Things to Look Out for when Buying Diamond Jewellery

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I am planning a trip to Antwerp soon, some of you may know that it is the capital of      d i a m o n d s!  As for yet I don’t know if I will be (able to afford) buying one – I just leave it open, life is full of surprises!

I have got an amazing surprise for you and fabulously well and very informative written guest post by diamond expert Mark Johnson – I hope you are finding this helpful – I certainly will on my next city trip to Antwerp…

Alongside this useful information, there is also a little reward for my readers:

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Most of us when we look at diamond jewellery would be able to tell what looks good and is nice, but not be able to comment accurately on the quality of the piece. This is ok for some people who will buy items of jewellery purely based on aesthetic values, for the more discerning customer though who is looking for value and quality, it can be a bit harder to make sure you are getting the best for your money. There are a few things that you can look out for when purchasing diamond jewellery.

The Four C’s

When grading a diamond, there are four main points which are taken into account. These are:


These four factors all determine the value of a diamond and should be things that you are looking at when looking to purchase diamond jewellery. The cut is the shape of the stone and how it has been cut. There are various styles of cutting a diamond which include Brilliant Cut, Oval Cut, Pear and Marquise to name a few. The cut of the diamond is determined by the physical structure and any imperfections in the diamond. These dictate the best way to cut the diamond to get the most out of what is available. Clarity is a term which describes the size and number of inclusions within the stone. Almost all diamonds contain traces of non-crystallized carbon, which is the building block of which the diamond is formed. These are usually not visible to the naked eye though. The Carat of the stone describes the weight of the stone, the more carats the bigger and heavier the stone is. The colour of the stone describes the subtle hint of colour from a diamond which you can detect when comparing different stones together. Diamonds come in a range of colours such as red, blue, pink, green and yellow, they are not all white like is commonly thought.

Tips to Look Out For

When you go out to look for a diamond, there are some things that you should be aware of. The most overlooked of the above 4 C’s is the cut for the diamond. Some diamonds will be deeply cut so that the majority of the diamond is not a visible when set in the piece of jewellery. These diamonds will be narrower than a similar diamond of the same weight and also cheaper as well. Most jewelers will have a range of different cuts available within their store, but the best cuts are not as common as the higher quality cut increases the price of the stone. Always ask the jeweler for the certificates of the diamond as well. To make sure not only that they have been officially appraised by a specialist, but also to make sure you are not purchasing a blood diamond which are also known as a conflict stone. These are diamonds which are mined in areas of conflict and the proceeds of which go to buy weapons to fuel conflicts and uprising. These stones are in fact illegal throughout the world so you should only purchase genuine certificated stones from a reputable dealer.

Buying Online

People are becoming increasingly more trusting of making large purchases over the internet. This means there is even more choices than is on your local high street. This means it is even trickier to make sure you are buying exactly what it is supposed to be. Buying good quality diamonds is made easier by many of these shops and online stores offering credit terms as well to entice customers to purchase from them. You do have a certain level of protection though and if you are looking to purchase some diamond jewellery from an online retailer, do a bit of investigation on the company, and try calling up on the telephone to see what advice they offer. Looking for a customer testimonial does help but these can easily be faked, you are best off talking to someone in person or even get a recommendation from someone who has recently purchased some diamond jewellery. Always make sure that the correct certification is supplied with the purchase. If you are still worried after you have made the purchase, take the piece to your local jeweler or independent evaluator to get it appraised. It can be a mine field when purchasing diamonds, just make sure you do not rush in or get bullied into make a purchase. Take your time and do not rush, if buying for your partner it is always a good idea to get their opinion as well, unless you are looking to surprise them and pop the question!

While learning these 4 C’s, Serendipity Diamonds is giving away free diamond jewellery and wedding rings, starting with a free diamond and sapphire pendant this month. Click this link to join the competition: DIAMOND AND SAPPHIRE PENDANT!

This article was written by Mark Johnson on behalf of Serendipity Diamonds. Serendipity Diamonds is a leading supplier in all diamond products and have an extensive collection of diamond engagement rings. Mark is a keen blogger who is married with one son and he enjoys commenting on his experiences through out his life.

Hope you enjoyed and it has been as helpful as it has been to me – I am definitely positive about going to Antwerp after knowing these facts and certainly be looking out for those four C’s! 

And you – do you plan to invest in a diamond any time soon? Maybe even for engagement?  So excited to hear,

xox, the Flamboyante

  1. I think it is very important to mention that when buying a diamond to ask for a verification of origin. I once got diamond stud earrings (which I lost again) as a gift and they had a certificate, that stated it is not a blood diamond.

  2. Great info! I need to archive this! – kristysamone.com

    • Yes! I’m thinking the same – you never know when you will be buying a diamond – and those four C’s aren’t- in the end of the day- so hard to remember…

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  4. I am clueless when it comes to diamond buying, thanks for this post, very helpful!

  5. Hi there everyone, it’s my first visit at this site, and article is in fact fruitful for me, keep up posting these types of articles.

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