So versatile : The Christian-Louboutin-Bis-Un-Bout-120-Patent-PVC-Yellow-Pumps Pt. 1

In Celebrity, Design, Fashion, Fashion photography, Street fashion on July 22, 2012 at 10:44 pm

Why am I as giddy as a school girl on the above photo? Since I returned from my last holiday the weather in Vienna has been rather rainy and not hot at all and the memories of hot summer nights, long walks on the beach, of sea, sun and fun are fading, so does my tan. I haven’t any beach holiday scheduled any time soon – so why am I so happy?

I am happy for a reason that perhaps is making many women all over the happy, and the reason being: shoes! This summer I treated myself to a uber luxe shoe, and wearing it does truly make me happy and satisfied! I admit having dispensed a fortune on this shoe, with the money I perhaps could have allongated my beach holiday for a week or so! But I have no regrets, it is a wonderful feeling wearing the Christian-Louboutin-Bis-Un-Bout-120-Patent-PVC-Yellow-Pumps! I was lucky getting my hand on a pair of those because they are so sought-after, that they sell out the day they get online. No wonder at all, these shoes are loved and spotted on celebs like Beyonce, Rihanna and Alicia Keys and many models, such as Heidi Klum and Elle McPherson – to make a long story short: these shoes rock!

Most of the women I know or see choose a simple black pump, when they are willing to pay the price on the tag of a Louboutin shoe. Black goes with everything and it is a classy choice. I decided to make these neon yellow pumps my goes-with-everything shoe and decided to shoot a mini-series with three different outfits, to show you: these shoes can be worn on any occasion and combined just as easily as a black pump. The shoe truly reflects my sense of fashion, as far as I could think, I’d always make wayward choices, when it came to fashion – wether it be an extra-ordinary colour, or design.

My first outfit is a business outfit, and I will also create a city look and a party outfit around this shoe. Why do most woman actually play safe when it comes to fashion choices? Because they think that bright and bold colours can’t be matched easily! But I say: be brave and daring, find and express yourself through fashion!

When putting your outfit together accessorizing is playing an important part. I always look for accessories that echo in my outfit. For this outfit I chose gold and silver accents, like the silver Tiffany’s bracelet, the neon yellow studded mini bag by Aila and the giant palm tree brooch. I – by the way – have a spleen (not only for shoes) but for all things with palm trees! T-shirt, sweaters or jewellery with palm trees have  magical attraction on me. I am wearing the Sugar Daddy chrome effect nail lacquer by Deborah Lippmann, I just love all of her nail varnish creations! The jacket is by Mango (I think they still have it in stores!), vest by Sandro and Gigi cropped jeans by J Brand.

Of course – this is an uber luxe outfit that is screaming business – not something I’d wear all day every day. Also not something that I would have or let alone could have afforded as a teenager, besides I probably wouldn’t have gone for so ‘serious’ choices. One must match his wardrobe to his personality and budget. I don’t have a shoe-drobe full of Loubi’s – but that is not the point. I’m just here appreciating some extraordinary design and a truly fabulous summer treat! I’m showing, that with such fashion investment you can go for miles, re-style it and get compliments every single time you wear it! If you too have been considering investing a little fortune into a shoe with the famous red sole, do as I do: I’ve put some money on the side – my shoe budget (takes saving up a little!) and then kept looking out for the new styles coming in (on Net-A-Porter, Mytheresa and the Louboutin web site). I didn’t pick the first thing I could get in my size (remember Louboutin shoes sell out quickly!) but kept on looking again and again, each time those sites had new items coming in – and bam!  – I found my to-treasure-forever-shoe!

Is this something you would wear into the office or to a business meeting? What is your treasure-forever shoe?

Hope that your summer so far and your shoe-drobe is fabulous! Don’t forget to enter my summer outfit giveaway, there is one week left for your chance to win a va-va-woom outfit (top and bottom) by Sinfused clothing. For more dazzling updates and stories follow me on twitter and like me on facebook – I am always pleased about likely minded fashionistas getting in touch!

xox, the Flamboyante

ps: This shoe is not only stylish but unbelievably comfortable! 😉

  1. This is what they call “a million bucks look.” Loves it! x

  2. BAAAM!!!
    steht dir unglaublich gut dieses outfit….wunderschön bist du…seufz!!!

  3. I love this post: fantastic write up, beautiful pics and a-mazing shoes!

  4. Lovely outfit and the shoes………………stunning !

  5. OMG I love these shoes!!!!!!

  6. Aaaaw i love your Louboutins ❤ Just perfect!!!


  7. Smashing and stunning looks

  8. Ich find einfach das ganze outfit super….mit knallfarben!
    vor allem die brosche paßt gut dazu 🙂

  9. You look good in fluorescents 🙂 love it!

  10. Lovely, Lovely shoes! And those tweed Jacket….yessssss. Neon colors are kind of in style now, so i’m seeing a lot of women around where i stay make more bold fashion statements with neon colors. Lovely 🙂

  11. You look amazing! Love these shoes. What color nail polish are you wearing? Is it minx?

  12. Gorgeous. Love the looks!

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