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The New Year 2013 isn’t far from us. I have spent quite a lot of time lately looking back at what 2012 has brought me, what experiences I made and the route my life is taking these days. It was in fact more than I hoped for, little did I know what would be a few months down the road when I started this blog in February and I also never thought that it would become a ‘serious thing’ for me, a whole new chapter in my life and maybe even new career path.

I have put together a little retrospective to share with you – but before I start I need to say that whatever I have done in 2012 in regards to my blog, whatever I have ‘achieved’ – it is all thanks to  Y O U ! If you wouldn’t have signalised that you enjoy reading my online diary, that you like  looking at my sartorial adventures in photographs, if you didn’t respond in your comments, on facebook and even in private mails – if it wasn’t for all of that I would have already been discouraged and not sitting here late at night, thinking of how I could possibly thank you all!

Some of the highlights in 2012 were:

*Having my first co-operation with smaller labels like Sinfused and 100%Love from Bali in May.

*Attending my first Fashion Week in Copenhagen in August and co-operation with Leisure Wear fashion label Black Sheep. Attending Vienna Fashion Week.

* Attending London Fashion Week, writing an article about the London Fashion Week Exhibition and photographing The Unique TOPSHOP show in September.  Seeing some of the most popular personal style bloggers for the first time there.

*As a result of going to the above events: being featured on online fashion magazines such as Elle.com and the Stylecolumn   (right after Olivia Palermo;))

*Attending the British Fashion Awards in October – witnessing Stella McCartney taking home two awards and reporting about it in October.

*The numerous re- posts and kind mentions of my blog and an amazing DIY for one of my eye-catching flamboyant looks by the lovely Anje of Made in Pretoria.

I have made a collage with what I thought were the best outfits – but just one for each month. I have asked myself how to describe my style? It was not, that when I started out, that I had a clear idea of who or what the Flamboyante is- or where my niche would be – but I have grown into it, it has been a proper self discovery-trip :D. I can gladly say today I know where I am standing:

”The flamboyant girl or woman is a woman who is not afraid to show her colourful and brilliant side – yet she has her both feet on the ground, knowing what reality means and that it  is predominant even in the glamorous world of fashion. To me the flamboyant girl is somebody who wants to make the best out of everything whether this is her appearance or her house, but that alone wouldn’t be enough – she adds her signature hand writing to it as well. The flamboyant girl is beautiful with her edges and flaws and her best asset is character – the flamboyant girl is not an empty shell!”

I know there are so many amazing women out there – that work hard, do amazing things and look fabulous at the same time – and I hope to meet many more of you in the future!


If I can say anything about my personal style – then for shure that it is colourful with a big nod to elaborate prints and patterns. Very often I have styled more brilliant and fancy pieces with one-tone pieces to add calm to the outfit. Flamboyante was the first name that crossed my mind to describe my personal sense of style and I think I have served it well.

We all are the sum of our experience and of course – the past year has not just brought fun and success – sometimes things didn’t work out so well. As a flamboyant girl I know one thing:


(photo via Pinterest)

Having said all of that: I am wishing you a fantastic and healthy start into the New Year – may your New Years Eve be filled with joy and laughter – may you be light-heartedly looking back at the past year and say it was a good one and make the New Year 2013 an even better one – it’s all in your hands!

May all your dreams and wishes fulfill – but remember you will have to dream them first!

Big xox, the Flamboyante

  1. Congrats on all your accomplishments!

  2. Happy New Year Nadine, I loved following you passing this last year because you have a great style and blog……..a big hug from SerachShiro’ ! Xoxo

  3. Congratulations and I hope all your new wishes come true in 2013 🙂

  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR MY DEAR FRIEND!!! I appreciate your growth through the blog, because I started mine, as well, in February and never knew it would become a “serious thing,” …BUT here we are…and it is now our “life.” Your blog…is more than a blog…I feel it is truly a “life” magazine. It is a source of wonderment and inspiration. As your faithful reader, I really feel like I know you through your heartfelt writings, attention to detail, and gorgeous photos. You make me want to be better.:) Oh and It’s super cool that you were in those mags along with Olivia Palermo – man, that is one of top style icons:) I look forward to what you will discover, highlight and report on in 2013. Lots of love – http://kristysamone.com/

    • Thank you Kristy, your comments are always brightening my day and very much appreciated. I am glad our ways crossed in the virtual world, your blog too is a source of inspiration and I feel like knowing you alittle. Big hug,

  5. A very Happy New Year to you! May all your wishes come true! ~xo Patricia

  6. Your blog counts as one of my favourite discoveries of 2012! I always look forward to your posts, and am excited to see what the new year brings for you. Have a very merry and peaceful 2013!

  7. you had an incredible year!!
    I’m sure you will have an amazing year, wish you the best!!!

    love, Gongy

  8. Happy new year! Great post!!!!

  9. Love your style! Congrats on a great year and hope this one is just as profitable 🙂

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