How to become fall fabulous with these few tricks:

In Fashion on October 18, 2012 at 11:27 pm

Just recently I had a very refreshing conversation  with my best female friend Katy. You must know, when it comes to fashion Katy is quite the opposite of me- to her fashion has to be functional, unflashy and she certainly doesn’t want to bother with having to follow any trend.

After having a long thought about it, me and her may be not so different. I certainly agree that following each and every trend is not only unnecessary but also uneconomic and may wear out with time. I believe the key to being fashionable is to have a few good basics around which you can create the looks that are suited to your mood and purpose.
I would like to present you those key items that I think will make enormously sense to have in your autumn wardrobe and reveal a few tricks on how to create a more flattering silhouette. Fit and flare is the very latest, but before you jump on the bandwagon it is important that you know yourself. It means that you know your body type and it also means that you have a clear vision of your own taste, which should consist of your past references to fashion and at the same time reflect who you are today.

I for example have a slender figure so fit and flare tailoring will draw on some more exaggerated contour. I always had a thing for berets, I have been wearing them ever since I can think, always in autumn of course. But let me break down the quint essentials for this autumn to help you become  fall fabulous in an instance:

Invest in a trench coat: When it comes to the trench, no label is more iconic than Burberry – I wouldn’t even have to tell you that. I personally own this pink pack away trench for when weather is still just mildly cold and a thicker one when it starts to freeze. Both of them I purchased online a few years ago – and let me give you a little tip for in case you consider investing in a real Burberry coat: When winter sale is starting out – be the first one to go to the Burberry web site (or you could also check the sale on Net-A- Porter).

Why? – I got both of my coats for a mere 50 percent! Five to eight hundred Euros may be a lump sum of money, but the half of it? For an extremely high quality coat that will go along with you throughout the years and cover up  all those trendy dresses and skirts, that will come along your way…I think it’s fair enough.

Get a pair of Spanx thights: Don’t just get any type of tights! Spanx tights are designed to sculpt and shape your legs. I think they are great for every woman and every body type, because they will make your legs look leaner and overall perfectly proportioned – they are the essential foundation for many of your fall looks, plus you can wash them over and over again, they will still look neat!

Invest in a statement sweater: Something a bit more cute and unusual and of a better quality like for example cashmere will update all of your bottom pieces from jeans to skirt immediately, besides it will it be a nice change to all the Zara and H&M basics that are stacking in most of our wardrobes.

Try some wedge boots: Let’s be honest, city girls. We all have at least one pair of  smashingly stunning twelve centimeter high heels in our shoe – drobe (Yes, I know it’s probably at least a five of them) If you don’t exactly live in the hip areas of NYC or London, it’s probably better to leave all your Loubis, your Jimmys and your Mahnolos at home. They’d just get dirty and worn out and chances are that people will look at you rather shocked than pleased while you strut your stuff , if you live in a place that didn’t yet get the concept of turning the streets into a catwalk.

Or look at it in that way: You may be running around a lot the whole day – from college to the supermarket, then home and later stopping by your best friend’s house. This is impossible to do in a killer heel, especially when you are moving around on public transport. If you don’t already own a few adorable pair of wedges, maybe it’s about time to try them out now. You will be moving around way more comfortably but still adding some few extra centimeters, giving the impression of legs that go on for miles.

Cinch your waist: I mentioned it before –  fit and flare ( which means tight in the waist and wide and extended from the hip downwards) is the latest thing and basically helps giving the illusion of a bomb shell figure. However you don’t need to immediately invest in a new fit and flare dress or peplum top or skirt. Invest in a beautiful belt and cinch your waist – wear the belt with a skirt, your shirt or even choose a wider belt to wear over your coat. Be creative and find your style. What has worked for you in the past, will work for you now too!


Today I enjoyed myself catching a few – perhaps last – sunrays and reading the online Vogue in the park, which is a fabulous App because it allows you to read the magazine offline as well. I hope you enjoyed my fashion forecast and styling advice – drop me a line what you think will work best for you!

Burberry pack away trench

J.Crew french hen sweater

(this one has sold out but I found another adorable one here)

pink H&M beret

Spanx tight end control tights

Gerard Darel wedge boots (from Nice)

(really affordable ones here )

Tillie bag by Mulberry

Louis Vuitton iPad case

Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet

Petit bateau cotton bell skirt

(try to begin with something like that  or that one)

Kevia ring and Gucci ring

Are you ready for fall, girls?

xox, the Flamboyante

  1. I adore your outfit!

  2. Thank you! I really enjoyed putting it together and wearing it. And I h a d to wear a pink beret in combination with the french hen sweater – it was just too tempting 🙂

  3. Spanx are a girls best friend! I’m loving your look – especially the pink beret. Fabulous!

  4. I LOVE this entire fall look! You are so wonderful with details! Cool trick – the photo moved:) – kristysamone.com

    • Yes, it is very easy – just look up gif maker and you will find plenty of free tools – you can do it too! Looking forward to seeing your gifs in the future 😉 I reckon a beret would suit you very well too… 😀

  5. Great tips!! Very cute!

  6. Hi pretty lady! Man, you really rock a beret! You make me want to try one this season. And, I’ve already got a good trench from J Crew but now I am itching for a pink one.

    • Haha, that’s really kind, thank you – you should try, I think it is fun wearing a beret – always makes me feel a bit like ‘la petite Parisienne’… 😉

  7. Thank you so much! I enjoyed this post alot, especially the belt and sweater advice.

    I love sweaters, so i will not mind splurging on it *just a little* 😉

    • Glad I inspired you, dudubeauty! Yes, I agree with you. From J Crew for example you get cute designs – plus the quality and the pricing (usually between 90-120 Euros) is not so bad, especially if the garnment was made with cashmere. I saw cashmere pieces at Zara for about 70 Euros – but they were very basic and the design wasn’t so cute. There are a few good labels that offer affordable quality, like for example COS and J Crew….what I can’t stand is cheap cardis and sweaters that make my skin itch from just looking at it – in case of knitwear it has to be some quality for me…

  8. Oh my gosh! What a great look. That beret is amazing!! Styled to perfection!!!!

  9. This is good advice. I’m a mother of two girls who just started caring about my clothes. I just bought two pair of high heel boots which I haven’t worn heels in 15 yrs. I’m trying to blend in. lol!!

    • That’s a great comment. These days a lot of mommies are way more fashion conscious and that is good because it changes the general preconception of how mommies have to be. Responsible – yes. Challenged- yes. But it doesn’t mean they can’t be attractive and fun as well, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be free to express themselves through fashion and get compliments! My compliment to you – I am sure you are stunning in your high heels – with your two girls, one on each hand….

  10. Wow there are a lot of styles I have never seen before!

  11. I liked how you match this outfit with the pinks and blacks . It looks nice together . hat , sweater , jacket , and purse are my faves

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