To tie dye for

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I’ve been going crazy lately about the tie-dye trend. Actually because it isn’t something new and reminded me so much of my high school times, when we used to tie dye T-shirts in all sorts of colours and then rocked the hippie look in school. That was so much fun and we used to meet up in the afternoons dip-dying and tie-dying and being all excited about the outcome. When I’ve seen the red tie-dyed pants by Isabel Marant, I was completely taken. By the time it came out (literally a week or two ago) I didn’t have a three hundred Euros to splash on a pair of jeans. No wonder the pants sold out in nil time – don’t get me wrong: I understand that when buying a designer like Isabel Marant, you pay for some sort of exclusivity. I already had a tie-dye sweater by her Etoile line, which is more affordable. And I decided to redesign an old pair of jeans of mine, to match the sweater. I used an old Levi’s, already torn at the knee, which was a rather fair denim, with some black dye, only tying up the side bits to make it look more elegant. The outcome was a rather deep blue looking pair of tie-dyed jeans. Speaking of exclusivity: I’m sure I’m the only one who has got exactly the same.

I teamed my all-over look with some very elegant looking accessories – I prefer the unforeseen. I barely ever wear this bag from London, but today it has been the perfect match!

I brought my blue coat – it has been really chilly today in Vienna – and I thought it was perfect, as it added some calm and clarity to this rather loud outfit. And – yes – one glove, did I mention I love the edgy?

Although later on I swapped the high heel boots for some flat leather boots, I really felt comfortable and all myself in this outfit. Good to go for a stroll into town and sport a little rock star attitude…

For anyone who is crazy about jewellery: I was wearing two rings, one I already mentioned in   Kenneth’s are a girl’s best friend  and the other one with the three stones linked to each other is by a designer named Lulu Frost. I had to have earrings  to go with this ring, so yesterday I popped into the bijouterie store and got those, they were a bargain. The tiger-eye is real , and although ring and earrings are not the same colour they are both semi-precious stone, which I think is pretty cool for jewellery!

Alright, I quenched my thirst at the Red Bull automobile. But what does a fashion bloggista do on a Sunday afternoon, when she get’s hungry? Right! Showing off the right attitude and going to the Veggie food bar. In fact my city has a lot of great spots and plenty to offer, one will never get bored. We may be small but we’re well equipped when it comes to restaurants, bars and hang outs. Well check out this one here, it’s truly Yamm!

After I satisfied my soul and belly, I was only left wondering what Isabel Marant would say to the look I put together.  Maybe something like c’est agréable or très aimable! I’m enjoying a natural yoghurt and saying:


Xox, the Flamboyante

  1. Die fotos von dir erinnern mich so an die 90er, da hab ich fast jedes top das ich hatte gebatikt. und erst neulich hat ein freund mir ne hose gezeigt, die er auch selbst “bearbeitet” hat. also der look kann ruhig kommen, den fand ich immer schon cool, v.a. dann, wenn die leut das selber machen und nicht kaufen…..
    der handschuh is auch tres chic…….:)
    fesch, fesch!!!!

  2. Hehe, Danke , daß ist lieb. Man muß ja auch nicht alles auf einmal machen – kennst mich ja! Das sind eben…modische Vorschläge die Spaß machen sollen 😉

  3. Great modelling and I can see some of the streets, too.

  4. Thank you Kenny, a few months down the road one will surely be able to get a wide-spread impression of my city via my blog!

  5. I really like your style! I think you would like the pieces from my boutique. Let me know if so! 🙂

    -Faith Seeker

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