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That thing hanging on the hanger is not a baby bib, ladies- this is a mock shirt! Please add the word to your fashion jargon – you will need it 🙂

I saw this ‘thing’ at the COS store in Nice a couple of months ago it kind of lingered in my mind. I found it online but eventually wouldn’t buy it for a while. Yet I kept on thinking about how this small accessory is going to upgrade plenty of my jumpers, cardigans and dresses, giving them the certain ‘it’. Just recently a COS store opened up in Vienna, and the moment I heard the news I would go there to finally get my hands on this affordable, versatile and cute update to my wardrobe. Inside the store I asked the shop assistant, if they have the mock shirt I saw on the Internet in store. Ofcourse, the sales girl immediately asked me: ‘The what’? (I don’t blame her though, I mean where not in the UK, where someone just ‘d go: Sure dear I’m getting it for you, besides mock shirt is not a German word) But she’d very soon go: Oh you mean that thing, drawing a fictitious bib. She told me they’d have one left but only in M/L and before she even finished saying Large I’ve already snatched it from her it, heading to the cash desk to make, what I felt was the best purchase of the year.

Later in the afternoon my best girl Katy would stop by. I said to her: This is not a shirt I am wearing underneath, it’s a mock shirt. Katy was so fascinated by ‘the thing’, she even made me take off my jumper, so she could peruse it. She was fascinated how the mock shirt can be adjusted at the sides – why people didn’t have this idea earlier, she said.

Why are mock shirts or collars so versatile? Because you may have a tight-fitting dress or jumper and you don’t want to squeeze a whole shirt underneath but still want to wear a collar with it. Isn’t it amazing how little, simple things will make the difference when it comes to fashion?

I am wearing:
COS jumper
COS mock shirt
Kenneth Jay Lane earrings
(found similar candy coloured earrings by Erickson Beamon here)
Kenneth Jay Lane crystal ring (on sale!)
Victoria Beckham denim

The COS mock shirt has already sold out online, but to make the search for similar styles and cute collars easier for you, I have pre-selected a choice from across the web for you, including the ultra cute Sonia Rykiel crystal embellished cotton collar, I also quite fancy.

1. Miu Miu striped silk collar
2. Asos embellished stone floral collar
3. Philipp Lim pointed metallic leather collar
4. Sonia Rykiel crystall embellished cotton collar
5. Karl Alycia metal-tipped lace-trimmed cotton collar
6. Karl Lagerfeld black diamond and 
hydrothermal emerald - embellished collar

Are you as fascinated by the mock shirt as much as we were?

xox, the Flamboyante

A wood nymph fairy tale

In Austria, Design, Fashion, Fashion photography, Street fashion, Trend on June 4, 2012 at 12:30 am

I felt the call of mother nature so intense lately, so we decided to take a stroll in Viennese woods, taking some good pictures as an excuse. As we walk along little footpaths, getting deeper and deeper into the woods, until trees and dense undergrowth almost made it impossible to move on – that’s where we came across a fantastic creature: the wood nymph…

The wood nymph is extremely shy, so it is very rare that a wanderer would get a glance at her, let alone get closer to the exotic creature. She usually hides in areas where trees are densely grown. But when the sun comes out, the wood nymph comes out too, celebrating the day and fueling up with new energy.

For times when heat is turning into a plague, the wood nymph has got a wide brim hat to protect herself.

When nights get chilly, she covers up with a  kimono jacket.

The wood nymph is content with her life. The woods offer everything she needs: shelter, food and beautiful natural resources, such as semi-precious stones and gold, to satisfy her demand of luxury.

All clothing by:  A Wear, Ash sandals from last summer, hat by Sportmax and my jewellery: necklace by Fiona Paxton, rings: Kenneth Jay Lane, Lulu Frost, the usual suspects…

I hoped you enjoyed diving into my fashion fairy tale world, if I have inspired you to go out and do the same, I suggest you do – and see what you may get from it.                     Maybe deeper insight in to your self and soul…

xox the Flamboyante

Tough pistachio

In Austria, Design, Edgy, Fashion, Fashion photography, Street fashion on April 25, 2012 at 9:00 pm

Finally – the first sun rays are out in Vienna – we’ve all waited a long time – so here I am – posting another outfit for you. I was really looking forward to doing this. I think I would have never put the look together in the same way if I hadn’t started out on blogging about fashion. I find this pretty exciting. It just makes many things I would usually  have done more special. Today I really enjoyed my life, my city, the warm weather, the people important in my life…I hope that you can enjoy this outfit and that it gives you some inspiration for this summer season.

Also, another chance for me to show you the beauty of my city. If you’ve ever planned to go on a trip to Vienna- here’s where you’ll get to know more about it. Today I have been around the area of the Karlskirche in central Vienna. I later on moved to the Burgarten and may I say that Vienna has fantastic and enormously beautiful parks? I know of the beautiful parks in London and Paris and plenty of other European cities. Vienna’s parks have their very own flair. At the moment you can see stunning tulip beds on very many places in the city, not just inside the parks. They come in a variety of colours from pink to purple.

I was so pleased to see this little monument today at the Karlsplatz – it was for the first time! How cute and beautiful is this monument !? Since I lived away from my home town for a few years I always get to discover things I haven’t seen before. I love it, it’s like being a tourist in my own town.

Today I combined this tough Phillip Lim  leather jacket with a Winter Kate floral print blouse and a  pistachio ruched jersey skirt, as well as tassel booties and some jewellery I’d always wear (Kenneth Jay Lane, Isharya). I love it when colours carry  food names like mango, papaya, vanilla, raspberry…it also defines the shade of a colour way more than the usual orange, beige, pink…I think it is quite obvious that I like to play around with styles, for example elegant and edgy or romantic and tough. We couldn’t get enough of shooting the details of this jacket, it is beautiful in the back and in the front. Notice the contrasting sleeve, the cuffs are of a trench coat. The lacing in the back is to die for.

When strolling around in the city I mostly end up in a cafe or restaurant to get myself a treat.  I pop into the Coffe Day opposite the Albertina, one of Vienna’s great museums. It may not be the most fancy eatery, but the prices are fair and the quality and choice of food is really good. My pistachio coloured outfit had me ordering all things green – Avocado salad and spinach pasta.

But before I leave you let me quickly give you a taste of the beauty of our parks – here we are in front of the Mozart monument in Burgarten. one may not be able to call Vienna the city of fashion like for example Milan or Paris, but you can certainly call Vienna the city of music.

And that’s it from me for today. I hope you enjoyed our little pleasure trip.

I can’t wait to see you again,

xox, the Flamboyante

Kenneths are a girl’s best friend

In Accessories, Fashion, Fashion photography, Trend on March 9, 2012 at 10:05 pm

It’s my birthday tomorrow, so I thought I’d add a little sparkle to my life.

I dedicate this post to a magnificent fashion jewellery designer. Not just any fashion jewellery – it’s the kind that is going to make you feel like a million bucks.

So beautifully well crafted, it’s hard to spot a difference between Kenneth Jay Lane jewellery and the ‘real deal’. Rumours has it that plenty of A-list stars are fans of his creations, even wearing them on the red carpet. Liz Taylor is said to be amongst his clientel, and it’s not that this lady couldn’t afford some serious rocks. Maybe she just loves his creations because they are so beautiful.

These are bone hoop earrings made of real bone. All the jewellery are gold plated and combined with natural stone or crystals.

I love wearing these so much, they are so feminine and elegant, it makes me jump of joy.

This purple resin pendant is so unique either. See how the metallic  necklace is sparkeling? It just looks so real.

I also love wearing this gold plated over size ring. I don’t know how but this ring basically fits with almost everything I wear. It’s nice when you have things in your accessories collection, that reflect your personality and that accompany you for a long time…

The cross pendant with natural stone in red and blue and the coin drops earrings are fierce. Maybe not the thing you would wear all day every day, but certainly something that will upgrade any outfit from casual to boho luxe. Here on the picture I feel a bit like a belly dancer.

We captured the Agate chain necklace  and oversized cocktail ring in a mysterious looking way. But there is in fact something mysterious about these creations here:

The only thing left to say is:  it was a beautiful day and a beautiful occasion to praise the world of glamour and gold. My birthday certainly deserves that. And I think even Marilyn Monroe would agree with me on this one: Sometimes we just feel like a million bucks. And it has nothing to do with money….

xox, the Flamboyante

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