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Flames!  My stay in London did not just have the sole purpose to attend the London Collections:Men – there was something else that I already had impatiently been waiting to show you. I was granted the great honour to model the Spring/Summer 13 collection by iconic and modern British fashion house REISS for my blog!

In my last preview of the SS 13 lookbook I made no secret of how fond I am of the collection- which is dominated by candy hues and pastel colours like baby pink, coral and sky blue with contrasting khaki and tomatoe tones, that add depth and a certain grown-up-ness – exactly the shades of my dreams.  Stylish, wearable, directional, with a subtle sexiness, is what REISS wear always meant to me since I discovered the label in 2006. It was interesting to hear, that the company, which launched in 1971 started producing women’s clothing only in 2000!

Experiencing the quality and softness of the fabrics, which were floaty and silky  and felt luxurious yet comfortable against the skin (mainly tencel -very light viscose – and silk were used for the dresses, blouses and shirts) made this a valuable experience. The down side of this experience is that I am left way more indecisive about what I would love to get for myself and this summer (thinking that obviously I won’t be able to have it all….;) ) When it comes to tayloring, I’d always rely on Reiss designs and it seems that the design team behind it all exactly knows what a young women living in a buzzing world metropole wanst: sophisticated – chic – effortless. Don’t you just love it when you throw on a dress and instantly look like the well dressed , self confident woman you are?

IMG_0656IMG_0668IMG_0682IMG_0695IMG_0698IMG_0740 IMG_0747IMG_0760IMG_0755IMG_0767IMG_0768IMG_0725

All photographs thanks to: Philipp Ueberfellner

Eye catching details of the accessories are large flower applications on bags and clutches, adorable square stud details and the mix of materials like raffia and suede. I also immediately noticed the soft as butter quality of the grosgrain leather used for jackets and handbags, that had me craving for both badly.

Part of the SS13 collection already is available in stores and online. For all of you savvy and budget concious shoppers (like myself mostly ) I also wanted to give you the hint that sale is coming to an end – which really is the best time to shop, because it means that prices drop down to the lowest. Reiss is now offering up to 70% off the Autum/Winter collection and free shipping when more than 150 Euro spent or 300 USD (free standard shipping in the UK on all orders). To give you a hand, I have a pre-selection of the best pieces of the sale for you, those that would really make sense to have in a well assorted wardrobe:

Hadden Jacket  Was £225 Now £90

Joyce Refined Track Pants  Was £89 Now £26

Bella Skirt  Was £135 Now £40

Felicity Coat  Was £295 Now £88

Greneta Shoes  Was £149 Now £44

Since we have been talking men’s fashion a lot lately, I thought I’d  let you know that the choice of men’s wear is on sale is eclectic offering suits and jacket from classic, clean- cut tayloring to a more fashionable approach in colour and fabric. (Who knows, you may have an ultra stylish hubby or boyfriend). Here you can  Shop the Men’s Sale at Reiss.com. I am also working on my next giveaway for all of you, gorgeous readers, in cooperation with Reiss, so make sure to check back for that!

Now I am just left wondering which one of those outfits did you find the most striking?

xox, the Flamboyante

Reiss UK

MAYANUR and Sand in the City

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Last week there was this perfect day with the perfect weather. Lately I found myself dreaming intensively about going on holidays and traveling far. The perfect location for  dreaming and enjoying the sun is the Sand in the City – a beach style location with small bars, sun beds and even a  space for beach ball…

Even more perfect that I recently got gifted a handmade short – the tulip short by 100% love. The designer Maya Nuranti is based in Bali, where she is producing her clothing line, together with her sister Mia.

I teamed this short with a hat I got on my travels to the Dominican Republic, a simple H&M blouse with peter pan collar and lace loafers, sporting a beach dandy look on my hangout at the Sand in the City.

I wore this beautiful handmade short with pride. Just imagine: it came all the way from Bali to Austria!
Later in the evening I made the beautiful handmade short with an adorable tulip print fit for dinner – by adding an amazing Alexander Wang heel and another thing I’m quite into at the moment – a slit sleeve blouse. I am heading to the Indochine21 in first district, known for exquisite Asian cuisine ranging from Japanese to Indonesian.

While I am waiting for the main course I am dreaming and planing my next exotic get-away. If you want to get your hands on a piece of Bali you can do so over the Mayanur website or find them on Etsy. You should really check out the amazing hand-made feather earrings as well. I got myself the blue and white ones as a little extra treat. Whatever it is you choose from Mayanur’s designs – you can be sure it was made with 100% love!

What are your traveler’s dreams made of?

xox, the Flamboyante

Here Kitty, Kitty!

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Vienna now has a cat cafe! It is called Neko and located in the heart of Vienna, the city center. So how do you imagine a cat cafe to be? I will answer you that because today I stopped by there, to see what this is all about and to take a couple of photos.

Basically it is a cafe that has at least five cats running around and pleasing the eye and heart of the visitors. The concept is that the cats are free to go from table to table and spend a little quality time with cat lovers. Every table has a little bait, for example a little toy mouse or a ball attached to a string and like that you’d be able to lure a cat to your table.

On this occasion I had to sport one of my favourite dresses – a Marc by Marc Jacobs panther print dress. I have been so crazy about this print that I had to get the tote from the same collection as well. I have been wearing both pieces a lot, but never together, as I was concerned it might be looking a bit overdone. But I think combined with the contrasting brogues it really makes a lovely and elegant outfit.

The interior of the cafe is modern and chic and of course adapted to the needs of to those who run this place: the cats! Some people were so fond of the furry friends that they tried to keep them at their table by all means. Seeing their excitement was really funny! The cats also have a place were they can retreat a little if life and people get too hectic for them. I contented myself with drinking coffee and watching the whole scenery.

You probably know by now the Flamboyante loves to accessorize…I updated my outfit with a cute statement hedgehog ring, drop earrings by Kevia and – another thing I got from the Marc Jacobs collections – a panther hair clip. Why am I so crazy about panthers? I’ll let you into a secret: I have a little panther tatoo I got in Paris when studying acting over there for a year. The tatoo artist was Tin Tin – anyone who is into tatoos knows he is a great artist. I would only get inked by a great artist, since I have to run around with this piece of art for the rest of my life.

Going for a cafe in a panther print dress being surrounded by beautiful cats – to me that is a purrrfect thing to do in Vienna. Do you have such an exciting place in your home town – an animal cafe? Maybe it is time for you to explore what your city offers to you….I am leaving you here for now with one more pussy cat inspiration and one more little information: Neko in Japanese means cat – are you surprised?

Meow, the Flamboyante

We’ve built a palace so you can shop

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This is not a fairy tale, it’s actually true. Vienna has built a temporary palace inside of the museum of applied arts – the MAK. This boutique style expo is called Modepalast – the fashion palace. In the last three days one could shop, browse and marvel at the work of about 90 designers, most of them national or based in Austria. To me that’s good news, because three months ago I embarked on a journey, where I was going to find out more about the fashion of my country, the sense of fashion and the people involved in it.

This time I was able to look at a bigger picture, all the labels of Austria were together in one spot. Some of the designers I knew from long time ago and some were completely new to me.

That was my question answered, now let me answer some of your questions:

Has the clothing been nice, interesting, stylish? Did I see must haves, wants, arm candy? Is this a place to spend and get fabulous fashion in return? Considering the eclectic choice of clothing for children, women and men, jewellery, accessories, shoes, home deco – well all kind of unique or hand-crafted things – considering all of this: yes, yes, yes!

Guilt free fashion love

I’m sure you’ve seen one or the other thing you fancy…

Some of the designers were:

Ayo van Elmar

Ivan Asen 22


La femme Mimi

Tata Christiane

Ivan Jankovic



A shop I really loved was:

Bee Zee Eco Kid  – I stopped there because they did the cutest toys and clothing for babies and toddlers. The two girls at the stand were extraordinarily charming. The materials of the clothing line are not only eco friendly but the small company also pays attention to sustainability as they support an African fair trade community. I’m immediately taken….

No wonder at all the label won the best green designer 2012 award of Modepalast Vienna.

Also no doubt, the Modepalast is a place where fashion meets art. You’ll find yourself thoroughly pampered and catered for and it is a wonderful platform to socialize.

I know this has been a long round tour and I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far. You may even now think that Austria has some cool and genuine designers. Last but not least let me show you whom I met on the event.

Ayo van Elmar, who’s fashion she herself describes as contemporary afrocentric chic. I loved the vibrancy of her clothes, plus I absolutely love all sorts of ethnic fashion, I absolutely adore African fashion.

I’ve heard of this name earlier but to my surprise the designer has been someone I knew from my past modelling time. I couldn’t help saying it, but I felt so proud of  her being such talented designer and createing such a beautiful collection – it’s just so nice.

And I meet the best of Austrian fashion bloggers – of course there is more – but more of that later.

It kind of was an exciting moment. Just imagine: you start out on something and suddenly find yourself in the middle of that something. There was Anna Heuberger of H. Anna, who is a fashion and beauty savvy blogger and a theory of drama (almost- finished) student, writing in German. There also was Teresa Hammerl of Colazione a Roma, who’s a blogger for fashion, loves all things Italian and is a free-lance journalist and fashion reporter. I really thought her outfit was special – so well put together – reflecting her personality:

                                                 Anna Heuberger of H. Anna

Teresa Hammerl of Colazione a Roma

One or the other might hopefully now know more about my home country Austria, about the fashion scene, the designers, the bloggers…I’m calling it a day – for today. But before I leave, let me suggest you put the dates for next year’s Modepalast 2013 on your calendar. If you love, breathe and need  fashion then it  will be a great excuse for a trip to Vienna.

Let me know what you are thinking about Austrian fashion – has it been a new terrain for you?. And hopefully see you there next time!

xox, the Flamboyante

It’s a GIVE AWAY! Accessorize like you mean it!

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The last two months had been very exciting for me, getting in touch with other fashionable friends is always such a pleasure. I decided to give back a little lovin’ – so here is my summer accessories give away.

What do you have to do for this little treat? Simply follow these two easy steps and you might have this lovely fashion jewellery set sent to you, gift wrapped in a lovely pink box:

1. Simply follow my blog, which you can do by entering your e-mail address into the box on the right hand side. You don’t need to have a blog for that. Also via bloglovin or, if you are on wordpress via the follow button.

2. Leave a comment below this post. You can do this too with your e-mail address only,  you don’t need to have a blog or any other sort of account. Tell me which has been your favourite post by the Flamboyante so far.

If you had been here once or twice you may have noticed: The Flamboyante loves to accessorize! I handpicked four pieces ( a bracelet, two statement rings and a long chain necklace from Mango and H&M) that reflect my own style and taste and channel the look of designs by great designers like Chan Luu or Kenneth Jay Lane. I picked coral tones for my choices, because they are fab for this summer and will work with mostly anything.

I also believe that we shouldn’t break the bank and also not be constantly following the latest trend – low-key items combined with designer pieces does the magic trick – to me at least. The set is worth 35 Euros – that may not be the world – but I know my fabulous friends out there will rather spend it on nicer things like going to a restaurant or enjoying a night out – so why not accessorize right while you do?

So, good luck! I keep my fingers crossed for you! The winner will be announced on the 30th of May – here and on facebook. Also if you didn’t win this time – don’t worry! There will be more stylish give aways on http://www.theflamboyante.com. You can follow me on facebook – here or twitter – here , for future give aways.

xox, the Flamboyante

I be-leaf in summer

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In February Runways were flooded with large patterns and especially large floral patterns. You needn’t watch all of the LifeFromRunway videos to realize that quickly. I think it is a beautiful trend.


I got this jacket last year – this trend was beginning to ‘bloom’ – because it looks like it is something out of the Miami Vice series. That’s the reason I had to have it. It certainly reflects my personality and taste in fashion. To put it in another way, it is a personal piece.

This jacket was made by one of my favourite designers Vanessa Bruno. Of course it would perfectly work  with a trashy old pair of jeans as well. That would look stunning.   But the fact I could get my hands on this wonderful leaf- shaped  and two-tone (dark green on one side, mint on the other) clutch by Charlotte Olympia  deserved a different styling. Even if the clutch is in my hand just for a little while – it is just borrowed. Frankly speaking: It is wonderful, beautifully crafted and what I love about it so much is  that it’s edgy. Well just something different.     But way too expensive.

In fact I felt a bit like in a movie. Maybe not the thing to rock here. The pace in my home town is rather quiet and slow. But I know in NYC this outfit would work just fine. It’s not bad to feel like in a movie – on the contrary: We need days like this. When we reveal our most beautiful side and bring out our most positive. Not every day, but every now and again…

This outfit is so beautiful, any additional bling would just destroy it. So all I’m wearing accessory wise is this little pearl round my neck…

And you? Do you have a large patterned piece in your wardrobe, you just love?

xox, the Flamboyante

Kenneths are a girl’s best friend

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It’s my birthday tomorrow, so I thought I’d add a little sparkle to my life.

I dedicate this post to a magnificent fashion jewellery designer. Not just any fashion jewellery – it’s the kind that is going to make you feel like a million bucks.

So beautifully well crafted, it’s hard to spot a difference between Kenneth Jay Lane jewellery and the ‘real deal’. Rumours has it that plenty of A-list stars are fans of his creations, even wearing them on the red carpet. Liz Taylor is said to be amongst his clientel, and it’s not that this lady couldn’t afford some serious rocks. Maybe she just loves his creations because they are so beautiful.

These are bone hoop earrings made of real bone. All the jewellery are gold plated and combined with natural stone or crystals.

I love wearing these so much, they are so feminine and elegant, it makes me jump of joy.

This purple resin pendant is so unique either. See how the metallic  necklace is sparkeling? It just looks so real.

I also love wearing this gold plated over size ring. I don’t know how but this ring basically fits with almost everything I wear. It’s nice when you have things in your accessories collection, that reflect your personality and that accompany you for a long time…

The cross pendant with natural stone in red and blue and the coin drops earrings are fierce. Maybe not the thing you would wear all day every day, but certainly something that will upgrade any outfit from casual to boho luxe. Here on the picture I feel a bit like a belly dancer.

We captured the Agate chain necklace  and oversized cocktail ring in a mysterious looking way. But there is in fact something mysterious about these creations here:

The only thing left to say is:  it was a beautiful day and a beautiful occasion to praise the world of glamour and gold. My birthday certainly deserves that. And I think even Marilyn Monroe would agree with me on this one: Sometimes we just feel like a million bucks. And it has nothing to do with money….

xox, the Flamboyante


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Today I went to another store opening. After successfully organizing a few pop-up store events, Sophie of WE BANDITS had finally settled down in Theobaldgasse 14 in the sixth district in Vienna. So if you are a true fashionista and if your ways should ever lead you to Vienna, the WE BANDITS store is a must stop by! Ofcourse as well if you are Viennese and looking for some serious statement pieces.

So what they’d do? From the coolest pattern and prints to quirky little accessories, I’m sure some of that will make your heart jump for joy! I’ve already seen one or the other thing, that is going to keep me sleepless untill I’ll call it my own. I already talked to Sophie and Sis about coming back for a little fitting – but now I’m not gonna keep you waiting longer, here are the goodies:

This fringed sweater was one of my favourites by the way.

Sis is showing me an animal printed scarf. Just imagine this one here with a sleek camel leather jacket – yumm! Or do you maybe fancy a scarf in a jar?

The print designs – for men and women – are really fantastic – and so unique. Oh my, it’s those pieces you want to wear everyday and keep them for the rest of your life….

Loving this Mexican art inspired print  jumper.

Oh and these shoes, so elegant and fine…

When Sis pulled out some more fashion jewellery from their stock there suddenly was a huge gathering around the sales table – guess why? Some of these accessories were cuter than cute …

I mean you gotta love this one here – and suddenly the bunny ears take on a whole new meaning…

And ofcourse the hipster crowd was as beautiful as always. No more words needed – let the pictures do the talk:

That’s it from me for today. But it certainly hasn’t been my last visit to the WE BANDITS store. When are you gonna go?

xox, the Flamboyante

Home is where the heart-shaped clutch is….

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Today I felt this flaming desire to go on a journey. I chose the most exotic place for me to explore: home.

Who are the faces and names that I’ll have to link to fashion, what do their creations look like and who are the wonderful people wearing true Austrian design?

When I stepped into  showroom|project today I stepped into a whole new world…

There was everything the heart of a true Austrian fashionista could wish for…

Zigi told me the designers were Marcel Ostertag, Elfenkleid, Callisti and Elke Freytag, just to name a few. She showed me this wonderful heart-shaped clutch. Does it make your heart sing?

And then these Austrian maiden showed me what they’d crave for. Remember: fashion is philosophy. The art of oneself….

But it was time to go….

Zigi told me about this vintage flea market. I had a new destination….

…so I traveled through time…

I hope I inspired you today.

Now it is time for you to go. Staying at home is not an option – there is a whole new different home out there waiting for you to explore it…

xox, the Flamboyante

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