MAYANUR and Sand in the City

In Accessories, Design, Fashion, Fashion photography, Food, Street fashion, Trend on May 31, 2012 at 2:09 am

Last week there was this perfect day with the perfect weather. Lately I found myself dreaming intensively about going on holidays and traveling far. The perfect location for  dreaming and enjoying the sun is the Sand in the City – a beach style location with small bars, sun beds and even a  space for beach ball…

Even more perfect that I recently got gifted a handmade short – the tulip short by 100% love. The designer Maya Nuranti is based in Bali, where she is producing her clothing line, together with her sister Mia.

I teamed this short with a hat I got on my travels to the Dominican Republic, a simple H&M blouse with peter pan collar and lace loafers, sporting a beach dandy look on my hangout at the Sand in the City.

I wore this beautiful handmade short with pride. Just imagine: it came all the way from Bali to Austria!
Later in the evening I made the beautiful handmade short with an adorable tulip print fit for dinner – by adding an amazing Alexander Wang heel and another thing I’m quite into at the moment – a slit sleeve blouse. I am heading to the Indochine21 in first district, known for exquisite Asian cuisine ranging from Japanese to Indonesian.

While I am waiting for the main course I am dreaming and planing my next exotic get-away. If you want to get your hands on a piece of Bali you can do so over the Mayanur website or find them on Etsy. You should really check out the amazing hand-made feather earrings as well. I got myself the blue and white ones as a little extra treat. Whatever it is you choose from Mayanur’s designs – you can be sure it was made with 100% love!

What are your traveler’s dreams made of?

xox, the Flamboyante

  1. Love the Wang’s!amazing outfit!

  2. Scalloped shorts? That’s really cool and something I haven’t yet seen during my fashion foraging. I also agree with you when it comes to choosing an individual artisan over a big retail chain – I try to support indie designers whenever possible 🙂

    • Although they are not completely new the scalloped edge shorts are spot on trend! Glad you liked the story, 365 girl, also nice to hear we’re on the same page when it comes to individualism in fashion…

  3. i am loving those shorts! super cute girl!

  4. You are so photogenic! great pix and cute ideas 🙂

  5. Lovely exotic outfit!

  6. My traveller’s dreams involve experiencing other cultures as close as possible, by hanging out with the locals where they eat and drink. I love fashion, but I want to blend in too, so I’d shop where they shop.

  7. lovely outfit =))


  9. oooh wow i love this look..you look beautiful with your long beautiful legs…

  10. […] I told you in  MAYANUR and Sand in the City I was looking for an exotic vacation place when I stumbled over Balinese designer’s MayaNUR […]

  11. Love the handmade shorts, they are adorable! What are the round things in the plattter?

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