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I am starting to finally truly getting into a festive mood and today my best friend and I went for a stroll through beautiful Viennese Christmas markets. I decided to add a little glam to the event by wearing something, I was in fact looking forward to be wearing for a while now: a ballerina skirt I found online at Topshop.  I live in a city where a grown up woman wearing a tutu would be looked at as outlandish whereas in other bigger cities like London I would be just a girl wearing a skirt. As much as I appreciate the quiet and calm of my home town, I sometimes have to do something more bold, more glittering, well a bit more flamboyant. I love dressing up and the festive season is a perfect occasion for that. I remember the first time in my life I was allowed to stay out at night longer than midnight : it was a New Years eve. You must know by that time of the year temperatures here in Austria drop down to zero and below. On that first New Years eve out and about town I was wearing a little silver lurex dress by H&M and probably not the thickest coat to cover up. I have been freezing like crazy, but I didn’t mind because it was so beautiful to be wearing that glittery dress.

I kind of still feel the same today: the festive time of the year is screaming: gold, metallics, lurex, shimmer! When we took the photos at this beautiful carousel, a group of teenie girls nearby started giggling. I took it as a compliment, because there is nothing better in the world than people laughing and smiling. I am sure that some of them would love to wear a ballerina skirt too. And that many woman out there would love to be ballerina, be it just for a day….

I hope you enjoy the photos we took for you – thanks to my ear muffs – quintessential in Austrian winters – I didn’t have to freeze so much. Maybe thanks to a little excitement for coming up Christmas too…


I was wearing: 
ASOS mistletoe sweater
TOPSHOP ballerina skirt
Lurex leggings by Intimissimi
 REISS multi strap court shoe BELLE

PS: Are you in love with those beautiful strappy court shoes of mine? The upper material is pony hair and I am finding them super elegant, a true upgrade to my wardrobe! I just thought that I’d let you know that REISS is offering 30% on shoes and accessories, plus free shipping – and that before Christmas sale! Maybe a good chance to find an outstanding and stylish gift for someone beloved – or to treat your self to a little something for underneath the Christmas tree. Hot favourite of mine:  the clutches! Especially the metal bar framed Mira clutch or the sophisticated  embellished Yasmin clutch. Just click on the link below and happy shopping!
Reiss UK

xox, the Flamboyante

  1. wow, beautiful pics!!! you look lovely with this carrousel as your scenery!
    loved the beautiful skirt with the simple top combination 🙂
    all the best

  2. Thank you very much, I really appreciate it , Ingrid! All the best to you too, xox!

  3. It looks like you had a blast! I love, love, love that you are wearing and rocking ear muffs! I need them to get through even a mild winter (because I get horrible ear aches), but I rarely see them used as a fashion accessory! I plan on buying a couple more pairs this season and making them as chic as possible. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. So cute! Love the glitter skirt and leggings!

  5. The carrousel adds so much color and fun!! I love that top too! XO

  6. You look lovely and a like so much your ear muffs ! Xoxo

  7. You look like a snow princess! Great photos!


  8. This post is a feast for the eyes! You look like a winter princess! Love the sweater, skirt, tights, muffs & shoes ( thx for the Reiss sale info). What an amazing backdrop, too! I was just on a carousel two weeks ago- I felt like a little girl again (it’s like medicine:)

    • I guess this is what my post is about – about being what you want to be sometimes and not being so conscious what other people may think….if I have inspired you and spread a little festive inspiration, than I have accomplished my mission. Thank you for your kind comment, Kristy!

  9. I So in love with your skirt!!

    Beautiful look


  10. Adorable images, love your style!! XO

  11. What an adorable festive look !!! Thanks for following my blog ! Best wishes from Marseille, France ! PS : I love the shoes !!!

  12. WOW amazing photos! I love your look, socks and heels combination looks great!

  13. WOW amazing photos! I love your look, socks and heels combination looks great!

    love, gongy


  14. Love this look! The skirt is super cute! Vienna looks beautiful~


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