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Would you have thought that behind these modern classic and utmost wearable men’s wear designs is a girl? Alexia Hentsch to be more precise is the designer of cool British men’s fashion label Hentsch Man and she is just as fun and outgoing as her creations. She was so kind and sweet to do a short interview with me for my blog, which was more like a little chat.


I was laughing when Alexia said that her ex-boyfriend inspired her to design menswear – because it is taken right out of life. She said that she used to be making clothes for him. Today Alexia is presenting her Autumn/Winter 13 collection in one of London’s most coveted areas for fashion lovers: on Monmouth street in Covent Garden.

The models wearing double-breasted boxy cut men’s blazers in grey tones with contrasting wool trousers are kind of the epitome of the up to date, young British man – who is certainly not the usual type of beau. I asked her about the models and Alexia, said she chose a more preppy and hype kind of look in men, something that is more international – hence the plenty of tattoos and piercings. I love patterns and drawings and the quirky and kind of ironic illustrations of the adventures of the Hentsch man run like a thread through the presentation. In the eyes of Alexia,   the contemporary man isn’t scared of fashion, neither of colour – and with the rising trend  of men’s fashion, men can rest assured to have more variety to complete and give the certain it to a standard wardrobe.


Don’t forget to let me have your thoughts and be prepared for more fabulous men’s fashion inspiration from London Collections: Men!

xox, the Flamboyante

  1. Wow! A women designing menswear – now that’s something you don’t see everyday! What an inspiration! Love your photos, too. http://kristysamone.com/

    • There were in fact plenty of women amongst the 60 designers showcasing British men’s wear. This whole event was sooo refreshing and delightful, I am still so amazed! Thank you for your comment, Kristy!

  2. Not only are the clothes covetable (if I saw a guy dressed like that walking down the street, I’d grab on and never let go haha) but the illustrations are absolutely adorable!

  3. Love the prints and Iike her models they aren’t like the normal standard of models….great ! Xoxo

  4. talented girl! Amazing shirts, definitely I would wear one! And I love the drawings in the wall!

    love, Gongy


  5. I am going to echo others by saying that I love the models (almost as much as the clothes!). I adore the pocket square in the fifth photograph. It’s all in the details.

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