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Flames!  My stay in London did not just have the sole purpose to attend the London Collections:Men – there was something else that I already had impatiently been waiting to show you. I was granted the great honour to model the Spring/Summer 13 collection by iconic and modern British fashion house REISS for my blog!

In my last preview of the SS 13 lookbook I made no secret of how fond I am of the collection- which is dominated by candy hues and pastel colours like baby pink, coral and sky blue with contrasting khaki and tomatoe tones, that add depth and a certain grown-up-ness – exactly the shades of my dreams.  Stylish, wearable, directional, with a subtle sexiness, is what REISS wear always meant to me since I discovered the label in 2006. It was interesting to hear, that the company, which launched in 1971 started producing women’s clothing only in 2000!

Experiencing the quality and softness of the fabrics, which were floaty and silky  and felt luxurious yet comfortable against the skin (mainly tencel -very light viscose – and silk were used for the dresses, blouses and shirts) made this a valuable experience. The down side of this experience is that I am left way more indecisive about what I would love to get for myself and this summer (thinking that obviously I won’t be able to have it all….;) ) When it comes to tayloring, I’d always rely on Reiss designs and it seems that the design team behind it all exactly knows what a young women living in a buzzing world metropole wanst: sophisticated – chic – effortless. Don’t you just love it when you throw on a dress and instantly look like the well dressed , self confident woman you are?

IMG_0656IMG_0668IMG_0682IMG_0695IMG_0698IMG_0740 IMG_0747IMG_0760IMG_0755IMG_0767IMG_0768IMG_0725

All photographs thanks to: Philipp Ueberfellner

Eye catching details of the accessories are large flower applications on bags and clutches, adorable square stud details and the mix of materials like raffia and suede. I also immediately noticed the soft as butter quality of the grosgrain leather used for jackets and handbags, that had me craving for both badly.

Part of the SS13 collection already is available in stores and online. For all of you savvy and budget concious shoppers (like myself mostly ) I also wanted to give you the hint that sale is coming to an end – which really is the best time to shop, because it means that prices drop down to the lowest. Reiss is now offering up to 70% off the Autum/Winter collection and free shipping when more than 150 Euro spent or 300 USD (free standard shipping in the UK on all orders). To give you a hand, I have a pre-selection of the best pieces of the sale for you, those that would really make sense to have in a well assorted wardrobe:

Hadden Jacket  Was £225 Now £90

Joyce Refined Track Pants  Was £89 Now £26

Bella Skirt  Was £135 Now £40

Felicity Coat  Was £295 Now £88

Greneta Shoes  Was £149 Now £44

Since we have been talking men’s fashion a lot lately, I thought I’d  let you know that the choice of men’s wear is on sale is eclectic offering suits and jacket from classic, clean- cut tayloring to a more fashionable approach in colour and fabric. (Who knows, you may have an ultra stylish hubby or boyfriend). Here you can  Shop the Men’s Sale at Reiss.com. I am also working on my next giveaway for all of you, gorgeous readers, in cooperation with Reiss, so make sure to check back for that!

Now I am just left wondering which one of those outfits did you find the most striking?

xox, the Flamboyante

Reiss UK


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In my last post there was a lot of writing going on, a lot of thoughtfulness. But sometimes we don’t need a lot of words,in fact we don’t need any at all  but one: Bibi –  equivalent to fun!

When I bought my Christian Louboutin Bibi 140 tartan pumps (yes, that 140 stands for 14cm/5.5 inches) at the Christian Louboutin store in Copenhagen during Copenhagen Fashion Week time I was told by the (very nice) shop assistant, that these shoes truly are fun. I initially had my eyes laid on a golden pair,  more – let’s say – grown up one, when I noticed ‘Bibi’. I bought the golden pair of Louboutins but then returned to the shop the next day to have them exchanged for the beautiful tartan patterned ones and the salesgirls’ response to that was – sure. They are so much more fun!

Enthusiastically I wore them on one of the Copenhagen Fashion week’s aftershow parties at Toldboden- if only anyone had told me that these shoes need to be worn in beforehand. It means you should wear them for some time at home before rocking them at some fancy high-profile event. As someone who thinks she has worn plenty of high-heels plenty of times, I assumed it wouldn’t be a problem, but we are talking about a 14cm heel (5.5 inches) with a 2,5cm platform (1 ich). I mean this is not your all day every day high heel you’d wear when just popping down to the supermarket and I soon noticed that the shoe is giving its wearer a different poise, it’s in the way you stand in those. It was not exactly the same with 100 Bis un bout patent pumps I bought in summer, they are significantly shorter as well. My party at Toldboden ended after two hours with aching feet.

Later I found a post on someone’s social network saying something like: Ladies, don’t forget to wear in your Loubis before you go to sit front row of the shows – and it showed three celeb fashionistas sitting in the front row. It made sense – one may be used to wearing high heels but it’s nowhere near the same to wearing Bibi 140 pumps by Christian Louboutin – that is a science of its own.

I’ve worn them in at home in the meantime – and now I’m good to run marathons in them, no need to mention win them.

I was wearing:  
Christian Louboutin Bibi 140 tartan pumps

Lilac tartan jumper
  green Hugo Boss skirt

J. Crew earrings
(similar ones: here)

I hope you are having fun ladies – remember to try and always do what makes you happy and to live life to the fullest!

xox, the Flamboyante

Here Kitty, Kitty!

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Vienna now has a cat cafe! It is called Neko and located in the heart of Vienna, the city center. So how do you imagine a cat cafe to be? I will answer you that because today I stopped by there, to see what this is all about and to take a couple of photos.

Basically it is a cafe that has at least five cats running around and pleasing the eye and heart of the visitors. The concept is that the cats are free to go from table to table and spend a little quality time with cat lovers. Every table has a little bait, for example a little toy mouse or a ball attached to a string and like that you’d be able to lure a cat to your table.

On this occasion I had to sport one of my favourite dresses – a Marc by Marc Jacobs panther print dress. I have been so crazy about this print that I had to get the tote from the same collection as well. I have been wearing both pieces a lot, but never together, as I was concerned it might be looking a bit overdone. But I think combined with the contrasting brogues it really makes a lovely and elegant outfit.

The interior of the cafe is modern and chic and of course adapted to the needs of to those who run this place: the cats! Some people were so fond of the furry friends that they tried to keep them at their table by all means. Seeing their excitement was really funny! The cats also have a place were they can retreat a little if life and people get too hectic for them. I contented myself with drinking coffee and watching the whole scenery.

You probably know by now the Flamboyante loves to accessorize…I updated my outfit with a cute statement hedgehog ring, drop earrings by Kevia and – another thing I got from the Marc Jacobs collections – a panther hair clip. Why am I so crazy about panthers? I’ll let you into a secret: I have a little panther tatoo I got in Paris when studying acting over there for a year. The tatoo artist was Tin Tin – anyone who is into tatoos knows he is a great artist. I would only get inked by a great artist, since I have to run around with this piece of art for the rest of my life.

Going for a cafe in a panther print dress being surrounded by beautiful cats – to me that is a purrrfect thing to do in Vienna. Do you have such an exciting place in your home town – an animal cafe? Maybe it is time for you to explore what your city offers to you….I am leaving you here for now with one more pussy cat inspiration and one more little information: Neko in Japanese means cat – are you surprised?

Meow, the Flamboyante

A fling with spring

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Today it had almost a 30 degree outside and everything bloomed – the flowers in Vienna’s most amazing parks, the people and my love for fashion and my home town. I felt like bursting with inspiration and creativity – luckily I had my good friend Katrin at hand , who agreed to be my muse today.

Katrin modeled flower prints at their best for me. We got the pieces for our shoot from Austrian designer  SAPERLIPOPETTE, who is excellent for wearable, adorable and comfortable women’s wear – who would have thought that these three qualities in clothing would find common ground? And did I mention that the designs actually are affordable?

I know: it sounds almost to good to be true. But the fabrics used for SAPERLIPOPETTE clothes are so comfortable ( mainly high quality cotton and viscose) that Katrin said she had no problem wearing them all day long, even at this hot weather. Wether they are stunning, I’ll let you explore, but I already know that by the end of my article I will have  you in love – either with the dresses or beautiful Vienna or (and this is directed at you, boys – I know some of  you like to peek into my blog)… perhaps with Katrin.

How stunning is Katrin looking in those designs? We loved to mix and match the different patterns and I think this is also a part of the philosophy of Saperlipopette. Some of her designs are convertible, which I think is just so much more sustainable these days, I mean we all want good value for money.  And I also think the clothes are super versatile, as they are no-fuss – one could wear them on the playground with the kids, or wear them at school, wear them at the beach club, for a Sunday afternoon stroll, on a date…you get the picture.

I would have loved wearing them today, but then I couldn’t have acted as the photographer, which every now and again I feel the urge to be. When Katrin and I stopped by the shop to get some more outfits, Katrin slid in a little time for shopping – and immediately found a piece she absolutely needed to have: looks like she is in a tangerine mood?

We decided to go the amazing Volksgarten for the second part of the shoot and if you follow my blog, you may have noticed I mentioned that Vienna has some outstanding parks.

On our way back home we stopped by the store one more time – Katrin had to snatch up a few pieces from the vibrant, womanly Saperlipopette designs. If you wanna know how to get your hands on one or the other clothing item, it is advisably to stop by their web page, since Caro, the owner, is only opening the store every second Friday and Saturday of the month. But don’t worry, you won’t have to wait another month – there is a contact number, so you can contact the owner, if you have seen something you like.

I have had the perfect muse today, and my muse certainly has updated her spring/summer wardrobe with some stunning pieces. I am only left wondering: what do my readers now think of Austrian fashion? Don’t be shy and drop me a comment!

xox, the Flamboyante

Blockin’ it cheap and chic

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I have a plan to boost my health and well being this spring, so today I head off to the Naschmarkt. It’s a huge food market offering a variety of international food products, vegetables and fruits, flowers, clothes and all sorts of things.

The plan is to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable and to drink plenty of water. I brought a large straw bag with me and a dress I got a couple of months ago, when it was still freezing here in Vienna. I was very much looking forward to the day I could wear it. Today it had finally be a bit summery. This dress is just right for going to the markets, it is comfortable and stylish. The Naschmarkt has a lot of eateries and hang out places as well, it is always crowded with all different kind of people from young to old and tourists as well, they go there to eat and drink, have fun and socialize.

I was on the look out for some nice fruits and other interesting or exotic food treasures.

Dou you know what these are? I actually never ate them. The Naschmarkt is well-known for  Turkish products like bread, olives, goats cheese. Of course you’d find all sorts of meat and fish, which scares me a bit to look at, so I pass quickly at these stands. Then there are all types of restaurants, plenty of Asian cuisine ranging from Korean to Vietnamese to Japanese, of course Austrian restaurants and sort of pubs – we call them Beisl, you’d find Lebanese cuisine and a few cool cafes to meet the lovely and hip folks.

I feel good in this place and fabulous in my dress, which has been amazingly inexpensive. It’s okay, even advisable when you buy something that is more a trend. I’d rather invest in something timeless – and in summer spend my money on eating well and out and spending quality time. A key to a good looks and vibrancy is feeling good – about yourself and life, there are so many nice things to explore and appreciate.

I found myself some nice fruits but now I am on the look out for something more exotic to fill my kitchen cupboard.

I am really getting tired and need a little rest. Luckily the Naschmarkt is nearby the city center. The plan is to relax, drink a little coffe and then maybe do a little window shopping to get some style inspiration for new outfits. It’s quite handy to do that when shops are already closed – there is no temptation.

The over dimensional wafer buiscuits are typical Austrian, the so called Mannerschnitten– perhaps they are world famous.

On my way home I stumble over the most exciting thing of the day. Is it fate or co-incidence? Well it must be some kind of magic…

This dress! This is what I saw when I walked past the Akris store,it was an incredible co-incidence. This surely  is an amazing dress. As you can see the concept of dress is similar to mine if not the same. Ofcourse the tailoring is different, although it was tucked in the back.When it comes to design and quality this dress is uncomparable to mine, no question. It is made of rich and heavy silk and has an incredibly creative and adorable graphic print- on the ‘top’ of the yellow block  little men are seated, enjoying their point of view.

Do you want to know the price tag? Remain seated – the dress costs 1,700 Euros. I couldn’t spend that ammount of money on a dress – never saying never – but if I had that much at hand I would rather spend some time on a sunny beach somewhere in the pacific or south pacific. Oh well…hopefully soon. Well my dress had cost less than two percent of the other dresses price – you do the maths. So one more time: my dress next to the other dress:

I can say this with all my confidence, I still felt like a million dollars – because I had a beautiful day! It’s certainly an art to channel a certain look, not so much a question of money.

xox, the Flamboyante

Ps: Have you entered my summer accessory give away? Let me help you look fab and save a little money at the same time for some quality time!

Denim loves Sequin from dusk ’til dawn

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Today I teamed up two of my favourite clothing items to create a look of effortless chic. I was so pleased about how my silver sequin skirt worked with the western style denim shirt, I decided to wear it from dusk ’til dawn.

When I stepped out in the afternoon I paired the outfit with a mirror embellished sandal which worked so nicely with the sequined skirt. I am wearing a wooden bangle with studs and sort of DIY ear rings, which basically means I coated some cheap fashion jewellery with nail varnish at my pleasure. I know that neon colour jewellery is trending, but then again it is a trend so where is the point in splurging money on big names such as Tom Binns, etc. A thing that to me defines a great fashionista is creativity and playfulness.

Later on I swapped these pretty sandals for a silver strappy heel. They have little purple glass stones on the sides, that’s why I love them. The heels instantly turned my relaxed hippie luxe into a bombshell outfit and I was good to head off to the party.

This time you’ll find me at the Volksgarten Cafe – which is a cool hang out for late afternoons. They do lovely fresh dishes from the grill and later on in the night there is DJ playing music, turning the cafe into a disco.

Are you gonna join?

xox, the Flamboyante

Tough pistachio

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Finally – the first sun rays are out in Vienna – we’ve all waited a long time – so here I am – posting another outfit for you. I was really looking forward to doing this. I think I would have never put the look together in the same way if I hadn’t started out on blogging about fashion. I find this pretty exciting. It just makes many things I would usually  have done more special. Today I really enjoyed my life, my city, the warm weather, the people important in my life…I hope that you can enjoy this outfit and that it gives you some inspiration for this summer season.

Also, another chance for me to show you the beauty of my city. If you’ve ever planned to go on a trip to Vienna- here’s where you’ll get to know more about it. Today I have been around the area of the Karlskirche in central Vienna. I later on moved to the Burgarten and may I say that Vienna has fantastic and enormously beautiful parks? I know of the beautiful parks in London and Paris and plenty of other European cities. Vienna’s parks have their very own flair. At the moment you can see stunning tulip beds on very many places in the city, not just inside the parks. They come in a variety of colours from pink to purple.

I was so pleased to see this little monument today at the Karlsplatz – it was for the first time! How cute and beautiful is this monument !? Since I lived away from my home town for a few years I always get to discover things I haven’t seen before. I love it, it’s like being a tourist in my own town.

Today I combined this tough Phillip Lim  leather jacket with a Winter Kate floral print blouse and a  pistachio ruched jersey skirt, as well as tassel booties and some jewellery I’d always wear (Kenneth Jay Lane, Isharya). I love it when colours carry  food names like mango, papaya, vanilla, raspberry…it also defines the shade of a colour way more than the usual orange, beige, pink…I think it is quite obvious that I like to play around with styles, for example elegant and edgy or romantic and tough. We couldn’t get enough of shooting the details of this jacket, it is beautiful in the back and in the front. Notice the contrasting sleeve, the cuffs are of a trench coat. The lacing in the back is to die for.

When strolling around in the city I mostly end up in a cafe or restaurant to get myself a treat.  I pop into the Coffe Day opposite the Albertina, one of Vienna’s great museums. It may not be the most fancy eatery, but the prices are fair and the quality and choice of food is really good. My pistachio coloured outfit had me ordering all things green – Avocado salad and spinach pasta.

But before I leave you let me quickly give you a taste of the beauty of our parks – here we are in front of the Mozart monument in Burgarten. one may not be able to call Vienna the city of fashion like for example Milan or Paris, but you can certainly call Vienna the city of music.

And that’s it from me for today. I hope you enjoyed our little pleasure trip.

I can’t wait to see you again,

xox, the Flamboyante

Delightful de-formation

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Here I am again telling you that putting on something that will make you feel beautiful, elegant or just simply adorable can boost your mood – no matter what the weather. Today it has been rainy and cold in Vienna, not quite right for this time of the year. Yet I told myself, I need to go out, be creative, do something, that maybe I could share with you. So I headed to the Museumsquartier – the museum’s quarter which is a great hang out – anytime of the year.

I was wearing a camel biker jacket, extreme wide leg pants, a contrast collar shirt – which I advise you to make a wardrobe staple – they are so much more versatile than the regular shirt and will add zing to any bottom piece you are wearing. Since I always like a little bit of a Rock’n’Roll twist I teamed up with peep toe booties and oversized jewellery.

The Museumsquartier is a great place to be, it offers anything from art exhibitions to bars and restaurants to little shops, with extraordinary, mostly handcrafted goods – all on this one big complex, where loads of people will hang out in summer for social gathering. But before I could enter for the fun bit I found myself turning into a piece of art myself…did I mention it was windy?

Uuh, that was chilly. But now enough of the talking – let’s go inside and have a look at the shops. From postcards, to books, to clothes, to quirky little accessories for your home- I’m sure we’ll find a little something that will cheer us up! – Oh my those boxes: Ma boîte à rêves, la boîte à buiscuits, my happy box…which one is your fave?

I treat myself to a post card and move on to the book store. Bad weather is perfect for reading and I really need to update my library. If you are looking for exquisite and rare books around fashion, art and photography you must come to the MQ – the Museumsquartier in Vienna!

This last photo of mine reminded me of the quote: I don’t read, I only look at pictures. Sometimes it is okay to do that – we get a lot of information from pictures, images, art. We certainly get inspiration for new thoughts and ways.

Another thing I’m sure of – we had  fun at the MQ.  See you there in summer, I’m looking forward to it!

xox, the Flamboyante

God gave Rock’n’Roll to you

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Today I really felt like going out, thinking a little bit about life, the path I’m on, myself.  The canal by the Danube, which is a bit like the river Thames in London or the Seine in Paris, is perfect for taking a stroll and catching some fresh air. Here, all(most) by myself I’d find peace, calm and inspiration to turn inward and find one or the other answer to some of my questions.

What has changed since I started out on writing a blog about fashion? In fact a lot has. Like for example, before two months ago, I don’t think I would have put so much effort and attention to my appearance. Don’t get me wrong, I just didn’t do it so frequently. It is a beautiful thing to pay attention to detail and to appreciate life and yourself.

I have to say that my personal style blog has been an amazing journey so far. I found so many likely minded, who are happy to talk about fashion, just like I! I’m overwhelmed!

Of course I didn’t just wake up one day being a fashion blogger. I lived in London for three years, where I’ve been modeling.  Since almost three years now I had been back in my home town Vienna. Here the market is small and it’s better if you had been around for a while. The successful models are those on bill boards for Burger King – to me this is not challenging enough to go out every day for ‘fight’. In London it has been the shows and works with designers that kept me on my feet from early mornings to late nights, there were a lot of castings, networking, opportunities…( you can find some of my past modeling work here )

But I realized I don’t need a certain place or certain people to live fashion. Fashion is a part of me and my personality. As it is for anyone else. There’s a lot we can say about someone’s personality looking at their choice of clothes and how they wear them. I find this really exciting!

Today I stepped out in my all time favourite clothes. All my things are always so carefully selected, I can go on thinking for weeks about any new addition or purchase to my wardrobe.

I was wearing  floral print pants and an asymmetric top with ruffled tiers, soft-as-butter biker boots and a bad ass cropped leather jacket with slit detailing and little piercings at the hem.This is my rock versus romance look I love to pieces  and have been sporting a lot, last year and also will for the next year. Team up those pieces with a studded and fringed leather tote and you’re good to go.  My jewellery always has some sort of meaning – today I brought my crow pendant with a rock crystal.    Can’t make up your mind whether you like the black or the aqua blue nail varnish more? Take both! I call it the colour block nails and love the fact they look kind of arty. Be creative and find your style. Go out and be the fashionista or maybe blogger you always wanted to be. Don’t be shy to be who you want to be and remember one thing:

God gave Rock’n’Roll to you. He put it in the soul of everyone!

xox, the Flamboyante

chick flick chic

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Good news – I have got something brand new for you! The chick flick chic – say it: chick  – flick – chiiiique. What’s that?  I hear you ask. It’s the chic you rock, when your out on town with friends for a fun cinema afternoon show. The things that feel comfy but stylish, reflect your personality and something that will get you and the girls chatting about fashion.

I brought my favourite pieces from my wardrobe: A long linen maxi skirt, this lovely cotton blouse with paisley print, my goes-with-everything faux leather jacket by HM, and…

that’s right – cowboy boots! I never thought I’d own a pair of Cowboy boots – I never really liked them. But when I saw these I was taken right away. I saved up for  months to make them mine. I mean isn’t that floral embroidery  just awesome? Best boots for summer…

The awesome jewellery that all my friends marveled at is from We Bandits. Remember    not so long ago I went to their store opening? They are based in Theobaldgasse 14 in the sixth district of Vienna. It didn’t take me too long to come back there – I’m in love with their jewellery! And I have some more good news for you. Those quirky and unique designed pieces start from 18 Euros, the most expensive being around 50 Euros. So, yes, every piece is unique and it’s easy to find one or the other that suits your personality most.

I for example love taking pictures, this little camera is perfect for that. It even opens in the back, so some could perhaps insert a tiny little 0,001 nanometer film? I love how this castle ring looks like it’s a ring with spikes at first sight. When you look at it closer you get to see it’s a pretty little castle. Certainly will make you feel like you’re the queen of your castle! The long ring made for two fingers is a little branch with four little birds sitting on it. Immediately the song ‘Every little thing is gonna be alright’ comes to my mind. I can tell you this ring surely makes me feel alright, as it is absolutely a cool girl’s accessory. Next to it I am wearing a little sea-horse ring and a beautiful shell ring on the other hand.

From all the admiring and taking photos we are almost forgetting time. The show is about to begin and so we  are heading to the cinema. But before we are heading to the lobby to get ourselves a treat. Popcorn anyone?

When I take off my jacket my friends get to take a last and closer glance at my necklaces. What’s the big one? I am being asked. It’s a carousel – since the girls are out to play   – perfect! And what place is better  for fooling around like children than cinema?

how to make a gif

And you? What movie will you be watching soon with your girl friends?

xox, the Flamboyante

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