Ahoy! Impressions from Alanya

In Food, Travel on July 8, 2012 at 10:32 pm

A week has passed since my return from the Turkish Riviera – all the more I am pleased to share my impressions from my vacancy. My impressions are of the ruins of Alanya, the sea, the beauty of the Cleopatra beach, turkish foods and a cheeky photo of myself on a pirate boat tour. Since I am sticking to my beauty routine even in my holidays – I took a picture inside the Xperia spa in Alanya, where they offer a fish pedicure. Not my cup of tea though – little fish nibbling off skin on my feet – what are they: mini barracuda? No thanks! What has been fabulous though were the turkish steam baths, body scrub included, which is perfect before tanning and for an even beautiful tan.

The foods were – depending what you’d choose – rich and healthy, of course you’d get fresh fish caught from the sea. I found the way they’d display the meals funny, the meals were covered in plastic so you could see what they’d actually look like. Turkey is also known for copying big designers – they are specialized on luxury handbags – especially those with a logo including an L and a V…But I wasn’t tempted to buy a fake Louis Vuitton bag, since I am more into understatement, if you know what I mean…

There is a story about the Cleopatra beach, which is a truly beautiful beach: it is said that in 65 BC Marcus Antony purchased the city nearby the sea to express his love for the Egyptian queen Cleopatra.

Hope you’re enjoying all the little stories around Alanya and my photo stream…

Have you already made any holiday experience yet? If yes, where?

Hope your summer is dazzling so far…

xox, the Flamboyante

  1. Beautiful pics!!! BTW: I’ve been debating about whether or not to get one of those “fishy” pedicures and you’re right – mini barracuda (ha ha)! I’m not so sure:) I’m glad you had a fab time!!

    • Kristy, it’s always such pleasure when you’re stopping by…I once read an article on wordpress about how these fish can transmit diseases – was it on your blog? I couldn’t find the article…

  2. Your photos are so beautiful! I would like to go to Turkey someday since one of my grandfathers was born there. I am of Greek descent and have only been to Greece once and want to go back. I still have relatives there. Maybe someday, I can do both! I grew up on Greek food which is similar to Turkish and you would love it. So happy you enjoyed your trip!

    • I am really glad you enjoyed the photos….Turkey, Greece and Italy are very common holiday destinations for Austrians. Perhaps I have been more often to Greece than yourself 🙂 It must have been at least four times I spent my holidays there – from Kos to Kreta to little places on the shore like Halkidiki and Mykonos. Greece too is tremendously beautiful- from fine sand beaches, to the historical parts, to nature – when traveling to Greece you have to mingle with the local residents and try out their local produce!
      Hope your summer will be fab – wherever 😉

  3. I would totally do a fish pedicure 😀 sounds wonderfully silly and right up my fairy nature ally! And wow Turkey looks gorgeous. Love to go to somewhere ancient like that. So far no plans for out of country travel for me this year, but perhaps a staycation is in store to the South of my state – maybe when it cools down though.

    • Oh you are pretty courageous then! I was curious about it, but then din’t find the courage…I would love to go the States more often, and see more of them – I guess moving around in Europe to me is as easy as it is for you traveling through the States…

  4. Love the pictures and you’re right they have a strange way to make publicity for what kind of food they have, bellissima that bikini on you ! Xoxo and have a beautiful day !

    • Thank you! That is really an ooold bikini I just love to wear – with my frizzy hair from the sea and salt water this is really an off duty look 😉 – Later that day we’d jump into the deep sea from the boat – that was one of the most refreshing moments of that holiday…

  5. Wow, beautiful picutres. And you look beautiful too

  6. Turkey is beautiful!

    Seems like you had a blast. Gosh…i need a vacation

  7. This looks like an amazing place!

  8. I’d love to see Copenhagen. Thanks for the interesting post.

  9. it’s so beautiful! I was to visit that lighthouse!

  10. I’ve never heard of Alanya, shows how bad my geography knowledge is lol :/
    nice blue sea and bikini 🙂
    I’ve always wished to travel overseas and wear a bikini because in my country, wearing a bikini is considered showing off too much skin.

    • Although Alanya is located in a muslim country, I suppose people there had to kind of stretch their tolerance level. In the end of the day they live from tourism and tourists coming from countries where wearing a bikini is not offensive.

  11. I love tukish food! Is so good! Like the italian style for some ways… I think I could travel to Turkia seeing the photos … is very beautiful 🙂

  12. woww!! amazing! Turkey have a wonderful place, next trip i’ll go to turkey 🙂

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