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Vienna fashion week starts with a Peng!

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My home town Vienna may be small, but when it comes to partying, down in the clubs, when people are getting drunk and have fun, Vienna becomes as cosmopolitan as any of the big cities. It is the same vibe you’d expect on any of the Vice parties across the world, or the hip guest-list-only parties in Parisian super expensive night clubs.

Vienna has it’s fashion week too, it is once a year in September, kicking off on Monday, the 10th this year. The Vienna fashion camp is taking place on this weekend, you could say it kind of is the up beat event to the Vienna fashion week, involving many of the Austrian fashion bloggers, designers and fashion lovers.

This weekend fashion was in the air in Vienna and I couldn’t help but hitting up the town, with my camera and my golden Falabella bag. DIESEL  was calling Vienna’s most stylish people to their red room nite event at the red bar, inside Vienna’s Volkstheater. You know it’s a good party when DJ Rodney Hunter is spinning the records. On the second floor Austria’s freshest selectress Flo Real was heating up the crowd –  she’s always stylin’, I love the big statement earrings she is wearing all the time. I met some of the cream of the crop of Vienna’s fashion bloggers and some of my good friends –  it couldn’t get any better. I later hit the mode talking party hosted by Peng! magazine, these are the best outdoor parties in Vienna, so since summer is coming to an end perhaps a good idea.

After a sum of five vodka orange drinks at five o’clock in the morning I’m  calling it a day – but I couldn’t help thinking that the party just begun when I left….

DJ Rodney Hunter, DJ FLO REAL, blogger Michele from eaudbedroom, blogger Mike York.

Blogger Kemara Pol from Andy Art Magazine

I like to party – everybody does…

xox, the Flamboyante

Sinfused at the festivals

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Am I fashionably late for a new post, dear friends? I do have to admit that writing from the turkish Riviera where I am at the moment is quite a bit of a challenge. I am staying in Alanya, a small village by the sea, until Sunday, enjoying the turkish hospitality, the sun, the sea and the vibrance a small holiday village brings with it.

So today I am catching up with a post about the Donauinsel festival, which already ended last Sunday. It’s an annual event in Vienna, where a vast selection of national and international bands are playing over three days on a 4.5 km long strip next to the Danube- in fact it is the biggest open air festival in Europe! Ofcourse you’d also find plenty of possibilties to eat and shop souvenirs for example you can get your name engraved into a rice corn.

Whereas the past few years I actually stayed away from the festival – partially because it is really crowded each year and partially because I have been abroad the past few years – this year I took the courage to go there. Plus it was a fabulous opportunity to sport a fierce festival outfit – I was wearing a  studded Levis denim vest, a  Moto crochet hotpant, a  hot rocking crystal embellished Tee by SINFUSED clothing ( I was gifted ) and By Malene Birger biker boots as well as a Alice by Temperley belt with star studs – well basically all the studs and rhinestones I could find, to make sure people will be aware of me and I won’t get run over by them 🙂 – … oh and of course in the right festival outfit manner, I bangled up as much as possible. To add some zing I used Deborah Lippmanns magnetic nail lacquer nails of steel, it is a nail vernish that allows you to draw a cool pattern by using a magnet – you should try!

I captured my impressions of the bands, the people celebrating, the foods and the little shops – so let’s let the pictures do the talking and please enjoy my impressions from The 2012 Donauinselfest!

I really hope you enjoyed the photo stream from the 2012 Donauinselfest.

Have you planned going to any festivals this summer? I personally love me a good festival in summer and have already a few really good ones under my belt such as the Hard Rock Calling and Hyde Park Calling in London and the Sunsplah festival in Austria.

I will be back from my holiday on the turkish riviera on the 1st of July with some more dazzling news and stories, plus I will be announcing the winner of the June giveaway so make sure you’ll be back soon!

xox, the Flamboyante

Look at all the lovely people: Designer Awards ’12

In Austria, Celebrity, Design, Fashion photography, Music, Trend on April 20, 2012 at 5:40 pm

I know. I’m fashionably late for a new post, I hope you all will be forgiving me. The last two days couldn’t get any more hectic. I remember that two months ago I started out on this blog, in order to avoid getting bored and to live out my passion for fashion. The last two days I found myself secretively wishing I had a personal assistant to help me with my blog and everything that comes with it. I’m not complaining – this is great!

The  Ringstrassen Gallerien designer awards were great too. Although turning up there a bit fashionably late as well (and no I’m not a Diva, my friends will confirm that ) , I turned up just in time to get a photo of the winning design by Austrian young designers Mark und Julia– phew!

Ofcourse I have got a lot more for you. But let me first say one thing: I went to the event with a bit of mixed emotion but I left the event delighted and pleased. Not just because Austrian designers can keep up with all the rest – yes, the fashion show had been quite enjoyable. Here some bits and bobs of what I could capture:

I hope you got a little taste so far? I may not be equipped like a pro or the best photographer in the world…but isn’t the perspective the most interesting thing about photography? It’s said that the camera is the eye of the photographer…and I see lace….

Mmh – lace! Lace in the fashion world is like salt in your kitchen board – it’s a female thing, it doesn’t really work on men (just like salt doesn’t work in your coffee…) Not that I am being restrictive or not open-minded…but lace is instantly turning every woman into a beautiful fragile fashion fairy…. I like the individualism of lace because every material is different, every pattern is different…

But did I go to the event just  to philosophise about fabrics?  No! I was on the look out for the good people, the lovely, the fly, the beautiful and the queer…the extraordinary! (A bit like myself…:))

The beautiful models….

The sweet couples….

The bestest friends….

Of course I have been on the look out for the ‘rich and famous’ – like world-famous DJ’s Rodney Hunter and Richard Dorfmeister (of Kruder & Dorfmeister)…see? I told you, you won’t be missing out on anything here in Vienna…

Well,  I found everything that I could wish for when going to a fashion event here in my home town…not just that. There was this one special person that really made my day and overwhelmed me with his presence. I haven’t seen him in four years. This guy is like an angel, who’d always turn up in my life, when I am a bit weary or down. I am talking about Mike Davis, male model and photographer and yes…magician. Not only did I stumble over him on the event, he even brought a book of his photography work with him, and this book had my photographs inside. I swear this is true , this was a co-incidence, and we really haven’t seen each other for four years! So here is the magical, the mystical (and if I weren’t already taken – a bit irresistible) Mike Davis- with a book of my photos!

Ladies, do you want to see more of this Austrian beau? Let me guide you into the world of Mike Aurel Davis – the one and only …enter here.

Wouldn’t you agree, I looked not only stylish – with my pea cock feather earring which I completely love at the moment – but most importantly, I looked happy…agreed?

Good fashion is one thing. But then again without the good people fashion is nothing!

Agree with that too?

xox, the Flamboyante

Blog crush: MRS. WANDA

In Design, Fashion photography, Music on April 10, 2012 at 11:31 pm

Have you come across  MRS.WANDA’S blog lately? I was so glad I stumbled upon her site here on wordpress.com.

I love reading and writing blogs, I always get excited when I come across a blog, that is full of ideas, creativity, thoughtfulness and just …interesting to read.

This blog is full of awesomeness!

Who is MRS.WANDA?       Mrs. Wanda lives in Florida and is of Haitian origin.

What is her blog about?     Her blog is about a variety of things like her taste in music, fashion updates (straight from Florida;), about political news, social life and what I love so much about it: her cultural background! She is doing a fantastic coverage of all the things happening at the moment in Haiti and for the Haitian communities! This is truly amazing because little do we get to hear and know about this country – MRS. WANDA serves it  kind of all on one plate, or right at your fingertips, so to speak.

Why do you lover her blog?     Because it is beautifully designed, professional looking, it covers a wide range of topics and you’ll quickly find something that will be interesting for  you. Wether it be the latest updates from the music industries covering new pop stars like Rita Oro and also including Haitian artists or interesting news from the fashion world, like Victoria Beckham’s cover for the Chinese Harper’s bazar which really is unique! I really love her ‘facts about Haiti’ section a lot too – when I want to find out more about something I always look it up on Wiki – I love reading on Wiki – this is just more beautifully arranged, an interesting read.

This blog is like a little journal, it is intelligently made with a lot of ideas and a lot of phantasy. I love how Mrs Wanda is not shy to show her Haitian Pride. On the right hand side of the blog are photos of Haitian women covered in a drapeau – the Haitian flags. I had been so lucky to see Haiti once when going on a trip to the Dominican Republic. I guess that is a bit of a rare thing to do. I can say it is true that the Haitian women have some magical beauty. I love traveling and I always feel so blessed when I am able to go to a foreign place!

This all deserved a little admiration – I can definitely learn from Mrs. Wanda, she’s an exemplary blogger. And did I mention I l o v e her style?

a photo from her wedding and from her childhood – which I love, because when I visited in Haiti all the little girls had braids and colourful ribbons like that and it was looking suuuper cute!

Here the photos I loved from her ‘Haitian pride’ section:

…you’ve probably already known her – or for sure now you do! She’s a lovely, lovely and generous person! You can visit here here.

L’union fait la force – together we are strong! What do you think?

xox, the Flamboyante

Rachelle Jeanty – a french lesson

In Austria, Celebrity, Charity, Music on March 23, 2012 at 12:13 pm

Bonjour, comment allez-vous?

There are certain things we can do in our home town that are extraordinary, that can inspire us, change perspectives and give us drive for new action. There are plenty of things we could do to find any of this –  going to an event of cultural exchange is one of them…

Today I’ve seen something extraordinary, well actually I’ve heard it. I’ll try to explain it:  Describing the beauty of a butterfly is hard to do. But when you see it, it all becomes clear. – The same is with the voice of Rachelle Jeanty. It is hard to describe the beauty of the voice of the Canadian soul and gospel singer, as she is belting out, filling the air and reaching into every corner of the Salon Rouge – and straight into our hearts. She is singing in french, songs from her album D’ÂME SOUL – which I would interpret as Soul from the soul. The title is doing justice, everyone in the audience is deeply touched. But not just by the wonderful voice of Rachelle Jeanty ( maybe the sweetest lullaby you’ve ever heard  would come close to describing her voice ). It was the message in her songs that has been extraordinary, so precious and special…

With a lot of feeling she is telling a story out of her life, how she refuses to sexualize herself as a woman on her path of  becoming this wonderful singer she is. She gives young women the advice to stay grounded in life and to believe in themselves.   As she sings she dances and sways – exuding so much joye de vivre…

Rachelle Jeanty  is reciting a poem, accompanied by a pianist. She is performing a song simply about how she appreciates and loves life. She is encouraging young women in the audience to sing along with her and then encouraging all of us to do so. In the end we hear her singing  ‘Ain’t nobody’ by Chaka Khan – only in French, saying  ‘It’s a party’ . People start to dance and so do I – and it feels very relieving.

No wonder all the people are trying to get their Cd’s signed by Rachelle Jeanty. I get mine signed as well and a chance to have a chat with the amazing soul and jazz star. What a great story she has got to tell. She grew up in Montreal and has roots in Haiti. She resides in Berlin where she is teaching  young aspiring singers herself. Another aspect of her life: Rachelle Jeanty toured for two years with Celine Dion. She toured with the greatest performers in Francophone music – no wonder at all  – she is one of them.

Rachelle is a class of its own.  She is proud of her Haitian roots but I think most of all she is proud to be a woman – the woman she is. The way she carries herself is full of dignity. I felt very special around her today.

Incredible things happen in your own town, just around the corner – sometimes. You just have to be open for it. It’s what I learned this evening at the Fête de la Francophonie. On this occasion I was wearing a very special dress, the Kiandra dress by Diane von Fürstenberg. I immediately fell in love with the teardrop cutaway around the neck line, so I made this my special occasion dress. Often compared to Coco Chanel the designer is not only making fabulous dresses. From Diane we get a lot of advice on how to become a more attractive, confident and sensual Woman. Feel like a woman, wear a dress is the slogan she is known for.

I believe we should all be a bit more the person we want to be – and that we have to remain a certain curiosity and spontaneity in life. Life ‘s a party – when you respect and appreciate it.

Je vous embrasse, la Flamboyante

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