In a tangerine mood

In Accessories, Austria, Fashion, Fashion photography, Street fashion on March 28, 2012 at 1:50 pm

Do you sometimes feel you need to go out and splurge with colour? It’s a fact colours do affect our mood. So when you are in a good mood, and have sweet nothing to do – why not dip yourself in your favourite colour from head to toe?

Today I stepped out in a tangerine mood.

The shops and magazines are filled with colourful pieces. The hottest summer trends are ice cream colors, pop of neon and pastel colours – just perfect for the hot time of the year. I’m going to show you that it is easy to rock the trend, without having to break the bank and simply having fun…I certainly do not have to show you what to do to have a little bit of fun, but I believe it’s the little things that make big days….

Ice cream anyone?

I’m wearing a dip dye shirt – another trend I absolutely love – not just since this year, but really for a long time. Do you remember doing dip dye shirts yourself? I certainly did that and even considering trying it out this summer, maybe to spice up some old t-shirts or jeans…I am wearing two bangles, but nothing else accessory wise. I don’t like overdoing – just a little hint here or there. These two bangles are really special:

The golden bangle is saying: ‘I never read, I just look at pictures’. When I started out on this fashion blog not so long ago (I had other blogs before, on Myspace and blogger), I really believed that people would look more at pictures and neglect the reading a bit. But since my friends told me they love reading stuff on my blog, I write more. It’s alright. I love writing…    The orange/silver bangle also stands for something – but that’s a secret!

And since it is summer, why not dip your nails in some luscious colour? After winter it’s always good to do a little pampering… To go out, have fun and splurge colour, you don’t need a big bank account. I don’t think it is wise to spend a lot of money on trends especially not colour trends. You can get all the accessories for little money in the big chains for example. You don’t have to rush into Dolce and Gabbana and get  t h a t  yellow bag.    I didn’t have an orange bag to go with the tangerine mood, but I brought my Wayuu Taya bag, an organisation who supports women in Latin America, fabricating this bag. I believe it is so important that I never forget to give back in one or the other way, support charities and just support other people…

I got my glasses ages ago in Paris at Furla. It must have been at least a seven years… they ended up in some drawer for a long time – and  today they are my favourite again. See what I mean by trends – they go and come…

I know these shoes won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. But I love rocking them with this outfit. I must admit though, that it feels awkward not being able to flex my foot…Well you might have noticed, I love the edgy…

But now enough talking about fashion. It’s the time of the year. To go out side and have a little fun. Meet other people and fall in love – with people, life, love – it is time to spread the word of love!

I’m dancing a tangerine tango…and you? In what colour are you gonna spread the word of LOVE?

xox the Flamboyante

  1. I love the tangerine touches, it was THE hottest color of the season, it makes you happy just to look at it, sunshiny and warm!! You wore it beautifully!!

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