Princess Pocahontas

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Coachella may be the biggest festival event in summer turning the festival terrain into a vast red carpet. But festivals happen throughout  whole summer – I personally loved going to the Hard Rock Calling in Hyde Park, London in the past years. And don’t we just love to dress up and be playful in general?

So for this outfit think festival season. Think an Isabel Marant skirt with an Ikat print.

To channel the look from the Isabel Marant fashion shows I teamed this skirt with my fringed Minnetonka boots, a fringed leather vest by True Religion, a H&M top and my handmade Wayuu Taya bag. There are many ways to create a look, I believe that you don’t need everything from one designer or everything from high-end designers. Mix and match is the keyword and with a little creativity one can easily put together some unique personal styles.

There is another story to tell about this outfit- a fashion fairy tale about an Indian princess called Pocahontas. Pocahontas lived on a quiet island somewhere in the South pacific, her father was the chief of her tribe. From a friend who travelled far, she heard stories about a huge land that is located on the other side of the great pond. She heard stories about people being wild and free, drinking, celebrating and gambling as well as women wearing extraordinary fashion. She was so intrigued when she heard the stories she decided to embark on a journey to find that magical place and perhaps … love.

But Pocahontas’ father wouldn’t allow his daughter to go on this journey. His advisors had warned him, that if Pocahontas would go on this journey she will never return. So he commanded his daughter must stay. Pocahontas’ desire to see a brand new world has been so strong that she set against her father’s will and one night secretly took off. After a week-long journey through land and sea, Pocahontas reached the new and promising land.

She was overwhelmed by the lights, the vibrance, the new sounds and smells and scenarios she has never witnessed before.

Pocahontas was mostly drawn to the hustle bustle in the cities, the salons, the money. She quickly got blinded by the lavish life. She fell for a man…

Little did she know that  cowboys are not the right people to mingle  with. The man refused her love, but Pocahontas, as a princess, had a lot of pride. She insisted her love would be returned and followed the man – that’s where the story took it’s tragic twist…


In real life I traveled extensively and lived abroad for five years  from where I grew up. I gained a lot of experience and returned happily and finding myself wiser than before. Luckily the above story is just a fairytale. I really enjoyed creating it, using all my phantasy and hopefully come up with something, that other people enjoy reading.

It takes a bit of craziness to be dreaming out loud. It is taking me a lot of courage too to do so. But any doubts can be removed by the kind words of a friend, who said: You’re not doing any wrong, you’re not hurting any one and it’s not illegal. The opposite is the case: you’re doing something nice to look at…

And I think personal style consists of two things: How you put together your clothing  and create your appearance  – and of your own character.

Most importantly: Are you having fun?

xox, the Flamboyante

  1. na das is ja ur herzig…….v.a. das foto mit dem indianergraff is super;)

  2. beautiful pictures! & i love that you made up a little story to go with it, you certainly do have some resemblance to pocahontas. 🙂


  4. you make a rockin Pocahontas girl 😀 and I agree – adding the backstory to your photo set was really cool and wonderfully engaging!

  5. Wow your second picture is gorgeous! Your looks is so cool! Your totally rocking it as Pocahontas 🙂

  6. Love this outfit and really adore those boots.

  7. I really like your look 🙂 Awesome skirt!

  8. I absolutely love this outfit! And the story that you wrote to go with the photos, amazing! Who do you model for?


  9. you look gorgeous!

  10. You look so beautiful! *.* I love your outfit!

  11. oh i love this style!! :*

  12. Love this outfit ! love love

  13. is this a silk blouse? I love silk! Radmila

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