Leather painted pleasures

In Fashion, Fashion photography, Shopping, Vintage on November 24, 2012 at 12:11 am

I saw it and I knew I had to have it right away – it had my name written all over it – thanks god it was TOPSHOP!

I am talking about this incredibly gorgeous leather painted dress, which basically is like a sleeveless skater dress with wonderful phantasy story print, telling the story of a fox,a bird and a magical wood. I would love to have more fashion like that,please! Painted leather to me personally exudes luxury – just think of personalized Louis Vuitton bags – the leather is being painted. Usually, when browsing for leather jackets or skirts we would find a lot of black and brown and now with more colourful trends many other colours as well – but not so much painted leather. I wonder why? This is just such a brilliant way of adding uniqueness to a piece of clothing and would give so many more options of designs, which again means so much more fun. I will try to  find out how to paint on leather appropriately – that will be very interesting! I teamed my beautiful dress with the only other  leather painted piece I own: a Vintage belt that is hand painted with tropical scenes and with black and red Chelsea ankle boots by ASOS Action, which are simply superb – I love rocking them. I would absolutely say this outfit is Fashion Week material. I made up that term – It means that a dress is dazzling and makes an impression, exciting enough to be worn at any Fashion Week, whether that would be here in Vienna, in London, Copenhagen or elsewhere.

I am wearing:

TOPSHOP leather painted  dress

(there is also a skirt with same print – here)

ASOS ACTION black and red Chelsea ankle boots

vintage belt

Multicoloured definitely is my colour – have you discovered yours? And what would be painted on the back of your leather jacket?

xox, the Flamboyante

  1. I am absolutely mad for this dress. I love the foxes hidden in the print.

  2. I love the dress and the chair!:)

  3. The dress is so nice and at the beginning you even noticed that’s made of leather, beautiful pictures ! Xoxo

  4. Damn girl! Your legs are fierce!!!! Awesome look as always dear! Xoxo

  5. Very unique piece!!! You look fab as always! xxx

  6. Lovely, lovely,lovely!!!!!! I love the dress. I find this dress to be unique 🙂

  7. the dress matched with the boots look stunning!! love it!



  8. This dress is lovely


  9. The dress AND you, are beautiful!

  10. love the dress!!

  11. You look so beautiful in this dress! I love the texture of the fabric and the shape of the dress. The colors are amazing~~ and the boots are so kawaii~~~

  12. lovely dress

  13. You are stunning and you look like a thinner version of Beyonce, honestly. Also, your outfit is extremely lovely 🙂 I love the dress and it’s print! The shoes go perfectly with it 😀

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