God gave Rock’n’Roll to you

In Austria, Design, Edgy, Fashion, Fashion photography, Street fashion, Trend on April 11, 2012 at 8:13 pm

Today I really felt like going out, thinking a little bit about life, the path I’m on, myself.  The canal by the Danube, which is a bit like the river Thames in London or the Seine in Paris, is perfect for taking a stroll and catching some fresh air. Here, all(most) by myself I’d find peace, calm and inspiration to turn inward and find one or the other answer to some of my questions.

What has changed since I started out on writing a blog about fashion? In fact a lot has. Like for example, before two months ago, I don’t think I would have put so much effort and attention to my appearance. Don’t get me wrong, I just didn’t do it so frequently. It is a beautiful thing to pay attention to detail and to appreciate life and yourself.

I have to say that my personal style blog has been an amazing journey so far. I found so many likely minded, who are happy to talk about fashion, just like I! I’m overwhelmed!

Of course I didn’t just wake up one day being a fashion blogger. I lived in London for three years, where I’ve been modeling.  Since almost three years now I had been back in my home town Vienna. Here the market is small and it’s better if you had been around for a while. The successful models are those on bill boards for Burger King – to me this is not challenging enough to go out every day for ‘fight’. In London it has been the shows and works with designers that kept me on my feet from early mornings to late nights, there were a lot of castings, networking, opportunities…( you can find some of my past modeling work here )

But I realized I don’t need a certain place or certain people to live fashion. Fashion is a part of me and my personality. As it is for anyone else. There’s a lot we can say about someone’s personality looking at their choice of clothes and how they wear them. I find this really exciting!

Today I stepped out in my all time favourite clothes. All my things are always so carefully selected, I can go on thinking for weeks about any new addition or purchase to my wardrobe.

I was wearing  floral print pants and an asymmetric top with ruffled tiers, soft-as-butter biker boots and a bad ass cropped leather jacket with slit detailing and little piercings at the hem.This is my rock versus romance look I love to pieces  and have been sporting a lot, last year and also will for the next year. Team up those pieces with a studded and fringed leather tote and you’re good to go.  My jewellery always has some sort of meaning – today I brought my crow pendant with a rock crystal.    Can’t make up your mind whether you like the black or the aqua blue nail varnish more? Take both! I call it the colour block nails and love the fact they look kind of arty. Be creative and find your style. Go out and be the fashionista or maybe blogger you always wanted to be. Don’t be shy to be who you want to be and remember one thing:

God gave Rock’n’Roll to you. He put it in the soul of everyone!

xox, the Flamboyante

  1. you’r really beautiful! 🙂 and great sense of style!

    • Thank you very much. I’m always very happy when someone appreciates my sense of style!

  2. Love your top – very nice 🙂

  3. Very inspirational!!!…Thanks for visiting my blog hon 🙂

  4. Sehr schöne Bilder….:)

  5. Very sexy, elegant, and artistic blog you have here!
    Can’t resist following! 🙂
    Make it a great day and ROCK!

  6. I like your blue print pants. Your whole look is so rock and roll 🙂

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