Love drunk at the Vivienne Westwood couture after show party

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It has been more than a week ago I spent this magnificent evening for once more at the red bar at the Viennese Volkstheater and I’m still not over, what great pleasure it has been.

Reason being I followed an invitation to the Vivienne Westwood Gold label after show party, I love going to these kind of events because it gives me the chance to mingle with other likely – minded fashionable folks.

I don’t know if I looked tipsy that evening, however my glary eyes are due to something completely different: In fact I didn’t even drink much this evening, you could possibly say I have been ‘love drunk’  – but more of that later.

Vivienne Westwood has just recently opened up a store in Vienna – and I would say it has been about time, not just for the fact that her husband is Austrian.  The party has been the joyful conclusion of Vivienne Westwoods couture show, where pieces from her  Gold Label alongside couture pieces were presented at Vienna’s prestigious Kunsthistorisches Museum. I wasn’t lucky enough to see it but am so lucky to know a friend blogger who has been and you can see the coverage of the show on his blog ANDY art magazine.

Since I am already talking about people I met this evening at the red bar- in fact it has been a lot of young, talented and open-minded fashion industry insiders – from editors and photographers to emerging designers, models, performing artists. When I am saying emerging designer (here in Vienna) I immediately think: Mark and Julia, who won the Ringstrassen galleries designer awards in April. I am definitely keen to find out more about the two lovelies, I have the feeling they are going to ‘revolutionize’ and turn around Austria’s fashion world with they intuitive campaigns and ideas. I met Benjamin Quirico  of  Faux Fox magazine – I cannot wait to hold an actual copy of this print magazine in my hand. If the magazine is half as quirky, interesting and creative as benjamin tatoos on his arm (which I firmly believe it is) I am already taken. I am super excited to know that the fashion scene in Vienna is buzzing at the moment, there is so much new ‘addition’. And in that particular evening I even spotted some true ‘Austrian’ fashion icons, those who were the ‘pioneers’ when fashion still used to be a foreign word  with a mystical meaning to people on my country- I am talikng about the likes of Miss Candy also known as Holger Thor, who is internationally renowned as drag artist.

I personally love a little dressing up as well so I sported some really cute wire rabbit ears.

Enough of the talking –  enjoy the photographs of the party and the lovely people from Vienna:

Photo credit Vivienne Westwood: Kemara Pol of ANDY art magazine

Last but not least  let me explain why I had been ‘love drunk’ on that special evening. I realized how much I love my home town and that I absolutely enjoy myself at the best parties here in Vienna amongst the people I have known for years. Although I may not be in touch a lot with most of the people, I would always stumble over them at an event and I would always feel homely and ‘safe’, kind of ‘accepted’. I am having a rosy glow because I have never gotten so many nice compliments in one evening – and mind me it wasn’t those with a hidden agenda – just the kind appreciation of some good old friends…

I was wearing:

MCQ Alexander McQueen

                                                Knitted and lace sweater dress

Mimi Holiday by Damaris

Ribbon and wire bunny ears headband

And you, are you in love with your city? What do you enjoy doing most in your home town?

xox, the Flamboyante

  1. Ohhh, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience!! Looks like a great time was had by all!!

  2. Looks like a lovely party. The red bar is the perfect location for this, I love it!
    You look sooo cute in the bunny ears! 🙂


  3. You looked fabulous, the party looked fabulous, and the post is fabulous! I love my city of Nashville – and hit up the famous Robert’s Western World honky tonk. Kinda stereotypical but oh so fun!

  4. Love Vivienne Westwood and the realistic photos !

  5. Hi Nadine, I nominated you for the Reality Award, check out for rules at my site ! Xoxo

    • Thank you that’s so kind of you! I am always amazed how people are so open when I ask them to take their pictures- I think people are the most beautiful when they are outgoing and turning their inside out.

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