What Katy did

In Austria, Fashion photography on March 7, 2012 at 12:22 pm

Meet my friend Katy. Katy is a down to earth girl, she’s at Uni and usually doesn’t want to be bothered with having to be overly fashionable.

That’s Katy’s off duty look, isn’t she awesome?

However, today Katy needed a little inspiration. I think it was one of that days you’re just wanting to be different – without having to give up yourself. Just, you know something else….

We both love Katy’s Nike trainers  – quite literally – to pieces. But today we’ll swap them – if need be with a six-inch heel – by Sam Edelmann. It’s just that kind of stuff that makes you feel better, and joyful and different (and make you go uuuhh!) – I think it made Katy go uuuh! But see for yourself.

I firmly believe that a tour through a well assorted closet is the best medication for anyone who’s uninspired or feeling a bit weary.

Katy found her favourite piece right away, a black leather skirt, teamed with a black bow tie blouse by Dolce and Gabanna. It would be so much herself.   I had something else in mind for her. I saw her in a sixtie’s inspired dress in black and orange, with a beloved Marc Jacobs wedge.

And I saw her all ladylike in a purple polka dot dress with jacket.

I don’t know if this actually was her cup of tea, I didn’t ask her. If it wasn’t, than she took it with humour. I think she looks so lovely

…and I think this black orange sixtie’s shift dress looked stunning on her too….

This dress looks so perfect with the orange coloured thights and  wedges…

Sometimes you just gotta use your phantasie to find  inspiration….

Isn’t it amazing how putting on a certain dress will make you feel so different?

Katy felt pretty in the purple dress,

she felt giddy in her sixtie’s dress

but she felt all herself in the leather silk combo…

That smile on her face….priceless.

Katy came as the girl she used to be – and she left as the girl she wanted to be.

Now have I inspired you today?

xox, the Flamboyante

  1. Süße was soll ich noch sagen……WOW!!!!!die fotos sind echt super und weißt du was?ich glaub die sind vor allem deshalb so geworden, weil du mich einfach schon so ewig kennst und genau weißt von welcher seite ich wie aussehe……respekt vor deiner art mich in szene zu setzen:)
    und…es hat irrsinnig spaß gemacht mit dir; um so ne coole und liebe und geduldige fotografin würde sich wohl jedes modell reißen!!!:)
    Weiter so……

    • Hehe, Danke, daß ist lieb. Mein debut als fotografin sozusagen und gleich so viel annerkennung 😉

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  3. Mmm..what lovely shots and scenes they are!

  4. Thank you Kenny, since I took those pictures, I’m really flattered!

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