A cape in town

In Austria, Fashion, Fashion photography, Street fashion, Travel on March 20, 2012 at 11:18 am

The first sun rays are out, so it is time to show off the beauty of my home town Vienna. Since I am tired of wearing same old same old jacket I am grabbing a cape instead. (Well correctly a poncho – but I liked the word play… ) I add a  pair of flats, a good old leather bag, my favourite sun shades, the rest is casual elegance – and I am good to go for a stroll in town…

I love the color gradient on this poncho by one of my favourite labels: Sandro. It has leather trimming around the neck. This poncho truly has a story as well: There is no Sandro store in Vienna, but I’ve seen this on the Net and thought it was amazing: so down to earth cool…    It quickly sold out, as you may imagine…

Then – by chance – I had to go to London for a couple of days – and in Sloane Square there is a Sandro store! I never thought I would get this poncho, as it had been sold out everywhere. But the shop assistant could somehow get a hold on one for me – so now this is all mine!! ( Can you understand how I got so crazy about it?)

I have an amazing poncho and am in an amazing city. Vienna is known for horse carriages, amazing coffee shops, wonderful, unique architecture from anything from the baroque period to gothic and romanesque style – this city truly is a pearl!

I like how my hand bag looks like a paper bag in this picture…Here I am sitting opposite the Valentino store in Vienna on Graben, just dreaming a little. The Graben bares all the grand shops like Louis, Gucci, Dolce and Tiffanys. But let me share the eye candy I am looking at, at the moment:

So much eye candy has got me craving for something sweet, so I walk through a magic door:

Aren’t these the hottest colours for Spring/Summer? Yumm yumm!

However if the ‘cape’ ain’t for you then maybe the cake? I’m sure you’ve seen one or the other thing here, that will put a trip to Vienna on top of your to – do list.

No doubt there is so much more to explore in Vienna. So when are you gonna come and visit?

In a cape or poncho, a jacket or coat, whatever will make you feel….good..

I am looking forward to meeting you!

xox, the Flamboyante

  1. Great pic´s : )

  2. Thanks, Vienna is a really amazing city. Are you from Denmark? Will be visiting there soon – for 2nd time – Copenhagen is not too bad either 😉

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