A wood nymph fairy tale

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I felt the call of mother nature so intense lately, so we decided to take a stroll in Viennese woods, taking some good pictures as an excuse. As we walk along little footpaths, getting deeper and deeper into the woods, until trees and dense undergrowth almost made it impossible to move on – that’s where we came across a fantastic creature: the wood nymph…

The wood nymph is extremely shy, so it is very rare that a wanderer would get a glance at her, let alone get closer to the exotic creature. She usually hides in areas where trees are densely grown. But when the sun comes out, the wood nymph comes out too, celebrating the day and fueling up with new energy.

For times when heat is turning into a plague, the wood nymph has got a wide brim hat to protect herself.

When nights get chilly, she covers up with a  kimono jacket.

The wood nymph is content with her life. The woods offer everything she needs: shelter, food and beautiful natural resources, such as semi-precious stones and gold, to satisfy her demand of luxury.

All clothing by:  A Wear, Ash sandals from last summer, hat by Sportmax and my jewellery: necklace by Fiona Paxton, rings: Kenneth Jay Lane, Lulu Frost, the usual suspects…

I hoped you enjoyed diving into my fashion fairy tale world, if I have inspired you to go out and do the same, I suggest you do – and see what you may get from it.                     Maybe deeper insight in to your self and soul…

xox the Flamboyante

  1. Your outfit is stunning. Seriously stunning.

    • Thank you – I usually don’t go for the latest trend, but this time I was keen to try something new. I was tempted the most by the top as it reminded me of some designs I have seen in Stella Mc Cartney’s autumn/winter collection – in the end of the day I’m glad I tried out some new styles for me…

  2. You have inspired me for sure.

  3. very nice outfit

  4. I love the outfit and the story of the wood nymph. Congrats!

  5. This is truly a remarkable dress!

  6. My god, your dress is absolutely gorgeous, and the pictures are awazing!

  7. I love the skirt and your sandals! I also like the hat and I’m very jealous, I could never wear a hat like that, it would look really strange with the shape of my face. Your outfit is just lovely 🙂

    • Thank you, maybe another shape of hat is right for you – maybe not one with a wide brim. I find a lot of shapes or designs or silhouettes unflattering for me too. It’s probably ok to say I spent a lot of time figuring out what works for me – and the rest in the pictures is some sort of emotion…:)

  8. I liked very much how you made the story up from the nymph and compliments for all your clothes and combined makeup, so cool and trendy !

  9. Beautiful.You and your dress.

  10. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the Kimono Jacket!You look great Missy!

    • Having bought it from Asos I’m afraid it won’t last me much more than one or two seasons:/ however I do enjoy wearing it until it ‘falls apart’ and luckily took pictures with this outfit 😉

  11. Your nymph is gorgeous! Thank you for the story!

  12. wowwww the dress is so amazing ^_^

  13. Love the story and photographs but also love the dress so in love with it!

  14. love the fairytale fashion story! tho I’m not sure about the top’s geometric sort of design I readily appreciate experimenting with new shapes. and the royal blue is gorgeous on you 🙂 yay wood nymph style!

    • I wouldn’t wear the top on its own when going out either – I would wear it with the kimono jacket or a blazer thrown over- however I thought that for this story it was just fine like that, most of the people assumed that this was a dress.Thank you for your comment 365 girl!

  15. This is lovely outfit,I like it that had two side different,amazing idea.And I love those earrings,my favorite color.Photos are lovely and very professional.

  16. Wow what a treat finding your beautiful blog!!

  17. We nominated you for an award!

  18. lovely woods + amazing dress + awesome make up + great shots= good post!! 🙂

  19. awwwww…This is lovely! The story about the wood nymph, just made the experience even more palatable 🙂 Good job

  20. I love the flower patterned dress with the natural background. Absolutely gorgeous!

  21. There’s always part of me that secretly adores playing dress up too. But as an adult, we have to do it very subtlety and not too costume-y

    You’re doing a great job!

  22. OMGosh you look amazing, these photos are flawless. You know how to work it.

  23. That is a super-gorgeously-awesomely-beautiful dress! and kimono ,too! I love those floral prints on it and the bright royal blue like colour of it *_* also love the story about the nymph – You absolutely look like a nymph ‘queen’ in these beauties!

  24. I enjoy your post. It inspired me to create my own unique look.

  25. Wow such a gorgeous dress. You look so beautiful!

  26. You really do look like a wood nymph from one of Shakespeare’s works! I love your outfit & the royal blue color really suits you. I feel inspired to dress up and go into the woods in my backyard too. ( I think my Weimaraner would follow me and jump on whatever pretty thing I chose to wear!).

    • Oh that’s sweet, if I made you feel like this, I’m proud – because as awkward as it may seem, it is a beautiful thing to do! It’s all about letting your phantasy guide you…well then, enjoy your strawl with the dog in the woods!

  27. I love the vibrant blue of this dress. I would love to have a plain short cardigan with it though…

  28. I really like your sandals, and the scenery is so pretty! Royal blue suits you 🙂

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