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It is so good to be back on my blog ūüėČ –¬† I did in fact take that time out, as I mentioned after coming back from my last trip to London. So therefore it has been really quiet – here on my blog as well as on my social media channels. I took the past five days to intensively spend with my beloved ones and recharging my batteries a little in order to get a fresh view and new inspiration as well as new motivation.

I have plenty of good things to share with you – some things I promised to bring a little bit earlier already, but better late than never. When it comes to the following article about Jessica_Au and her JAU LABEL I am in fact way too early, because – you may already have guessed it: we are talking fashion future trends again! In September it has been quite a hot topic on my blog and I focused on and tried to detect what is awaiting us in the world of fashion in our near future – to me a highly interesting subject, because in one or the other way it is reflecting a collective us or humanity. Ofcourse fashion would be just an aspect of the trend of community spirit or to put it in other words –¬† to answer the question: where are we going? I believe with fashion always comes so much more, other than just new colours, new tailoring, pattern, prints and fabrics – it stands for the time we live in, the music we hear, the status of environment, economic situation and even political stability (or not). Looking back in fashion history we can divide it into different eras – from the flappers in the Twenties to the Flower Power era with its hippie culture over to punk, grunge up to today’s fashion. It sometimes seems hard to see through, when at the moment the world of fashion seems to be overflowing with choices as well as information, but I have very clearly gotten an idea of some key trends that describe our current time – in terms of what fashion may look like in the future as well as in a more communal way of thinking. That’s why I think London-based designer Jessica_Au’s¬† JAU LABEL lookbook is so interesting to look at together today.



Her influences range from the neo-trash movement to Japanese street styles over to glamorous personalities such as sex idol Brooke Candy or Mykki Blanco, a rapper with multiple personalities including the female version of himself. Her collection ‘Neon’ came from a love of going out and clubbing , Jessica Au says herself, who can’t quite put her finger on what this collection is about except it is definitely intertwined with the lightheartedness and humour of her boyfriend Kaidy, and the things he introduced her to. Her collection sold out this year at the London Fashion Week in September at Somerset house and it has been housed in Japan’s TEKKNOPOLICE alongside some of today’s most sought after designer’s. Her label is set to expand at an incredible rate in the next few years to come. She has teamed up with film director Rob Heppel to create a fashion film, that¬†accompanies her collection (click here)

-5 -8 -11 -6 -9 -13 -14 -16 -17

I talked about how I detected many trends in the past few months. When it comes to materials, I could definitely and delightfully see that designers currently seem to love to play and experiment with the use of organic materials like wood, fabrics and leather combined with industrial materials such as perspex and PVC. Deconstructed and deformed – or exaggerated forms of tailoring seems to appeal more and more and there is a general vast expressiveness wether it be in detail or eye-catching and bold. To make a long story short: I see fashion becoming way more deliberating, tolerating and a form of articulation, while we all learn to think out of the boxes.

Now doesn’t that sound like a sweet future? With all of that I think we’re looking into a bright 2013.¬† Can’t wait to hear what you predict – or wish for!

xox, the Flamboyante


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Speaking of art and just recently about the Vivienne Westwood Couture After Show Party – an interesting article about an extra-ordinary co-operation has fallen into my hands:

Just in time for her 70th anniversary the last year (would you have guessed it?) the grand dame and punk royalty Vivienne Westwood has designed a signature sleeve for the  Chivas Regal 18yo bottle.

With her stylish four-piece design in Union Jack Vivienne Westwood has turned the Chivas Regal 18yo bottle into the style icon of  whisky.

The co-operation has been presented first time at London Fashion Week 2011, where Vivienne Westwood, who celebrated her 70th birthday on April 8th, strutted some pieces of her Autumn/Winter collection on the catwalk Рamongst it the stylish four-piece in Union Jack style for  Chivas Regal 18yo Scotch Whisky.

The designer delightfully signed a few of the bottles before her very first show in Vienna. The hand crafted edition is limited to a 2,5k pieces, signed in gold, serially numbered and available world-wide at the price of 425 Euro. In the meantime some of the exemplars have already been auctioned for a way higher price.

Chivas is continuing a series of legendary co-operations with prestigious designers, such as Christian Lacroix, Andree Putmann and Alexander McQueen.

Tasteful co-operation:

The queen of punk has re-invented and revamped the premium blend scotch whisky and tailored a sophisticated silk coat in Union Jack print. The history of Chivas as well as the history of Union Jack reach back into the year 1801 – Vivienne Westwood took it as an inspiration for the exclusive limited edition.

Only by looking at the past, we are able to create the future. I come from England, therefore the British culture is undeniable in my designs“, says the artist and designer, who happen to have a very special relation with Austria. ( Her spouse and former student Andreas Kronthaler is Austrian)

The foundation of this co-op between Chivas and Vivienne Westwood was the love of handy-craft and the profound knowledge about the meaning of the past for the future.

”The symbiosis with Vivienne Westwood is a colaboration on the highest fashion level. Artisan craftwork and exclusivity make the two of them a perfect match, the fact that we now have Vivienne Westwood ( flag-ship store) in Vienna is a great pleasure because the international character is made visible, ” says Doris Kurzbauer, head of marketing about the interplay of design expertise and whisky creation.

Limited edition:

Four hand-tailored pieces with golden embellishment are exuding masculinity and elegance. White golden, round logo buttons are keeping the coat together and giving it the typical Vivienne Westwood look. The designer has included an instruction, that describes how to put the four pieces together, so they build the coat. The colours blue and red are giving this special edition of Chivas Regal 18yo a touch of luxury – they represent precious stones sapphire and ruby which also¬† are set on the crown of the Queen’s crown jewels. To top off this exclusive and extravagant creation the British fashion icon has added a crowning accessory – each bottle is carrying a blue golden ”flash” with her signature imperial orb around its neck.

Pernod Ricard has one of the most prestigious portfolios of drink labels such as:¬† ABSOLUT Vodka, Havana Club, Rum, Chivas Regal, Ballantine’s Olmeca Tequila, Beefeater Gin and Mumm and Perrier- Jouet champaign.

Pernod Ricard is supporting responsible drinking and handling of alcohol – more information on: http://www.verantwortungsvoll.at

Text translated from German by the Flamboyante

From what I see on the pictures I think the coat looks opulent, wonderful and cool. Now I am just left wondering: for the price of 425 Euro Рwould you love to make such limited edition Vivienne Westwood for Chivas bottle yours or would you invest in one of her famous and unique tailored dresses? Do you love Vivienne Westwood as much as I do?  You should then certainly have a look at her blog Get a live where she is campaigning for environmental issues and a sustainable life style.

Ps: A little birdy told me that there is a 20% mid-season promotion in stores and online¬† – just thought, I’d let you know…


the Flamboyante

Love drunk at the Vivienne Westwood couture after show party

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It has been more than a week ago I spent this magnificent evening for once more at the red bar at the Viennese Volkstheater and I’m still not over, what great pleasure it has been.

Reason being I followed an invitation to the Vivienne Westwood Gold label after show party, I love going to these kind of events because it gives me the chance to mingle with other likely – minded fashionable folks.

I don’t know if I looked tipsy that evening, however my glary eyes are due to something completely different: In fact I didn’t even drink much this evening, you could possibly say I have been ‘love drunk’¬† – but more of that later.

Vivienne Westwood has just recently opened up a store in Vienna – and I would say it has been about time, not just for the fact that her husband is Austrian.¬† The party has been the joyful conclusion of Vivienne Westwoods couture show, where pieces from her¬† Gold Label alongside couture pieces were presented at Vienna‚Äôs prestigious Kunsthistorisches Museum. I wasn’t lucky enough to see it but am so lucky to know a friend blogger who has been and you can see the coverage of the show on his blog ANDY art magazine.

Since I am already talking about people I met this evening at the red bar- in fact it has been a lot of young, talented and open-minded fashion industry insiders – from editors and photographers to emerging designers, models, performing artists. When I am saying emerging designer (here in Vienna) I immediately think: Mark and Julia, who won the Ringstrassen galleries designer awards in April. I am definitely keen to find out more about the two lovelies, I have the feeling they are going to ‘revolutionize’ and turn around Austria’s fashion world with they intuitive campaigns and ideas. I met Benjamin Quirico¬† of¬† Faux Fox magazine – I cannot wait to hold an actual copy of this print magazine in my hand. If the magazine is half as quirky, interesting and creative as benjamin tatoos on his arm (which I firmly believe it is) I am already taken. I am super excited to know that the fashion scene in Vienna is buzzing at the moment, there is so much new ‘addition’. And in that particular evening I even spotted some true ‘Austrian’ fashion icons, those who were the ‘pioneers’ when fashion still used to be a foreign word¬† with a mystical meaning to people on my country- I am talikng about the likes of Miss Candy also known as Holger Thor, who is internationally renowned as drag artist.

I personally love a little dressing up as well so I sported some really cute wire rabbit ears.

Enough of the talking –¬† enjoy the photographs of the party and the lovely people from Vienna:

Photo credit Vivienne Westwood: Kemara Pol of ANDY art magazine

Last but not least¬† let me explain why I had been ‘love drunk’ on that special evening. I realized how much I love my home town and that I absolutely enjoy myself at the best parties here in Vienna amongst the people I have known for years. Although I may not be in touch a lot with most of the people, I would always stumble over them at an event and I would always feel homely and ‘safe’, kind of ‘accepted’. I am having a rosy glow because I have never gotten so many nice compliments in one evening – and mind me it wasn’t those with a hidden agenda – just the kind appreciation of some good old friends…

I was wearing:

MCQ Alexander McQueen

                                                Knitted and lace sweater dress

Mimi Holiday by Damaris

Ribbon and wire bunny ears headband

And you, are you in love with your city? What do you enjoy doing most in your home town?

xox, the Flamboyante

Let’s ask the models: What makes you beautiful?

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The beauty of virtually connecting with people in the fashion industry worldwide is, that I never run out of interesting material that I can share with you. I hope that – like that –¬† I can add value and inspiration to your all day life.

A lot of people talk about diets or ask how models stay toned and  healthy looking. A lot of my friends want to know what they can do for beautiful skin for example. Julia Lang, Media Relations Co-ordinator of the Vancouver Fashion Week, was so kind  to interview five models for my blog, and ask them what their daily beauty routine is. Who could answer all your beauty and diet related questions better than those, whose job it is to look their best?

See what they said and enjoy the backstage photo report from Vancouver Fashion Week SS 13:

1)    What is your daily beauty routine?

  1. I wash my face and keep my skin moisturized
  2. Wash, tone, moisturize
  3. Clarins exfoliating wash and moisturizer
  4. Exfoliate with coffee grinds, face wash, moistrurizer
  5. Shower, exfoliate, hair care

2)    Since when are you modeling?

  1. 3 years (since I was 14)
  2. 3 years
  3. April 2012
  4. Since I was 15
  5. Since I was 18

3)    What is your diet made of?

  1. I just eat as healthy as I can
  2. Whole wheat bread, lentil, salads, vegetables
  3. Lean proteins, veggies, no fast food
  4. Very little red meat
  5. Chicken, fish, rice

4)    What makes Vancouver Fashion Week so special?

  1. It`s cool seeing the whole design team and hanging out with the other models
  2. Representing local designers
  3. First time doing it, international designers
  4. Home city, meeting new designers
  5. Hang out with friends, make new connections

Hmm, exfoliating with coffee grinds sounds interesting to me… With winter being just around the corner here in Austria, I will definitely have to come up with something more suited for the colder time of the year.

What is your daily beauty routine?

xox, the Flamboyante

Tomorrow’s fashion today: PROENZA SCHOULER Spring/Summer 13

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It is nice to be a jetsetter, travelling the world, and hopping from one capital to the other – especially during fashion week time! But not everyone can be, and that includes me – at least not full time.

That’s when the Internet comes in handy for all of us – wether we want to know about the latest trends worn by our style heroes across the world, or we want to shop for a certain designer we love – everything is made so easy these days. And by connecting with the right people, magical things can happen – like they happened to me, when I met Aslaug Magnusdottir, CEO of M’O – MODA OPERANDI¬† and her fantastic team during my short stay in London at Fashion Week time. To give you an idea about MODA OPERANDI and what they can do – for you: On the web site you can look at¬† trunk shows of hand picked designers, including Zac Posen, Philipp Lim and Marc Jacobs. It means that you are able to shop the very latest looks straight from the run way, those collections that usually tempt to be available the up coming Spring. If you found a piece you love,¬† you can pre-order it and the designer will start working on a piece that is exclusively made for you!

Just imagine you need this one special dress for this one special occassion – and you have a designer you absolutely love and adore making it for you! It’s like a dream come true…

Thanks to Aslaug and MODA OPERANDI I now know what is really going to be rocking the world of fashion the next year and I think PROENZA SCHOULER will!

What caught my eye immediately was the very artful industrial appearing prints as well as the chain link trim on the accessories. I also love how they are bringing in the tribal theme but with a very modern twist.¬† The mixture of exquisite and contrasting materials is adorable. In terms of colour fluorescent colours paired with down-to-earth shades, like grey and black set the tone in their ready to wear collection. The prints Proenza Schouler use in these amazing dresses are out of sight, it seems that in this collection the designers where buzzing with creativity – think photographs of pool scenes or voluptous tree scenes. The complex pleating details on tops, skirt and dresses are showing PROENZA SCHOULER’S unique workmanship – let the images of the collection inspire you for your own fashion future:














photo credits: Moda Operandi

Please note, that this is a personal selection¬† of my favourite pieces from the trunk show. You can view more pieces and different colours on the MODA OPERANDI site. The trunk show will be available until October, 3rd. I found a video of the whole show on VOGUE Germany here, it’s an absolute must see!

Are you blown away by this collection, just as I am? Wether you are just marveling at this wonderful pieces or are going to shop them right away: Which look has taken your breath away?

I hope you are having fun with my style forecast for the next year!

xox, the Flamboyante

Vienna fashion week starts with a Peng!

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My home town Vienna may be small, but when it comes to partying, down in the clubs, when people are getting drunk and have fun, Vienna becomes as cosmopolitan as any of the big cities. It is the same vibe you’d expect on any of the Vice parties across the world, or the hip guest-list-only parties in Parisian super expensive night clubs.

Vienna has it’s fashion week too, it is once a year in September, kicking off on Monday, the 10th this year. The Vienna fashion camp is taking place on this weekend, you could say it kind of is the up beat event to the Vienna fashion week, involving many of the Austrian fashion bloggers, designers and fashion lovers.

This weekend fashion was in the air in Vienna and I couldn’t help but hitting up the town, with my camera and my golden Falabella bag. DIESEL¬† was calling Vienna’s most stylish people to their red room nite event at the red bar, inside Vienna’s Volkstheater. You know it’s a good party when DJ Rodney Hunter is spinning the records. On the second floor Austria’s freshest selectress Flo Real was heating up the crowd –¬† she’s always stylin’, I love the big statement earrings she is wearing all the time. I met some of the cream of the crop of Vienna’s fashion bloggers and some of my good friends –¬† it couldn’t get any better. I later hit the mode talking party hosted by Peng! magazine, these are the best outdoor parties in Vienna, so since summer is coming to an end perhaps a good idea.

After a sum of five vodka orange drinks at five o’clock in the morning I’m¬† calling it a day – but I couldn’t help thinking that the party just begun when I left….

DJ Rodney Hunter, DJ FLO REAL, blogger Michele from eaudbedroom, blogger Mike York.

Blogger Kemara Pol from Andy Art Magazine

I like to party – everybody does…

xox, the Flamboyante

So versatile : The Christian-Louboutin-Bis-Un-Bout-120-Patent-PVC-Yellow-Pumps Pt. 3

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As promised I am back with the third part of my  Christian-Louboutin-Bis-Un-Bout-120-Patent-PVC-Yellow-Pumps series. This time I am rocking a cool city outfit with J.Crew leopard shorts, yellow vest, Mango bleached denim jacket, accessorizing with dabs of neon. All jewellery by H&M except for the spiked bangle by Asos.

I already showed how to combine these shoes for a business look¬† and for a party outfit.¬† I tried to show how versatile these shoes are. In today’s outfit I felt comfortable and stylish at the same time, I think it’s the perfect outfit for a cool girl about town.

I could go on forever about these pumps, it is truly delightful wearing them and I could create tons and tons of outfits, giving something ‘conventional’ a nice modern twist. These would be fabulous with a black lady’s suit or a simple red shift dress (which I am planning to wear on an up-coming event). But I don’t want my much appreciated readers to get tired and I think creating three different outfits around these neon yellow pumps is enough to show how…versatile they are!

All the clothing and jewellery I am wearing in today’s outfit are inexpensive, like for example the Mango jacket, which was about forty Euros – fair price for a denim jacket! An outstanding pair of shoe will instantly update all of the styles in your wardrobe – wether it be your blazer or your casual jeans-and-tee combo…

On my nails I am wearing yellow Bamboo effect nail polish, by Manhattan cosmetics, also inexpensive ūüėČ

Do you have a shoe you feel like singing praises to and that give pleasure each time you’re wearing them?

Let me hear about it…

xox, the Flamboyante

So versatile : The Christian-Louboutin-Bis-Un-Bout-120-Patent-PVC-Yellow-Pumps Pt.2

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As promised I will be creating three outfits with my neon yellow Christian Louboutin PVC pumps and here I am with a bombshell party outfit, as the second part of this mini series.

This time I said to myself, I should really enjoy and celebrate and not only dress up for the photographs, so we went for a cocktail at the Donauinsel, which is a nice chill out location in summer in Vienna.

I paired the neon yellow shoes and neon yellow spike mini bag with a simple blue t-shirt dress by T by Alexander Wang and this PVC belt I found in my wardrobe and have no idea where I got it from. In my life I’ve moved from Vienna to Paris, then to London and back, taking all my belongings with me and – of course gathering more belongings on the way. I think I bought this belt in London. It’s been lingering around in my closet until it found it’s purpose – Do you have items in your wardrobe you don’t even remember where or when you got them…or why? This outfit really is a no-brainer, with a simple t-shirt dress cinched together in the waist with a belt, stilettos and a mini statement bag. I am wearing Deborah Lippmann Ray of Light 3D Holographic lacquer on my nails, if you follow my blog you know I have a thing for this nail varnish. Upgrading my collection with a new colour is like a treat for me.

All dressed up- excuding the cool girl edge- I am truly enjoying my Swimmingpool cocktail, I feel comfortable and relaxed and enjoying the attention I’m getting. Frankly speaking: I am feeling like a star! No wonder at all, with a shoe like that – what fantastic experience! It takes a bit of courage running around like that in Vienna – Vienna isn’t exactly the epicenter of fashion in Europe. I would say the opposite is the case and the majority of people are rather prudish or don’t care a lot about fashion. The bottomline is that running around like this here may get you a lot of arkward looks or unwanted attention. But where I am at it’s fine. Two girls next to me are sporting their bomb shell outfits too. My drink is delicious and in this relaxing atmosphere there is even time to flirt with the camera…

Of course – later when leaving the bar and back on the side walk I got all eyes on me – and it feels a bit strange.¬† People in their joggers and Tees and trainers and me with my feet completely highlighted…I am taking it with ease and say to my self: You are allowed to look!

I guess that’s what theses shoes were made for.

xox, the Flamboyante

Sinfused at the festivals

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Am I fashionably late for a new post, dear friends? I do have to admit that writing from the turkish Riviera where I am at the moment is quite a bit of a challenge. I am staying in Alanya, a small village by the sea, until Sunday, enjoying the turkish hospitality, the sun, the sea and the vibrance a small holiday village brings with it.

So today I am catching up with a post about the Donauinsel festival, which already ended last Sunday. It’s an annual event in Vienna, where a vast selection of national and international bands are playing over three days on a 4.5 km long strip next to the Danube- in fact it is the biggest open air festival in Europe! Ofcourse you’d also find plenty of possibilties to eat and shop souvenirs for example you can get your name engraved into a rice corn.

Whereas the past few years I actually stayed away from the festival – partially because it is really crowded each year and partially because I have been abroad the past few years – this year I took the courage to go there. Plus it was a fabulous opportunity to sport a fierce festival outfit – I was wearing a¬† studded Levis denim vest, a¬† Moto crochet hotpant, a¬† hot rocking crystal embellished Tee by SINFUSED clothing ( I was gifted ) and By Malene Birger biker boots as well as a Alice by Temperley belt with star studs – well basically all the studs and rhinestones I could find, to make sure people will be aware of me and I won’t get run over by them ūüôā – … oh and of course in the right festival outfit manner, I bangled up as much as possible. To add some zing I used Deborah Lippmanns magnetic nail lacquer nails of steel, it is a nail vernish that allows you to draw a cool pattern by using a magnet – you should try!

I captured my impressions of the bands, the people celebrating, the foods and the little shops – so let’s let the pictures do the talking and please enjoy my impressions from The 2012 Donauinselfest!

I really hope you enjoyed the photo stream from the 2012 Donauinselfest.

Have you planned going to any festivals this summer? I personally love me a good festival in summer and have already a few really good ones under my belt such as the Hard Rock Calling and Hyde Park Calling in London and the Sunsplah festival in Austria.

I will be back from my holiday on the turkish riviera on the 1st of July with some more dazzling news and stories, plus I will be announcing the winner of the June giveaway so make sure you’ll be back soon!

xox, the Flamboyante

Princess Pocahontas

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Coachella may be the biggest festival event in summer turning the festival terrain into a vast red carpet. But festivals happen throughout¬† whole summer – I personally loved going to the Hard Rock Calling in Hyde Park, London in the past years. And don’t we just love to dress up and be playful in general?

So for this outfit think festival season. Think an Isabel Marant skirt with an Ikat print.

To channel the look from the Isabel Marant fashion shows I teamed this skirt with my fringed Minnetonka boots, a fringed leather vest by True Religion, a H&M top and my handmade Wayuu Taya bag. There are many ways to create a look, I believe that you don’t need everything from one designer or everything from high-end designers. Mix and match is the keyword and with a little creativity one can easily put together some unique personal styles.

There is another story to tell about this outfit- a fashion fairy tale about an Indian princess called Pocahontas. Pocahontas lived on a quiet island somewhere in the South pacific, her father was the chief of her tribe. From a friend who travelled far, she heard stories about a huge land that is located on the other side of the great pond. She heard stories about people being wild and free, drinking, celebrating and gambling as well as women wearing extraordinary fashion. She was so intrigued when she heard the stories she decided to embark on a journey to find that magical place and perhaps … love.

But Pocahontas’ father wouldn’t allow his daughter to go on this journey. His advisors had warned him, that if Pocahontas would go on this journey she will never return. So he commanded his daughter must stay. Pocahontas’ desire to see a brand new world has been so strong that she set against her father’s will and one night secretly took off. After a week-long journey through land and sea, Pocahontas reached the new and promising land.

She was overwhelmed by the lights, the vibrance, the new sounds and smells and scenarios she has never witnessed before.

Pocahontas was mostly drawn to the hustle bustle in the cities, the salons, the money. She quickly got blinded by the lavish life. She fell for a man…

Little did she know that¬† cowboys are not the right people to mingle¬† with. The man refused her love, but Pocahontas, as a princess, had a lot of pride. She insisted her love would be returned and followed the man – that’s where the story took it’s tragic twist…


In real life I traveled extensively and lived abroad for five years  from where I grew up. I gained a lot of experience and returned happily and finding myself wiser than before. Luckily the above story is just a fairytale. I really enjoyed creating it, using all my phantasy and hopefully come up with something, that other people enjoy reading.

It takes a bit of craziness to be dreaming out loud. It is taking me a lot of courage too to do so. But any doubts can be removed by the kind words of a friend, who said: You’re not doing any wrong, you’re not hurting any one and it’s not illegal. The opposite is the case: you’re doing something nice to look at…

And I think personal style consists of two things: How you put together your clothing  and create your appearance  Рand of your own character.

Most importantly: Are you having fun?

xox, the Flamboyante

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