enjoy the photos we took for you – thanks to my ear muffs – quintessential in Austrian winters – I didn’t have to freeze so much. Maybe thanks to a little excitement for coming up Christmas too…


I was wearing: 
ASOS mistletoe sweater
TOPSHOP ballerina skirt
Lurex leggings by Intimissimi
 REISS multi strap court shoe BELLE

PS: Are you in love with those beautiful strappy court shoes of mine? The upper material is pony hair and I am finding them super elegant, a true upgrade to my wardrobe! I just thought that I’d let you know that REISS is offering 30% on shoes and accessories, plus free shipping – and that before Christmas sale! Maybe a good chance to find an outstanding and stylish gift for someone beloved – or to treat your self to a little something for underneath the Christmas tree. Hot favourite of mine:  the clutches! Especially the metal bar framed Mira clutch or the sophisticated  embellished Yasmin clutch. Just click on the link below and happy shopping!
Reiss UK

xox, the Flamboyante


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I would put on any of these –  right away…The upcoming REISS Spring/Summer 2013 collection has hit the nail on the head for me!

My love affair with British fashion label REISS dates back to 2007, when I moved to London to spend the most amazing three years of my life. Going to a REISS store would always have been a special treat and when wearing REISS clothing I would always feel grown up, ladylike and ultra stylish. Pieces I bought back then are still hanging in my closet, which tells me a lot about the quality of  REISS wear. It also means that their designs, as fashionable they are, are timeless and versatile.

What great honour to feature the REISS Spring/Summer 13 lookbook so early on my blog!                                                                                                                                               Expect vivid colours such as pale pink, watermelon, cornflower, olive and navy to come your way in spring, on clean cut feminine aesthetic, that is teamed with exaggerated graphics and floral prints. When taking a close up look on future fashion trends I’ve noticed that play on texture and the combining of diverse material will be written in capital letters. REISS SS13 isn’t any short of that. Raffia, linen, canvas and leather, all these materials are finding common ground in the up coming creations of fashion house REISS. I am very pleased to see that dresses continue to come in a fit and flare shape, some of these beauteous dresses ( the pale pink dress as well as the black graphic print dress) remind me of the lighter, summery baby doll version of the EOS dress I wore in autumn (here and here). I’m even more delighted about crisp pastel hues and candy colours that remind of the sassy and womanly flair of the 60s. What I find so utterly clever is the head-to-toe tonal look, where contrast is achieved through the use of different material, texture or colour shading. Grosgrain leather jackets that finally come colourful alongside leather dresses and skirts that say va-va-woom let my own heart skip a beat. Also expect some fierce accessories, that feature oversized flowers, as well as chunky chain necklaces and top handle bowling bags alongside oversized clutches handbag – wise. I’m smitten with any of that and as  – what I am afraid could be an incurable fashion obsessed I decide to kindly ask REISS to keep one of the above outfits with unbearably beautiful abstract flower print – reserved for me.


I will leave you with some good news and some bad news, and the bad one is first: These beautiful pieces won’t be available before February 2013, when they hit the stores and will also go online.

And now the good news:  You can shop the current Autumn/Winter collection online and comfortably take a 30 percent off shoes and accessories, including free shipping! For limited time only, so hurry if you still need to get your hands on a special gift for the festive days! Simply click on the banner below and happy shopping!
Reiss UK

xox, the Flamboyante


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I thought I’d give you all a little update on what’s going on and what I am up to. In fact I am getting really excited, as tomorrow I’m off to London to report about the British Fashion Awards. When I started out my blog I never even imagined to be attending such high-profile events…it is a dream come true!

I also never imagined how my shoe collection would drastically increase. I really didn’t think I was that much of a shoe lover (the emphasis is on that). However my bag collection dramatically decreased, since I sold almost most of my handbags on E-Bay – I talked about  how this is a good way to make money to have towards buying new designer clothes – and it is what I really do!

My bestie is around and we are having cup cakes and she’s holding my hand so that I am less nervous about tomorrow, I still have to pack, so I’m keeping this short. We are marveling at my lavender Charlotte Olympia shoes – I finally changed my mind about my outfit for the event – but more of that from tomorrow – when I will be in London.  Fingers crossed all goes well – at least I was able to book an appointment at the Lounge Soho to get my hair done for the event, despite the excitement, something I managed to do…. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram – I will try to give you some updates on Instagram before I get back from London and therefor back on the blog.

When I come back from my trip the beautiful shoes will go back into the box – and then wait for the Christmas tree – not that I don’t appreciate these kind of things. Now I only have one wish left in terms of wardrobe: a black hand bag. Just a simple black goes with everything hand bag – no kidding: I don’t own one. But next year I want to go traveling – and I reckon after almost one year of excessive blogging, mad fashion love affairs and compulsive fashion behaviour I now have all the gear I need to concur any life’s situation…in style!

If only I had better nerves – I really need to get some beauty sleep! Enjoy yours and see you soon with some dazzling news, fabulous sisters!

xox, the Flamboyante


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That thing hanging on the hanger is not a baby bib, ladies- this is a mock shirt! Please add the word to your fashion jargon – you will need it 🙂

I saw this ‘thing’ at the COS store in Nice a couple of months ago it kind of lingered in my mind. I found it online but eventually wouldn’t buy it for a while. Yet I kept on thinking about how this small accessory is going to upgrade plenty of my jumpers, cardigans and dresses, giving them the certain ‘it’. Just recently a COS store opened up in Vienna, and the moment I heard the news I would go there to finally get my hands on this affordable, versatile and cute update to my wardrobe. Inside the store I asked the shop assistant, if they have the mock shirt I saw on the Internet in store. Ofcourse, the sales girl immediately asked me: ‘The what’? (I don’t blame her though, I mean where not in the UK, where someone just ‘d go: Sure dear I’m getting it for you, besides mock shirt is not a German word) But she’d very soon go: Oh you mean that thing, drawing a fictitious bib. She told me they’d have one left but only in M/L and before she even finished saying Large I’ve already snatched it from her it, heading to the cash desk to make, what I felt was the best purchase of the year.

Later in the afternoon my best girl Katy would stop by. I said to her: This is not a shirt I am wearing underneath, it’s a mock shirt. Katy was so fascinated by ‘the thing’, she even made me take off my jumper, so she could peruse it. She was fascinated how the mock shirt can be adjusted at the sides – why people didn’t have this idea earlier, she said.

Why are mock shirts or collars so versatile? Because you may have a tight-fitting dress or jumper and you don’t want to squeeze a whole shirt underneath but still want to wear a collar with it. Isn’t it amazing how little, simple things will make the difference when it comes to fashion?

I am wearing:
COS jumper
COS mock shirt
Kenneth Jay Lane earrings
(found similar candy coloured earrings by Erickson Beamon here)
Kenneth Jay Lane crystal ring (on sale!)
Victoria Beckham denim

The COS mock shirt has already sold out online, but to make the search for similar styles and cute collars easier for you, I have pre-selected a choice from across the web for you, including the ultra cute Sonia Rykiel crystal embellished cotton collar, I also quite fancy.

1. Miu Miu striped silk collar
2. Asos embellished stone floral collar
3. Philipp Lim pointed metallic leather collar
4. Sonia Rykiel crystall embellished cotton collar
5. Karl Alycia metal-tipped lace-trimmed cotton collar
6. Karl Lagerfeld black diamond and 
hydrothermal emerald - embellished collar

Are you as fascinated by the mock shirt as much as we were?

xox, the Flamboyante


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Were you marveling at the gorgeous designs that hit the runways the recent Fashion Week season? Were you then maybe wistfully sighing –  thinking if only you were a millionaire, to be able to afford those pieces –  like I sometimes do? I have got good news for you: With what you already have, what you love, what you always wear and the new season’s key piece you need to have and want to treasure forever – you will be able to create a look that is spot on trend! The rest is being yourself, since fashion is the art of expression.

I had this Versace leather skirt forever and it has already been altered for me. I teamed it with the Carven Hyronimus Bosch silk print T-shirt, the season’s power piece I had to have and know it will outlast the short period of current. The print is inspired by the paintings of  imaginative painter Hyronimus Bosch, who lived in the Netherlands in the 15th Century. I would say it tells the story of some sort of Apocalypse , maybe from how the painter imagined it to be – quite interesting taking into account that he lived almost six hundred years before us.

Together with the skirt the outfit looks like a dress made of diverse fabric – leather, silk and jersey and the vivid combination of  differing materials has been another hot trend spotted throughout new collections of plenty of designers. I bought my studded trench in a small boutique in Nice for not more than fifty Euros – I just thought it is a cool piece that will always compliment an outfit. Time is always a good investment for finding cool affordable pieces across the globe. I had my shoes and bag for long- they are perfect, long-lasting basics – true investment  pieces because they are always chic.

At London Fashion Week I could see the ear cuff  trend coming to live when I photographed the TOPSHOP show and I must say I completely digged it. So when recently city hopping to London I brought one with me. May not be everyone’s cup of tea as the British may say, but I love the idea of being more creative with jewelery and also more experimental.Dark Moss Deborah Lippmann nail polish I bought in summer. Natural but tamed hair – the rest is – you guessed it –  the art of expression. Enjoy the photos – I think there is always some new detail to discover.

I was wearing:
Carven Bosch Silk Print T-shirt
Vintage Versace leather skirt
Falke tights
Studded trench from Nice
Mulberry postman's lock ankle boots
Jimmy Choo elaphe clutch
Reiss bracelets here and here
Topshop earcuff

Marc by Marc Jacobs ear studs

         Deborah Lippmann Billionaire nail polish

I almost forget to mention the vintage inspired  Andrea Garland lip balm shelley necklace you can win here!

Happy birthday to my best girl Katy!

Has this inspired you? Are you keen to try new things and which?

xox, the Flamboyante


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I am late for two days to announce the winner for the October giveaway, where you could win the Beauty Society mascara – I’m sorry. Therefore I have got something uber- cool and extra cute for you this month…

But let me no longer keep you in suspense – the winner of my October giveaway is: KAYEN YUB! Congrats! You are the winner and I will be in touch shortly via Facebook! – KAYEN YUB has been an amazing friend of the Flamboyante this month, re-posting the giveaway on Facebook and Twitter – and I love my friends 🙂

This month I have an amazing and ultra stylish vintage inspired Andrea Garland necklace for you. The pendant – in form of a bag – bares a lip balm made of  organic bees-wax, shea butter and raspberry seed oil. I own myself one as well and constantly using it – since it’s winter here in Austria it comes in really handy, because with the cold weather I always get extra dry lips. The balm applies with no fuzz, keeps the lips smooth and moistured and has an adorable, natural smell – perfect for winter snogs! But be careful! It is highly addictive!


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The price draw is open to anyone worldwide – no restrictions. If you didn’t follow the above rules (not commenting on a post or not following my blog) your entry won’t be accepted.

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Winner for this price draw will be announced 3rd of December on my blog and on facebook!

I am crossing my fingers for you all, my fabulous friends and don’t forget – in winter – to keep that pout smooth and delicious!

xox, the Flamboyante

Love drunk at the Vivienne Westwood couture after show party

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It has been more than a week ago I spent this magnificent evening for once more at the red bar at the Viennese Volkstheater and I’m still not over, what great pleasure it has been.

Reason being I followed an invitation to the Vivienne Westwood Gold label after show party, I love going to these kind of events because it gives me the chance to mingle with other likely – minded fashionable folks.

I don’t know if I looked tipsy that evening, however my glary eyes are due to something completely different: In fact I didn’t even drink much this evening, you could possibly say I have been ‘love drunk’  – but more of that later.

Vivienne Westwood has just recently opened up a store in Vienna – and I would say it has been about time, not just for the fact that her husband is Austrian.  The party has been the joyful conclusion of Vivienne Westwoods couture show, where pieces from her  Gold Label alongside couture pieces were presented at Vienna’s prestigious Kunsthistorisches Museum. I wasn’t lucky enough to see it but am so lucky to know a friend blogger who has been and you can see the coverage of the show on his blog ANDY art magazine.

Since I am already talking about people I met this evening at the red bar- in fact it has been a lot of young, talented and open-minded fashion industry insiders – from editors and photographers to emerging designers, models, performing artists. When I am saying emerging designer (here in Vienna) I immediately think: Mark and Julia, who won the Ringstrassen galleries designer awards in April. I am definitely keen to find out more about the two lovelies, I have the feeling they are going to ‘revolutionize’ and turn around Austria’s fashion world with they intuitive campaigns and ideas. I met Benjamin Quirico  of  Faux Fox magazine – I cannot wait to hold an actual copy of this print magazine in my hand. If the magazine is half as quirky, interesting and creative as benjamin tatoos on his arm (which I firmly believe it is) I am already taken. I am super excited to know that the fashion scene in Vienna is buzzing at the moment, there is so much new ‘addition’. And in that particular evening I even spotted some true ‘Austrian’ fashion icons, those who were the ‘pioneers’ when fashion still used to be a foreign word  with a mystical meaning to people on my country- I am talikng about the likes of Miss Candy also known as Holger Thor, who is internationally renowned as drag artist.

I personally love a little dressing up as well so I sported some really cute wire rabbit ears.

Enough of the talking –  enjoy the photographs of the party and the lovely people from Vienna:

Photo credit Vivienne Westwood: Kemara Pol of ANDY art magazine

Last but not least  let me explain why I had been ‘love drunk’ on that special evening. I realized how much I love my home town and that I absolutely enjoy myself at the best parties here in Vienna amongst the people I have known for years. Although I may not be in touch a lot with most of the people, I would always stumble over them at an event and I would always feel homely and ‘safe’, kind of ‘accepted’. I am having a rosy glow because I have never gotten so many nice compliments in one evening – and mind me it wasn’t those with a hidden agenda – just the kind appreciation of some good old friends…

I was wearing:

MCQ Alexander McQueen

                                                Knitted and lace sweater dress

Mimi Holiday by Damaris

Ribbon and wire bunny ears headband

And you, are you in love with your city? What do you enjoy doing most in your home town?

xox, the Flamboyante

London Fashion Week SS13 Exhibition

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Over the past few days I had to make a decision in regards to my blog: I decided I will not start again any post with: Sorry, if I’m late…or anything similar. I decided this is my blog, my  very personal source of output, my outlet to share my individual point of view and of  which’s pace I dictate since I am the ‘boss’ here.

Good things take time they say, so here is my photo report of the London Fashion Week SS13 exhibition, which I thought was truly interesting and inspiring. Some things last longer than the buzz of a fashion week, and the things I am talking about are sustainability and transparency.The British Fashion Council has put together a variety of showcasing initiatives,  such as NEWGEN to showcase London’s most innovative young designers,  Esthetica for eco-sustainable designs, Headonism to showcase new British milliners (of which one was visited by Anna dello Russo in magnificent Tom Ford backless dress) and the Rock Vault, curated by Stephen Webster, showcasing the work of young British jewellers.

What was really remarkabale was, that I learned that some labels now are putting the emphasis not only on sustainability and eco – friendliness – of which I’m sure you’ve already heard a lot , but on transparency. During a brief chat with one of the exhibitors – Honest by. – I learned that it means that all the expenses that were needed to produce a garment are made visible to consumers. To put it in other words: from now on consumers should not only be able to know how and where the clothing item is produced, but a clear list of expenses will be made available for perusal.

I wonder if this is something that people actually really would love to know and if that would make people feel more safe to buy from a certain line of clothing or label. How about you, would it change anything for you?

Please enjoy my photo report, I’ve put together a bit of everything, I especially loved the jewellery at the Rock Vault section of London Fashion Week exhibition, but also some of the shoe models took me in an instance , most notably the beautiful nude  leather cut out sandals by Darmaki.

I also realized that I haven’t even shown once, what I was wearing during LFW SS 13: On the day I was photographing mainly I was wearing an outfit by Reiss: a flared jacquard dress with a voluminous jumper worn over it, cinching my waist with a bow belt. My bracelet was Marc by Marc Jacobs, shoes were Mona pumps by J. Crew – I am completely obsessed with nude pumps at the moment as they go with everything ( – I found an amazing pair of nude pumps that go with everything  here ) I love and need flared shapes because I have a rather slim and sportive body shape and flared designs will add a little curve to that. What do you think of my outfit? Too preppy for a fashion week or simply cute? The most important to me was that I am able to move well whilst taking pictures. On one picture I am also showing off the Dior is Dope T-shirt by Simeon Farrar, which I was given at the Somerset venue – I love his T-shirts, endlessly regretted I never got his famous Kate Mouse T-Shirt, which was a charity T-shirt in support of the 2011 tsunami in Japan. Well, I’d say this T-shirt is special too, it will alaways remind me of my LFW SS13 experience. In fact there were a few to choose from, and everyone was snapped with their T- shirts.  I also shot some gorgeous street style on LFW SS13, which hopefully will be published soon on another website. So if I have photographed you, please be patient, I will spread the word
once the photos go online! I hope you enjoyed my article for once more, I can’t wait to have all your thoughts!

xox, the Flamboyante

photo credit of this photo: blackscore.co.uk
all the other photos: copyright: Nadine Salem/ the Flamboyante

exhibitors shown in this post were:
for clothing:
Henrietta Ludgate
Honest by.
Emma J. Shipley
for jewellery:
Alexandra Jefford
Melanie Georgacopoulos
Fernando Jorge
for shoes:
Kat Maconie
Julian Hakes London
Richard Braqo

I would like to thank the British Fashion Council for giving 
me this opportunity to report from London Exhibition and 
London Fashion Week.

Reiss UK

Things to Look Out for when Buying Diamond Jewellery

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Image by: streetphotos via flickr.com

I am planning a trip to Antwerp soon, some of you may know that it is the capital of      d i a m o n d s!  As for yet I don’t know if I will be (able to afford) buying one – I just leave it open, life is full of surprises!

I have got an amazing surprise for you and fabulously well and very informative written guest post by diamond expert Mark Johnson – I hope you are finding this helpful – I certainly will on my next city trip to Antwerp…

Alongside this useful information, there is also a little reward for my readers:

YOU CAN WIN A SAPHIRE  PENDANT WORTH GBP 1000 THIS MONTH by entering the facebook competition!!!  (click on the link)


Most of us when we look at diamond jewellery would be able to tell what looks good and is nice, but not be able to comment accurately on the quality of the piece. This is ok for some people who will buy items of jewellery purely based on aesthetic values, for the more discerning customer though who is looking for value and quality, it can be a bit harder to make sure you are getting the best for your money. There are a few things that you can look out for when purchasing diamond jewellery.

The Four C’s

When grading a diamond, there are four main points which are taken into account. These are:


These four factors all determine the value of a diamond and should be things that you are looking at when looking to purchase diamond jewellery. The cut is the shape of the stone and how it has been cut. There are various styles of cutting a diamond which include Brilliant Cut, Oval Cut, Pear and Marquise to name a few. The cut of the diamond is determined by the physical structure and any imperfections in the diamond. These dictate the best way to cut the diamond to get the most out of what is available. Clarity is a term which describes the size and number of inclusions within the stone. Almost all diamonds contain traces of non-crystallized carbon, which is the building block of which the diamond is formed. These are usually not visible to the naked eye though. The Carat of the stone describes the weight of the stone, the more carats the bigger and heavier the stone is. The colour of the stone describes the subtle hint of colour from a diamond which you can detect when comparing different stones together. Diamonds come in a range of colours such as red, blue, pink, green and yellow, they are not all white like is commonly thought.

Tips to Look Out For

When you go out to look for a diamond, there are some things that you should be aware of. The most overlooked of the above 4 C’s is the cut for the diamond. Some diamonds will be deeply cut so that the majority of the diamond is not a visible when set in the piece of jewellery. These diamonds will be narrower than a similar diamond of the same weight and also cheaper as well. Most jewelers will have a range of different cuts available within their store, but the best cuts are not as common as the higher quality cut increases the price of the stone. Always ask the jeweler for the certificates of the diamond as well. To make sure not only that they have been officially appraised by a specialist, but also to make sure you are not purchasing a blood diamond which are also known as a conflict stone. These are diamonds which are mined in areas of conflict and the proceeds of which go to buy weapons to fuel conflicts and uprising. These stones are in fact illegal throughout the world so you should only purchase genuine certificated stones from a reputable dealer.

Buying Online

People are becoming increasingly more trusting of making large purchases over the internet. This means there is even more choices than is on your local high street. This means it is even trickier to make sure you are buying exactly what it is supposed to be. Buying good quality diamonds is made easier by many of these shops and online stores offering credit terms as well to entice customers to purchase from them. You do have a certain level of protection though and if you are looking to purchase some diamond jewellery from an online retailer, do a bit of investigation on the company, and try calling up on the telephone to see what advice they offer. Looking for a customer testimonial does help but these can easily be faked, you are best off talking to someone in person or even get a recommendation from someone who has recently purchased some diamond jewellery. Always make sure that the correct certification is supplied with the purchase. If you are still worried after you have made the purchase, take the piece to your local jeweler or independent evaluator to get it appraised. It can be a mine field when purchasing diamonds, just make sure you do not rush in or get bullied into make a purchase. Take your time and do not rush, if buying for your partner it is always a good idea to get their opinion as well, unless you are looking to surprise them and pop the question!

While learning these 4 C’s, Serendipity Diamonds is giving away free diamond jewellery and wedding rings, starting with a free diamond and sapphire pendant this month. Click this link to join the competition: DIAMOND AND SAPPHIRE PENDANT!

This article was written by Mark Johnson on behalf of Serendipity Diamonds. Serendipity Diamonds is a leading supplier in all diamond products and have an extensive collection of diamond engagement rings. Mark is a keen blogger who is married with one son and he enjoys commenting on his experiences through out his life.

Hope you enjoyed and it has been as helpful as it has been to me – I am definitely positive about going to Antwerp after knowing these facts and certainly be looking out for those four C’s! 

And you – do you plan to invest in a diamond any time soon? Maybe even for engagement?  So excited to hear,

xox, the Flamboyante

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