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Today I went to another store opening. After successfully organizing a few pop-up store events, Sophie of WE BANDITS had finally settled down in Theobaldgasse 14 in the sixth district in Vienna. So if you are a true fashionista and if your ways should ever lead you to Vienna, the WE BANDITS store is a must stop by! Ofcourse as well if you are Viennese and looking for some serious statement pieces.

So what they’d do? From the coolest pattern and prints to quirky little accessories, I’m sure some of that will make your heart jump for joy! I’ve already seen one or the other thing, that is going to keep me sleepless untill I’ll call it my own. I already talked to Sophie and Sis about coming back for a little fitting – but now I’m not gonna keep you waiting longer, here are the goodies:

This fringed sweater was one of my favourites by the way.

Sis is showing me an animal printed scarf. Just imagine this one here with a sleek camel leather jacket – yumm! Or do you maybe fancy a scarf in a jar?

The print designs – for men and women – are really fantastic – and so unique. Oh my, it’s those pieces you want to wear everyday and keep them for the rest of your life….

Loving this Mexican art inspired print  jumper.

Oh and these shoes, so elegant and fine…

When Sis pulled out some more fashion jewellery from their stock there suddenly was a huge gathering around the sales table – guess why? Some of these accessories were cuter than cute …

I mean you gotta love this one here – and suddenly the bunny ears take on a whole new meaning…

And ofcourse the hipster crowd was as beautiful as always. No more words needed – let the pictures do the talk:

That’s it from me for today. But it certainly hasn’t been my last visit to the WE BANDITS store. When are you gonna go?

xox, the Flamboyante

  1. verrückte sachen gibts da…..interessant……..schaut z.T. etwas nach 80er-style aus…..cool!!!
    die schuhe sind echt das beste…..süß!!!!
    und das oberteil mit den masken….hihihi…..woher die nur immer ihre ideen her haben….super!!!

  2. Ja ich fands auch super! Schade das’d nicht dabei warst 😉

  3. […] awesome jewellery that all my friends marveled at is from We Bandits. Remember    not so long ago I went to their store opening? They are based in Theobaldgasse 14 […]

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