So versatile : The Christian-Louboutin-Bis-Un-Bout-120-Patent-PVC-Yellow-Pumps Pt.2

In Design, Edgy, Fashion, Fashion photography, Street fashion on July 25, 2012 at 11:00 pm

As promised I will be creating three outfits with my neon yellow Christian Louboutin PVC pumps and here I am with a bombshell party outfit, as the second part of this mini series.

This time I said to myself, I should really enjoy and celebrate and not only dress up for the photographs, so we went for a cocktail at the Donauinsel, which is a nice chill out location in summer in Vienna.

I paired the neon yellow shoes and neon yellow spike mini bag with a simple blue t-shirt dress by T by Alexander Wang and this PVC belt I found in my wardrobe and have no idea where I got it from. In my life I’ve moved from Vienna to Paris, then to London and back, taking all my belongings with me and – of course gathering more belongings on the way. I think I bought this belt in London. It’s been lingering around in my closet until it found it’s purpose – Do you have items in your wardrobe you don’t even remember where or when you got them…or why? This outfit really is a no-brainer, with a simple t-shirt dress cinched together in the waist with a belt, stilettos and a mini statement bag. I am wearing Deborah Lippmann Ray of Light 3D Holographic lacquer on my nails, if you follow my blog you know I have a thing for this nail varnish. Upgrading my collection with a new colour is like a treat for me.

All dressed up- excuding the cool girl edge- I am truly enjoying my Swimmingpool cocktail, I feel comfortable and relaxed and enjoying the attention I’m getting. Frankly speaking: I am feeling like a star! No wonder at all, with a shoe like that – what fantastic experience! It takes a bit of courage running around like that in Vienna – Vienna isn’t exactly the epicenter of fashion in Europe. I would say the opposite is the case and the majority of people are rather prudish or don’t care a lot about fashion. The bottomline is that running around like this here may get you a lot of arkward looks or unwanted attention. But where I am at it’s fine. Two girls next to me are sporting their bomb shell outfits too. My drink is delicious and in this relaxing atmosphere there is even time to flirt with the camera…

Of course – later when leaving the bar and back on the side walk I got all eyes on me – and it feels a bit strange.  People in their joggers and Tees and trainers and me with my feet completely highlighted…I am taking it with ease and say to my self: You are allowed to look!

I guess that’s what theses shoes were made for.

xox, the Flamboyante

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  2. you sure know how huh….love it…

  3. This looks phenomenal!

  4. in love with your shoes
    indeed it’s so versatile 🙂

  5. i love your outfit

  6. I wouldn’t have guessed that the color would be so versatile, but you’re right! Sometimes you just have to see other people wearing something, to know that it would work for you and incorporate it into your style.

  7. […] already showed how to combine these shoes for a business look and for a party outfit. I tried to show how versatile these shoes are. In today’s outfit I felt comfortable and […]

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