St.Patrick’s day in Vienna

In Austria, Fashion photography, Travel, Trend on March 18, 2012 at 12:36 pm

My home town may be small, but when it comes to St. Patrick‘s day, we do pay tribute. All the way. There is nothing the Irish or not Irish, or the ones wanting to have fun, will have to miss. I went out on town to see which folks were celebrating St.Paddy’s. And I’ve been surprised of how big the buzz was and of what I saw and whom I met.

I met the British folks….

Even the way these girl dress has got English girl written all over. It’s so fabulous, I really love it. Reminds me of the time I spent in  London – simply the best time I had in my life…

Oh how I love going through magic doors…it always makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland…

What to expect on St.Paddy’s in Vienna? What would you expect on that day anywhere else in the world? People wearing green.  People having fun, drinking.  Perhaps green beer.     Be surprised. You’ll certainly find some things magical on St.Paddy’s !

I met some Irish folks… I wonder what it is they saw that made these boys so giddy?…

Perhaps the beautiful female folks that came to join the party…

Well, this is a magical day  so of course I met the leprechaun. I considered giving back the gold, I took from him in the last post. But the leprechaun simply offered me some green beer…how refreshing!

By the way I love the leprechaun’s eye make up – she used one colour – yellow on her upper, and a different colour – green – on her lower eyelid – that’s a really hot look! And then that polka dot jacket – bring it on!

I met some Austrian folks, celebrating their special and very beautiful way, when I moved on to the Club Pi. This club is not just any kind of club…but more about that later. Here people don’t just dress up, they slip into entirely another role. It’s magnificent.

The thing I was taken by the most was this girl’s beautiful St.Patrick‘s day inspired Henna painting. It certainly takes a lot of skills to do that:

Sweet Fifties’ glam and irish kilts – the Club Pi certainly is a place to let imagination run free.

At the end of the day I found gold at the end of the rainbow: My friend Katy was there too! You met her before in ‘What Katy did’. – In fact she is working there – no wonder I met her…and that’s when I put down my camera and enjoyed the rest of the evening…

I paid tribute to St.Paddy’s with a green ring and being green at heart. I was delighted about my home town, the people, today’s experience and…St.Patrick’s day.

Are you feeling bewitched?

xox, the Flamboyante

  1. Ooohhh!Das foto von uns is ja liab;)
    und auch sonst gefällt mir der ganze beitrag wieder mal ur gut…..
    schön dass du gestern da warst…

    • Ja ich bin auch zufrieden! War auch wirklich lustig der gestrige Abend….das nächste mal bleib ich länger, versprochen,

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