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Tanning like a model…

In Advice, Beauty, Travel on July 11, 2012 at 5:49 am

This time I am back with some real insider tanning advice. Ever wondered why models never seem to age (think  Kate Moss) ? Of course there are many secrets to it, and all put together will make the impact. One thing every model or celebrity knows, is that wearing sun screen in summer is v i t a l for youthful looking skin. The damage of exaggerated sun tanning is irreversible and certainly not something you will want to deal with later. It’s better preparing and protecting your skin each time before you go tanning, than regretting it later.

Celebrities also know that even in Winter UV can affect your skin in a bad way. It is advisable to use a facial care that already has SPF throughout the year!

Before tanning I get a good body scrub. Turkey – where I spent my holiday – has turkish steam baths on every corner, that offer whole body scrubs – a true bliss!

This year I discovered Supergoop! – which is an award-winning sunscreen lotion, and a true insider tip amongst beauty worshippers and celebrities. It soaks in in nil time, without leaving those greasy white marks, you’d usually get from sun lotion. It has a nice smell of citrus and it is even eco-friendly. I bought a big family bottle to make sure my skin stays moisturized and protected throughout the whole summer. I also brought Supergoop! SPF 30 sunscreen swipes with me. They are fabulous to ‘touch up’ on the go, or you could just pop them into your city bag, to be assured the most important part- your face – is always protected.The swipes just work like those facial swipes you’d use to take off your make-up.

So the key to a healthy tan is peel, protect and be beach babe fabulous! I was wearing a ‘Brangelina’ bikini by Pistol Panties.

I hope you’re finding this helpful – from my side, I’m sure,that after reading this – you’re good to hit the beach and tan like a star!

xox, the Flamboyante

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