Here Kitty, Kitty!

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Vienna now has a cat cafe! It is called Neko and located in the heart of Vienna, the city center. So how do you imagine a cat cafe to be? I will answer you that because today I stopped by there, to see what this is all about and to take a couple of photos.

Basically it is a cafe that has at least five cats running around and pleasing the eye and heart of the visitors. The concept is that the cats are free to go from table to table and spend a little quality time with cat lovers. Every table has a little bait, for example a little toy mouse or a ball attached to a string and like that you’d be able to lure a cat to your table.

On this occasion I had to sport one of my favourite dresses – a Marc by Marc Jacobs panther print dress. I have been so crazy about this print that I had to get the tote from the same collection as well. I have been wearing both pieces a lot, but never together, as I was concerned it might be looking a bit overdone. But I think combined with the contrasting brogues it really makes a lovely and elegant outfit.

The interior of the cafe is modern and chic and of course adapted to the needs of to those who run this place: the cats! Some people were so fond of the furry friends that they tried to keep them at their table by all means. Seeing their excitement was really funny! The cats also have a place were they can retreat a little if life and people get too hectic for them. I contented myself with drinking coffee and watching the whole scenery.

You probably know by now the Flamboyante loves to accessorize…I updated my outfit with a cute statement hedgehog ring, drop earrings by Kevia and – another thing I got from the Marc Jacobs collections – a panther hair clip. Why am I so crazy about panthers? I’ll let you into a secret: I have a little panther tatoo I got in Paris when studying acting over there for a year. The tatoo artist was Tin Tin – anyone who is into tatoos knows he is a great artist. I would only get inked by a great artist, since I have to run around with this piece of art for the rest of my life.

Going for a cafe in a panther print dress being surrounded by beautiful cats – to me that is a purrrfect thing to do in Vienna. Do you have such an exciting place in your home town – an animal cafe? Maybe it is time for you to explore what your city offers to you….I am leaving you here for now with one more pussy cat inspiration and one more little information: Neko in Japanese means cat – are you surprised?

Meow, the Flamboyante

  1. OMG!!! wie süß! können wir da bitte mal hingehen 😉
    und du schaust ur toll aus……frrrrrrr!

    • Na sicher- deine zwei Mitzies packen wir in unsere Designer Handtäschchen und los gehts! Hihi – machen wir mal 😉

  2. awwwwww…This is so cute!!! The cats, the dress….There is something very warm about this post 🙂
    About a cafe that allows animals run around in the U.S….I doubt we have such. Never the less, Will look around and let you know if we do.

    • Thank you – yes it seems that the Austrians are extremely fond of their pets…that’s an interesting fact about the U.S. Having traveled there a couple of times I am able to understand this…

  3. I love the cats! They are adorable! your dress is amazing as well! Btw I’ve nominated you to the sunshine award!!! Check my blog for details!

    • Hey, that’s amazing, thank you so much. This sounds like a great thing to do! The first time I get nominated – such a lovely opportunity to connect and write something about myself. The logo is great too 😉

    • Thank you – needless to say it is one of my fav, or :D?

      • Lovely dress.Love it.Looks good on u 🙂
        I also nominated you for the sunshine award.I just had to not because you nominated me but because i genuinely love your style and blog.xx

  4. omg…I. Must. Visit. Cat Cafe!! I must I must 😀 That is so unbelievably cool and adorable. love the kittehs =^x^=

    • This cafe just opened recently in Vienna…the whole idea is really cute. The owners just completely adore cats and think it’s amazing to be surrounded by them.

  5. What a purrrfect occasion to wear your dress to!

  6. Dein Outfit passt einfach perfekt zum café 🙂 unglaublich liebe es ! muss ihc mir in wien auhc endlich mal anschaun. und hoffe ich gewinne die uhr ❤

  7. that dress is amazing!


  8. I don’t know who’s cutter, you or them!!
    I think they beat you just a tiny bit
    I love the dress!!
    I commented on ‘Here Kitty, Kitty!’, I want to win this watch

  9. I love the dress and greatly accessorized with the masculine style shoes!!
    As for the little fellas, they are sooooo adorable, I don’t have one in my house but there are at least a dozen of them in the neighborhood!!

  10. what adorable kitties!

  11. OMG!! I love kitties!!! Your dress is in my dreams! *.*

  12. I love the cats and your dress!!!

  13. This coffee is interesting, it would be great to have one here in Italy …. and the cat it’s the same as my Ninì……

  14. This coffee is interesting, it would be great to have one here in Italy …. and the cat it’s the same as my Ninì……

  15. your dress is very original!!!

  16. It looks like I need to make another trip to Austria

  17. i’m the biggest cat lover ever and i think i just fell completely in love with this cafe as well!

  18. What a cute post! I love that dress by Marc Jacobs! And I would love to go to this cat cafe!

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