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photo credit: Paulina Villalpando

It was a truly inspiring moment hearing Stella McCartney’s speech at this year’s British Fashion Awards, when she took on the award for British Designer Brand 2012. In fact it has been a very special moment in my life, that I will always remember.

In her speech Stella McCartney talked about how she struggled in her beginnings as an independent designer and how hard it was to follow her intuition and heart, when it seemed that the most influential people in her life at that moment turned their back on her. I tried to describe with my own words what Stella McCartney has said in my post: My British Fashion Award Experience, but no one could describe it better than herself. I can only say that in this moment there was triumph in the air. We can never be reminded too often to believe in ourselves and in our gut feeling – that’s why this speech is so important and inspirational:

The above photo of myself sitting in the audience of the BFA has been taken by fellow blogger and jewellery designer Paulina Villalpando from Mexico. She wrote a beautiful and extensive feature about her evening at the BFA’S on her blog PAAR. It is always great having someone with a professional eye taking a photo – as for usual I would ask my friend Katy or another friend available,  and none of them are professional photographers (yet they are great!). I really appreciate she captured that special moment in my life for me.

I hope to have given you some inspiration today. Not only has Stella McCartney taken home two awards, she has been announced the most popular fashion brand online by British Vogue and British Elle.

Can you feel the triumph?

xox, the Flamboyante

  1. Yes, I “feel the triumph!” Beautiful photo of you by Paulina! It’s gorge! I love photographers- it is a true gift and learned skill all in one. Your friends have been doing a wonderful job, as well (especially since they are not professionals because your pics always look good).-Kristysamone.com

    • Yes of course – I must say they have done a great job too- without them I wouldn’t be here 🙂 I guess I wanted to say that without Paulina I wouldn’t have this souvenir of a special moment and evening – and that I like the photo taken by her 🙂 It seems very different from most of my photos…thank you for your lovely words!

  2. What a great photo of you, she is very talented, you look beautiful!

  3. Very Inspired! Love your pic!


  4. Unique experience, love Stella!
    You look beautiful xxx

  5. Hi Nadine, I nominated you for the ‘ Blog of the Year 2012’ Award, please check out for details at my blog……….Happy Christmass ! Xoxo

  6. My heart was filled with so much joy when I heard what she said about leaving Paris to be surrounded in the town she grew up in and love and friends…. I too had to make the same hard choice to leave Paris for my home town although I thought I would live there FOREVER. Hearing that Stella had the same hard choice leaving such a magical place and attempting to be successful elsewhere was such a wonderful thing to hear. She is my new idol now haha thank you so much for sharing!

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