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Dear girlfriends, the two days I spent in London around the time of the British Fashion Awards 2012 ceremony have been a true roller coaster ride! If you have followed my blog lately you already knew about my excitement about the event…and it has truly been overwhelming! On the one hand it has been incredible to dive into the glamorous world of fashion and celebrities, to witness with my own eyes such high-profile event like the British Fashion Awards – a celebration of British culture, fashion design and the – distinct sense  of fashion that developed over the years almost  like a tradition in the UK. I  love and adore that sense of fashion – it’s absolutely  my cup of tea, so to speak.

On the other hand I once again learned that not all that glitters is gold – and that there is a force that is always able to put you in front of an unexpected situation – and that force is called life. After these overwhelming two days, when rushing down an escalator at Heathrow airport in order to arrive at the gate in time, I slipped, fell and almost broke my leg but eventually getting away with some nasty scratches. I posted a photo of my poor, injured leg on Instagram and I thought I share it with you – not because I am trying to arouse pity, but because it really happened! Maybe you have already experienced something similar. Well, I certainly can say that life has thought- or actually reminded me to take every step thoughtfully!

But let me get back to the story of an amazing event- I thought it would be the best to share this experience the way I experienced it: I arrived in London last Tuesday and after a make over at the Lounge Soho for my hair and at Ilamasque for make up I arrived at the Savoy Theater with my purple ticket. These tickets were reserved for fashion students and bloggers and I also met designers and shop owners. I sat in the upper stalls of the theater, quite far from the stage and quite up high as well, yet did I feel very close to the whole happening – especially at some certain highlights of the event.

The stage set  was ultra stylish – minimalistic and architectural, themes that also seem to influence current fashion. The first award – the award for outstanding achievement went to Manolo Blahnik and on a large video wall a whole range of celebrities congratulated the iconic shoe designers, including editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, Topmodels Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, and legendary Hollywood actress Anjelica Houston just to name a few. For the third time in a row Alexa Chung was announced the winner of the British Style award, this year by master of couture Valentino. When she entered the stage, you could tell why: with her no-sweat, simple yet sophisticated and refined fashion sense, she absolutely deserves it. Roksanda Ilincic took the Red carpet award  and her dress has been amongst the most outstanding and extra-ordinary creations of the whole evening, I was very fascinated. It was so beautiful to finally see the people behind the designs I marvel at, adore, partially even wear myself – suddenly the whole philosophy of a brand becomes clear, because this is about the person who creates it, their character shines through everything they do and the way and context they put them together. To my great joy Stella McCartney was handed over an award for two times – once for Designer Brand and the second one for the Designer of the Year. Stella McCartney said in her speech that this is the proof, that when many years ago she left a French Couture House she designed for, in order to independently design in her home country, the UK, she has made the right decision despite being told that she will regret it forever if she’d leave said label. Eventually she did – to become what she is today: designer to the world’s most influential people wearing her designs at events of the highest profile – on top. She dedicated the award to her husband, who made their marriage look effortless and to her babies. The award for model was taken by Cara Delevigne – another award well deserved. When she entered the stage you could tell, this girl doesn’t only have looks to kill – she is charming and has a sense of humour on top of it. Cara was wearing a lovely sixties seeming dress with a modern, futuristic edge due to a breathtakingly green metallic finish.

Erdem was announced the winner of the New Establishment award and hot shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood took home the Accessory Designer award. Another personal highlight of this evening has been the performance of Rita Ora. I have to very frankly say, that I have come across Rita Ora, but only in terms of her styling choices for the red carpet. Shame on me I never actually listened to her music, I didn’t know what I have been missing out on. I would describe her voice as grounded and solid yet airy and melodic and felt true pleasure listening to her performance. For the full list of awards and winners and also for the highlights on the red carpet you can visit the homepage of the British Fashion Award. I – after this long story – want to share a few pictures taken from my  point of view – alongside, what I find were the most remarkable styles on the red carpet.

Outside the Savoy Theater at arrival: photographers waiting for 
celebrities to enter:


Stage setting and Alexa Chung being announced winner of 
the British Style Award:

Cara Delevigne, winner of the Model Award

Rita Ora performing live:

And now some Red Carpet higlights, ladies and gentlemen:

Topmodel and actress Amber Valetta:

Roksanda Ilincic, winner of the Red Carpet Award
Best style: Alexa Chung:

Model Cara Delevigne:
Simone Rocha:
Richard Nicoll and Josephine de la Baume:

Carolina Issa:
Two-time winner Stella McCartney:
all red carpet photo credits and rights: British Fashion Awards

My style for the event:

Red Valentino dress, metallic coat by Pinko (above)
dramatic make up

I am back home now, unfortunately with an injured leg, but I am taking this quiet time of the year to relax,recover and recharge my batteries, working on some creative projects with all the inspiration and experience I now have under my belt. The next weeks I will dedicate to all my musings, dreams and ideas. Maybe that has been the deeper reason of my accident on my homeward journey and I just needed some little time out to reset my focus. In the end I was overall lucky! I must thank the British Fashion Award and the British Fashion Council a lot for giving me – as a blogger coming from Austria – such great opportunity to attend such prestigious event.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my report about the British Fashion Awards and that it maybe has given you some interesting thoughts or insight.

I also hope all is well and radiant on your end!

xox, the Flamboyante

  1. Lucky lady! I absolutely adore Rita and Roksanda’s frocks. They are both stunning!

  2. What an honour to have been there and I like your style, hope you get well soon Nadine with your leg ! Xoxo

  3. wow your’e so lucky! nice blog!

    xx gongy: http://groolstyle.wordpress.com/

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  5. You have such a wonderful life! Thank you for sharing this with us. Hope your leg is okay 🙂

  6. Wow! You did an excellent job capturing the awards! Now I feel as if I attended! You looked stunning in the Red Valention dress with lips to match – go girl! How inspiring must it have been in a venue with all of those “creative giants” such as Alexa and Stella! I’m so sorry about the leg (sounds like something that would happen to me:) This is an opportunity to rest up and plan out your next amazing moment:) – kristysamone.com

    • Lol! Glad I’m not the only sometimes clumsy girl in the world 🙂 It would have been awesome if you had been there too! Thank you for your kind words – they are as always a pleasure and up -lifting!

  7. oops! Valentino (not Valention) – ha! I blame my broken pinky:)

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  9. […] their back on her. I tried to describe with my own words what Stella McCartney has said in my post: My British Fashion Award Experience, but no one could describe it better than herself. I can only say that in this moment there was […]

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