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photo credit: Leroy Dawkins

He was the most photographed man during London Collections: Men and in case if you’ve ever wondered where you saw this pair of steel blue eyes before, here is a little hint – he was the face of the Dolce and Gabbana light blue fragrance commercials.

I am talking about male super star model David Gandy, who hosted a press event at the Hospital Club, the main venue of the London Collections: Men. It was a rather exclusive event and the location rather small and intimate. After the event the charismatic heart-throb had been so kind to stay around for a while to take  pictures with those, who didn’t get a chance in the first run – including myself.

It was only thanks to the lovely Leroy Dawkins of Diary of a clothes horse, that I got a picture with David Gandy. I think I would never have asked, I imagine it to be difficult to say something meaningful, when transfixed by such steel-blue eyes. Leroy took this amazing photo for me to remember this wonderful moment forever and he also did a fantastic write-up on meeting Mr.Gandy, that I enjoyed reading so much.



Flames, now I’m impatiently awaiting your comments! 😀

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Flames! I have just gotten back from an amazing and incredible trip to London and London Collections: Men – you are able to imagine I am tired – yet I am way too excited to go to rest before I haven’t shared some canapés (little delicious fingerfood to stimulate your appetite) of the LCM. Please enjoy first impressions for now and stay tuned as I will be posting more and more about this alluring event turning around modern men’s fashion and –  that you shouldn’t miss out!









I really enjoy photography more and more – did you enjoy my photos?

I cannot wait to show you more highlights of the past three days – good night and sweet dreams!

xox, the Flamboyante


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photo credit: Paulina Villalpando

It was a truly inspiring moment hearing Stella McCartney’s speech at this year’s British Fashion Awards, when she took on the award for British Designer Brand 2012. In fact it has been a very special moment in my life, that I will always remember.

In her speech Stella McCartney talked about how she struggled in her beginnings as an independent designer and how hard it was to follow her intuition and heart, when it seemed that the most influential people in her life at that moment turned their back on her. I tried to describe with my own words what Stella McCartney has said in my post: My British Fashion Award Experience, but no one could describe it better than herself. I can only say that in this moment there was triumph in the air. We can never be reminded too often to believe in ourselves and in our gut feeling – that’s why this speech is so important and inspirational:

The above photo of myself sitting in the audience of the BFA has been taken by fellow blogger and jewellery designer Paulina Villalpando from Mexico. She wrote a beautiful and extensive feature about her evening at the BFA’S on her blog PAAR. It is always great having someone with a professional eye taking a photo – as for usual I would ask my friend Katy or another friend available,  and none of them are professional photographers (yet they are great!). I really appreciate she captured that special moment in my life for me.

I hope to have given you some inspiration today. Not only has Stella McCartney taken home two awards, she has been announced the most popular fashion brand online by British Vogue and British Elle.

Can you feel the triumph?

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Dear girlfriends, the two days I spent in London around the time of the British Fashion Awards 2012 ceremony have been a true roller coaster ride! If you have followed my blog lately you already knew about my excitement about the event…and it has truly been overwhelming! On the one hand it has been incredible to dive into the glamorous world of fashion and celebrities, to witness with my own eyes such high-profile event like the British Fashion Awards – a celebration of British culture, fashion design and the – distinct sense  of fashion that developed over the years almost  like a tradition in the UK. I  love and adore that sense of fashion – it’s absolutely  my cup of tea, so to speak.

On the other hand I once again learned that not all that glitters is gold – and that there is a force that is always able to put you in front of an unexpected situation – and that force is called life. After these overwhelming two days, when rushing down an escalator at Heathrow airport in order to arrive at the gate in time, I slipped, fell and almost broke my leg but eventually getting away with some nasty scratches. I posted a photo of my poor, injured leg on Instagram and I thought I share it with you – not because I am trying to arouse pity, but because it really happened! Maybe you have already experienced something similar. Well, I certainly can say that life has thought- or actually reminded me to take every step thoughtfully!

But let me get back to the story of an amazing event- I thought it would be the best to share this experience the way I experienced it: I arrived in London last Tuesday and after a make over at the Lounge Soho for my hair and at Ilamasque for make up I arrived at the Savoy Theater with my purple ticket. These tickets were reserved for fashion students and bloggers and I also met designers and shop owners. I sat in the upper stalls of the theater, quite far from the stage and quite up high as well, yet did I feel very close to the whole happening – especially at some certain highlights of the event.

The stage set  was ultra stylish – minimalistic and architectural, themes that also seem to influence current fashion. The first award – the award for outstanding achievement went to Manolo Blahnik and on a large video wall a whole range of celebrities congratulated the iconic shoe designers, including editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, Topmodels Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, and legendary Hollywood actress Anjelica Houston just to name a few. For the third time in a row Alexa Chung was announced the winner of the British Style award, this year by master of couture Valentino. When she entered the stage, you could tell why: with her no-sweat, simple yet sophisticated and refined fashion sense, she absolutely deserves it. Roksanda Ilincic took the Red carpet award  and her dress has been amongst the most outstanding and extra-ordinary creations of the whole evening, I was very fascinated. It was so beautiful to finally see the people behind the designs I marvel at, adore, partially even wear myself – suddenly the whole philosophy of a brand becomes clear, because this is about the person who creates it, their character shines through everything they do and the way and context they put them together. To my great joy Stella McCartney was handed over an award for two times – once for Designer Brand and the second one for the Designer of the Year. Stella McCartney said in her speech that this is the proof, that when many years ago she left a French Couture House she designed for, in order to independently design in her home country, the UK, she has made the right decision despite being told that she will regret it forever if she’d leave said label. Eventually she did – to become what she is today: designer to the world’s most influential people wearing her designs at events of the highest profile – on top. She dedicated the award to her husband, who made their marriage look effortless and to her babies. The award for model was taken by Cara Delevigne – another award well deserved. When she entered the stage you could tell, this girl doesn’t only have looks to kill – she is charming and has a sense of humour on top of it. Cara was wearing a lovely sixties seeming dress with a modern, futuristic edge due to a breathtakingly green metallic finish.

Erdem was announced the winner of the New Establishment award and hot shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood took home the Accessory Designer award. Another personal highlight of this evening has been the performance of Rita Ora. I have to very frankly say, that I have come across Rita Ora, but only in terms of her styling choices for the red carpet. Shame on me I never actually listened to her music, I didn’t know what I have been missing out on. I would describe her voice as grounded and solid yet airy and melodic and felt true pleasure listening to her performance. For the full list of awards and winners and also for the highlights on the red carpet you can visit the homepage of the British Fashion Award. I – after this long story – want to share a few pictures taken from my  point of view – alongside, what I find were the most remarkable styles on the red carpet.

Outside the Savoy Theater at arrival: photographers waiting for 
celebrities to enter:


Stage setting and Alexa Chung being announced winner of 
the British Style Award:

Cara Delevigne, winner of the Model Award

Rita Ora performing live:

And now some Red Carpet higlights, ladies and gentlemen:

Topmodel and actress Amber Valetta:

Roksanda Ilincic, winner of the Red Carpet Award
Best style: Alexa Chung:

Model Cara Delevigne:
Simone Rocha:
Richard Nicoll and Josephine de la Baume:

Carolina Issa:
Two-time winner Stella McCartney:
all red carpet photo credits and rights: British Fashion Awards

My style for the event:

Red Valentino dress, metallic coat by Pinko (above)
dramatic make up

I am back home now, unfortunately with an injured leg, but I am taking this quiet time of the year to relax,recover and recharge my batteries, working on some creative projects with all the inspiration and experience I now have under my belt. The next weeks I will dedicate to all my musings, dreams and ideas. Maybe that has been the deeper reason of my accident on my homeward journey and I just needed some little time out to reset my focus. In the end I was overall lucky! I must thank the British Fashion Award and the British Fashion Council a lot for giving me – as a blogger coming from Austria – such great opportunity to attend such prestigious event.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my report about the British Fashion Awards and that it maybe has given you some interesting thoughts or insight.

I also hope all is well and radiant on your end!

xox, the Flamboyante


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Speaking of art and just recently about the Vivienne Westwood Couture After Show Party – an interesting article about an extra-ordinary co-operation has fallen into my hands:

Just in time for her 70th anniversary the last year (would you have guessed it?) the grand dame and punk royalty Vivienne Westwood has designed a signature sleeve for the  Chivas Regal 18yo bottle.

With her stylish four-piece design in Union Jack Vivienne Westwood has turned the Chivas Regal 18yo bottle into the style icon of  whisky.

The co-operation has been presented first time at London Fashion Week 2011, where Vivienne Westwood, who celebrated her 70th birthday on April 8th, strutted some pieces of her Autumn/Winter collection on the catwalk – amongst it the stylish four-piece in Union Jack style for  Chivas Regal 18yo Scotch Whisky.

The designer delightfully signed a few of the bottles before her very first show in Vienna. The hand crafted edition is limited to a 2,5k pieces, signed in gold, serially numbered and available world-wide at the price of 425 Euro. In the meantime some of the exemplars have already been auctioned for a way higher price.

Chivas is continuing a series of legendary co-operations with prestigious designers, such as Christian Lacroix, Andree Putmann and Alexander McQueen.

Tasteful co-operation:

The queen of punk has re-invented and revamped the premium blend scotch whisky and tailored a sophisticated silk coat in Union Jack print. The history of Chivas as well as the history of Union Jack reach back into the year 1801 – Vivienne Westwood took it as an inspiration for the exclusive limited edition.

Only by looking at the past, we are able to create the future. I come from England, therefore the British culture is undeniable in my designs“, says the artist and designer, who happen to have a very special relation with Austria. ( Her spouse and former student Andreas Kronthaler is Austrian)

The foundation of this co-op between Chivas and Vivienne Westwood was the love of handy-craft and the profound knowledge about the meaning of the past for the future.

”The symbiosis with Vivienne Westwood is a colaboration on the highest fashion level. Artisan craftwork and exclusivity make the two of them a perfect match, the fact that we now have Vivienne Westwood ( flag-ship store) in Vienna is a great pleasure because the international character is made visible, ” says Doris Kurzbauer, head of marketing about the interplay of design expertise and whisky creation.

Limited edition:

Four hand-tailored pieces with golden embellishment are exuding masculinity and elegance. White golden, round logo buttons are keeping the coat together and giving it the typical Vivienne Westwood look. The designer has included an instruction, that describes how to put the four pieces together, so they build the coat. The colours blue and red are giving this special edition of Chivas Regal 18yo a touch of luxury – they represent precious stones sapphire and ruby which also  are set on the crown of the Queen’s crown jewels. To top off this exclusive and extravagant creation the British fashion icon has added a crowning accessory – each bottle is carrying a blue golden ”flash” with her signature imperial orb around its neck.

Pernod Ricard has one of the most prestigious portfolios of drink labels such as:  ABSOLUT Vodka, Havana Club, Rum, Chivas Regal, Ballantine’s Olmeca Tequila, Beefeater Gin and Mumm and Perrier- Jouet champaign.

Pernod Ricard is supporting responsible drinking and handling of alcohol – more information on: http://www.verantwortungsvoll.at

Text translated from German by the Flamboyante

From what I see on the pictures I think the coat looks opulent, wonderful and cool. Now I am just left wondering: for the price of 425 Euro – would you love to make such limited edition Vivienne Westwood for Chivas bottle yours or would you invest in one of her famous and unique tailored dresses? Do you love Vivienne Westwood as much as I do?  You should then certainly have a look at her blog Get a live where she is campaigning for environmental issues and a sustainable life style.

Ps: A little birdy told me that there is a 20% mid-season promotion in stores and online  – just thought, I’d let you know…


the Flamboyante

Love drunk at the Vivienne Westwood couture after show party

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It has been more than a week ago I spent this magnificent evening for once more at the red bar at the Viennese Volkstheater and I’m still not over, what great pleasure it has been.

Reason being I followed an invitation to the Vivienne Westwood Gold label after show party, I love going to these kind of events because it gives me the chance to mingle with other likely – minded fashionable folks.

I don’t know if I looked tipsy that evening, however my glary eyes are due to something completely different: In fact I didn’t even drink much this evening, you could possibly say I have been ‘love drunk’  – but more of that later.

Vivienne Westwood has just recently opened up a store in Vienna – and I would say it has been about time, not just for the fact that her husband is Austrian.  The party has been the joyful conclusion of Vivienne Westwoods couture show, where pieces from her  Gold Label alongside couture pieces were presented at Vienna’s prestigious Kunsthistorisches Museum. I wasn’t lucky enough to see it but am so lucky to know a friend blogger who has been and you can see the coverage of the show on his blog ANDY art magazine.

Since I am already talking about people I met this evening at the red bar- in fact it has been a lot of young, talented and open-minded fashion industry insiders – from editors and photographers to emerging designers, models, performing artists. When I am saying emerging designer (here in Vienna) I immediately think: Mark and Julia, who won the Ringstrassen galleries designer awards in April. I am definitely keen to find out more about the two lovelies, I have the feeling they are going to ‘revolutionize’ and turn around Austria’s fashion world with they intuitive campaigns and ideas. I met Benjamin Quirico  of  Faux Fox magazine – I cannot wait to hold an actual copy of this print magazine in my hand. If the magazine is half as quirky, interesting and creative as benjamin tatoos on his arm (which I firmly believe it is) I am already taken. I am super excited to know that the fashion scene in Vienna is buzzing at the moment, there is so much new ‘addition’. And in that particular evening I even spotted some true ‘Austrian’ fashion icons, those who were the ‘pioneers’ when fashion still used to be a foreign word  with a mystical meaning to people on my country- I am talikng about the likes of Miss Candy also known as Holger Thor, who is internationally renowned as drag artist.

I personally love a little dressing up as well so I sported some really cute wire rabbit ears.

Enough of the talking –  enjoy the photographs of the party and the lovely people from Vienna:

Photo credit Vivienne Westwood: Kemara Pol of ANDY art magazine

Last but not least  let me explain why I had been ‘love drunk’ on that special evening. I realized how much I love my home town and that I absolutely enjoy myself at the best parties here in Vienna amongst the people I have known for years. Although I may not be in touch a lot with most of the people, I would always stumble over them at an event and I would always feel homely and ‘safe’, kind of ‘accepted’. I am having a rosy glow because I have never gotten so many nice compliments in one evening – and mind me it wasn’t those with a hidden agenda – just the kind appreciation of some good old friends…

I was wearing:

MCQ Alexander McQueen

                                                Knitted and lace sweater dress

Mimi Holiday by Damaris

Ribbon and wire bunny ears headband

And you, are you in love with your city? What do you enjoy doing most in your home town?

xox, the Flamboyante

Little fashion Who is Who from London Fashion Week

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In September I was so lucky to attend three fashion weeks, in Copenhagen, Vienna and London – it was the first time for me as blogger and photographer since I started out on blogging in February.

One of my personal highlights was to finally see those bloggers at London Fashion week, who’s blogs I always love to read and follow, those who are known in the entire blogging community and way beyond. I thought of how I could share something that may have value to fellow bloggers or those who maybe consider to become an author of their own blog. So I put together a little who is who – a guide of the best bloggers and most important people in the fashion industry. My stay has been short and there are certainly many more great bloggers, publishers and fashion icons out there – but I was so pleased about whom I stumbled over during two days of London Fashion Week – I can say I definitely met my heroes 😉

When arriving at the Somerset house, main venue of the London Fashion Week, Anna dello Russo, editor at large at Vogue Japan and one of the most influential fashion icons, entered  in an amazing white Tom Ford backless dress the London Exhibition, where London’s most established designers exhibit. Anna dello Russo entered the building to try on a hat by a Londoner milliner, the hat was particularly lovely, and the whole spectacle truly delightful to watch. Although I think later, when I saw her at the Topshop venue, she must have opted for another hat model.

Not long until Anna dello Russo’s  launch of accessories and luggage line for H&M– it is set to start on October, 4th. And not surprisingly Anna dello Russo has an adorable blog too on Nowmanifest, where you’d also find the blogs of  BRYANBOY,  FASHIONTOAST, INDUSTRIE MAGAZINE, MR. BLASBERG, STYLE BY KLING and NET-A-PORTER FASHION FIX.  To me this woman is legendary because she has never been afraid to show that fashion can be fun and because she exudes so much joye de vivre, quintessential for fashion and to be a true fashionista.

I snapped trend setter Olivia Palermo, when entering the Topshop Unique show. We all know her from street style photographs, where she is wearing spot on outfits with the well-known Olivia Palermo ease. I once read an interesting article about her, how she got her foot into the industry by being enormously persistent to socialize with the most influential individuals from the fashion industries. If this magazine article is reliable, than this is in fact something that we can all learn from her. I cannot imagine that there is one fashion show where Olivia Palermo did, will or could not sit in the  front row – I always take my hat off to people so successful. Of course she has an amazing blog too of which I especially love the tips section.

I was so pleased to see all of these personal style bloggers – I must admit my heart jumped for joy! I so much enjoy reading their articles, I think there isn’t actually one day I don’t stop by one or the other’s blog and I follow all their other social media. I am talking about: Jessica Stein from  Tuula, Andy Torres from Style Scrapbook, Sandra Hagelstam from 5 inch and up, Carolina Engman from the Fashion Squad, Chiara Ferragni from the Blonde Salad and Nicole Warne from Garry Pepper Vintage. Having watched what they are doing, how they do it and listened to all the helpful advice they give in interviews I must say, I have learned heaps. You are able to imagine the joy then – I was even more pleased that Chiara Ferragni posed for my camera upon request.

Chiara was working a cool layering look on that day, alongside a Burberry trench, which inspires me for my autumn wardrobe.

I couldn’t help it but taking a snap of her wonderful Giuseppe Zanotti sandals as well – she is someone you want to photograph all day long and never fails with her exceptional styling.

Face hunting around the world, Yvan Rodic is the man behind the Face Hunter blog, where he captures, not just the beautiful faces of the fashion world, but the most noticeable street styles from across the globe. He writes a weekly column at the Observer.

When later I hit the Mahiki club, for some after show partying, I got lucky again – and bumped into Susie Lau of Style Bubble, who is not just extremely unique in her style and point of view, but likes to keep her writing flow going – yes – even  more than me 🙂 – going to her blog encourages me to write about any topic that I am interested in and that goes beyond fashion and to write in general when I wish to.

Wether you are an aspiring blogger or fashion journalist or a trend setter to be, you should always keep an eye on these blogs. For useful advice in fashion blogging, marketing and everything else that comes with the subject I love going to the Independent fashion blogger web site and browsing through their articles.

Now I can’t wait to hear, who your blog crush is. Don’t forget to drop me a link, so I can go and check them out!

xox, the Flamboyante

Nautical by nature: the Monaco Yacht Show 2012

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If I would  ever in my life consider buying a yacht, I wouldn’t do so without having visited the Monaco Yacht Show before –  The most exclusive and prestigious  boat show event in the world, where the most luxurious and sophisticated yachting companies meet top-notch clients.

Lucky me, to be able to go to this extraordinary event, without really considering buying such luxury yacht. Or maybe not yet. After having seen the elegance of these boats one’s passion for them can fire easily. The slickest design was pairing with the utmost advanced technologies at the show – next to a selection of more than one hundreds yachts of all sizes, high technological nautical products, like the U-boat, were on exhibition.

Enjoy my photos from the Monaco Yacht Show 2012, taking place in picturesque Port Hercules on the French Riviera:

On this very special occasion I was wearing a jacket by Les prairies de Paris with amazing sailboat and palm tree print,which I found in Copenhagen. I was also wearing a striped Cos T-shirt and Etoile Isabel Marant shorts, square framed Burberry sun glasses, Chloe Marcie bag,  Reiss bracelet, Gucci chain link ring and Chanel ballerinas and earrings. I have been to the Chanel store in Nice, where I have been provided excellent fitting service, in fact the merchant sized my shoe size a half-size down – which explains why before I had a hard time finding the perfect fitting shoe.

I also want to thank the organisation of the Monaco Yacht Show for granting me access, I found the staff very helpful and kind.

Have you spotted the luxury boat of your dreams already? If you have, I can’t wait to hear which one it is. Watch this space, as I will be continuously posting from various fashion weeks during the next days,

xox, the Flamboyante

So versatile : The Christian-Louboutin-Bis-Un-Bout-120-Patent-PVC-Yellow-Pumps Pt. 1

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Why am I as giddy as a school girl on the above photo? Since I returned from my last holiday the weather in Vienna has been rather rainy and not hot at all and the memories of hot summer nights, long walks on the beach, of sea, sun and fun are fading, so does my tan. I haven’t any beach holiday scheduled any time soon – so why am I so happy?

I am happy for a reason that perhaps is making many women all over the happy, and the reason being: shoes! This summer I treated myself to a uber luxe shoe, and wearing it does truly make me happy and satisfied! I admit having dispensed a fortune on this shoe, with the money I perhaps could have allongated my beach holiday for a week or so! But I have no regrets, it is a wonderful feeling wearing the Christian-Louboutin-Bis-Un-Bout-120-Patent-PVC-Yellow-Pumps! I was lucky getting my hand on a pair of those because they are so sought-after, that they sell out the day they get online. No wonder at all, these shoes are loved and spotted on celebs like Beyonce, Rihanna and Alicia Keys and many models, such as Heidi Klum and Elle McPherson – to make a long story short: these shoes rock!

Most of the women I know or see choose a simple black pump, when they are willing to pay the price on the tag of a Louboutin shoe. Black goes with everything and it is a classy choice. I decided to make these neon yellow pumps my goes-with-everything shoe and decided to shoot a mini-series with three different outfits, to show you: these shoes can be worn on any occasion and combined just as easily as a black pump. The shoe truly reflects my sense of fashion, as far as I could think, I’d always make wayward choices, when it came to fashion – wether it be an extra-ordinary colour, or design.

My first outfit is a business outfit, and I will also create a city look and a party outfit around this shoe. Why do most woman actually play safe when it comes to fashion choices? Because they think that bright and bold colours can’t be matched easily! But I say: be brave and daring, find and express yourself through fashion!

When putting your outfit together accessorizing is playing an important part. I always look for accessories that echo in my outfit. For this outfit I chose gold and silver accents, like the silver Tiffany’s bracelet, the neon yellow studded mini bag by Aila and the giant palm tree brooch. I – by the way – have a spleen (not only for shoes) but for all things with palm trees! T-shirt, sweaters or jewellery with palm trees have  magical attraction on me. I am wearing the Sugar Daddy chrome effect nail lacquer by Deborah Lippmann, I just love all of her nail varnish creations! The jacket is by Mango (I think they still have it in stores!), vest by Sandro and Gigi cropped jeans by J Brand.

Of course – this is an uber luxe outfit that is screaming business – not something I’d wear all day every day. Also not something that I would have or let alone could have afforded as a teenager, besides I probably wouldn’t have gone for so ‘serious’ choices. One must match his wardrobe to his personality and budget. I don’t have a shoe-drobe full of Loubi’s – but that is not the point. I’m just here appreciating some extraordinary design and a truly fabulous summer treat! I’m showing, that with such fashion investment you can go for miles, re-style it and get compliments every single time you wear it! If you too have been considering investing a little fortune into a shoe with the famous red sole, do as I do: I’ve put some money on the side – my shoe budget (takes saving up a little!) and then kept looking out for the new styles coming in (on Net-A-Porter, Mytheresa and the Louboutin web site). I didn’t pick the first thing I could get in my size (remember Louboutin shoes sell out quickly!) but kept on looking again and again, each time those sites had new items coming in – and bam!  – I found my to-treasure-forever-shoe!

Is this something you would wear into the office or to a business meeting? What is your treasure-forever shoe?

Hope that your summer so far and your shoe-drobe is fabulous! Don’t forget to enter my summer outfit giveaway, there is one week left for your chance to win a va-va-woom outfit (top and bottom) by Sinfused clothing. For more dazzling updates and stories follow me on twitter and like me on facebook – I am always pleased about likely minded fashionistas getting in touch!

xox, the Flamboyante

ps: This shoe is not only stylish but unbelievably comfortable! 😉

What’s in a model’s beauty safe

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I’ve got one more and last post from Amsterdam and the Exchange hotel for you. I wanted to give you all some insight into a true model’s secret to beautiful, youthful looking skin. If you have thought that the pretty girls on the run way were blessed with clear and beautiful skin like this by nature – than I have got news for you: Very much likely the models have a beauty regimen with specific beauty products that will do miracles. Of course these are not the products you’d get at the usual drug store and also prices are slightly higher. But than again brands, everybody knows well, will have products at the same price range, but perhaps not as much as effective.

It is quite handy knowing a few secrets and tricks for a more glamorous self. Before I shot I use a certain product range of Rodial , that will seriously take a few years off (or a few nights of excessively partying in the past…) It preps my skin perfectly for make up, although usually I wear very little make up, as this isn’t exactly the best for skin too.

For beautiful, fresh looking skin every fashion and beauty conscious girl needs a routine. When traveling I don’t wanna take a whole trolley with cosmetics so the Rodial Glamtox Skin Care On The Go Kit is perfect for a  short-term stay.

The kit includes the Glam balm lip. I use the products before taking pictures and I think it really makes a difference. When working with make up artists during my modeling time I always got remarks about my dry lips. This product is perfect to solve the problem, had I only known it earlier. It’s texture is fabulous on the lips, it has a very gentle scent of rose and the job it does is just amazing: my lips stay plumped and juicy all day long!

The Glamoxy snake serum is like a serum to apply over the day care and it helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles – and by that I mean what I say. When taking pictures for my blog I  prefer the photos that don’t need any photo-shopping at all and with the right preparation  and make up true miracles can be achieved.

The Glamtox night is for the night skin care routine and it helps  promoting elasticity by nourishing the skin with Vitamin C and moisturizing. I really enjoy the mild tingling on my skin caused by the hyaluronic acid. How I know it works? Because I wake up in the morning with a fresh glow 😉

The Glamtox day SPF15 is brilliant  because it has sun screen and this is so vital to  keep your skin youthful looking! It contains hyaluronic acid which helps the skin cell’s renewal and is commonly known under beauty experts and celebrities. The Glamtox daycare has a nice texture that soaks up quickly and it has a lovely smell that reminded me of grapefruit.

I also loved the texture of the Glamtox cleansing balm and I was using it before applying the day and night care – it left my skin thourougly cleansed, hydrated and firm, in a way I haven’t experienced before.

Rodial products contain natural ingredients.

That’s a true model secret revealed here. Maybe most of the celebrities  are afraid to reveal their beauty secrets or they don’t have time, being occupied with other things. If you go to the press page of Rodial you will immediately see – not just how many celebs from Kate Moss to Gwyneth Paltrow are relying on it, you will realize: Rodial is a true gem in the beauty industries!

I promise I will be soon bringing you more dazzling news from the world of beauty and lifestyle as I finally decided to share my expertise with you 😉

I  hope that one or the other will find this some useful advice – stay fabulous, gorgeous!

xox, the Flamboyante

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