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I don’t know if you noticed but my ways quite often lead to London, mostly intentionally, last time at Halloween even accidentally because I bought a flight ticket for the wrong date.

I will let you into a secret: I secretly am in love with London, you could say I’m a Brit at heart. I’ve spent three wonderful years there, working as a promoter and model and within the past three years, since I moved back to my home town Vienna, I am always looking for an excuse to visit this wonderful city and always am ready to just jump on a plane and go there (London is a two-hour flight from Vienna.)

My next visit will be on the 27th of November, I will be going to watch the ceremony of the British Fashion Awards 2012 live taking place at the Savoy theater in London. I am beyond excited about the event and was so lucky to get my hands on a purple ticket – tickets reserved for bloggers and fashion students. Star studded nominees include Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen and Burberry for the Best Designer Brand 2012, Victoria Beckham for the Red Carpet Award, Mary Katrantzou for designer of the year and the models, we’ve seen in almost every show and campaign: Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn.

I have already told all my friends about how thrilled I am and kept telling them about the outfit I chose for the event. Since I have a blog, I thought why not share the excitement and outfit I chose with all of you. For the first time I will be wearing a designer from head to toe, a look that has also hit the runways on London Fashion Week. I will be wearing a Moschino Cheap and Chic patchwork lace dress together with matching Crystal-embellished suede pumps as seen on the runways. To top off the outfit and channel the look from the show I will be adding a pop of neon with my AILA neon yellow spike me mini bag with silver studs, which I have been wearing up and down in my post about the neon yellow Christian Louboutin bis un bouts.

So here is the break down of my outfit for the British Fashion Awards 2012:




And here how it looked on the runway:

image source: Google images

This patchwork lace dress with its interesting, fresh color palette just hit the nail for me. I don’t even have to say that the crystall-embellished suede pumps are the ultimate princess shoes, they are like a dream come true! I have a very special relation with Moschino because I once strutted the catwalk for the label at the Vienna Life Ball, a huge and internationally renowned AIDS benefit event. I am completely crazy about the whole collection because it embodies feminine elegance and playfulness at the same time, with wonderful adorable pastel shades and interesting photo prints, which are absolutely current trend.

I also wanted to share a photo from one of my outfits at London Fashion Week in September, which I withheld from you for so long. I am wearing a Preen line quilted leather pencil skirt with peplum, which I hope to show you more of in the future:

photo credit: Amar Daved
Source: www.elle.com

I really want to know what you think about my choices for special occasions. Do you think I have got what it takes to be a style setter?

How would you choose to dress for a  high-profile fashion event?

All your comments are much appreciated!

xox, the Flamboyante

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