Home is where the heart-shaped clutch is….

In Accessories, Austria, Street fashion, Trend, Vintage on February 25, 2012 at 9:52 pm

Today I felt this flaming desire to go on a journey. I chose the most exotic place for me to explore: home.

Who are the faces and names that I’ll have to link to fashion, what do their creations look like and who are the wonderful people wearing true Austrian design?

When I stepped into  showroom|project today I stepped into a whole new world…

There was everything the heart of a true Austrian fashionista could wish for…

Zigi told me the designers were Marcel Ostertag, Elfenkleid, Callisti and Elke Freytag, just to name a few. She showed me this wonderful heart-shaped clutch. Does it make your heart sing?

And then these Austrian maiden showed me what they’d crave for. Remember: fashion is philosophy. The art of oneself….

But it was time to go….

Zigi told me about this vintage flea market. I had a new destination….

…so I traveled through time…

I hope I inspired you today.

Now it is time for you to go. Staying at home is not an option – there is a whole new different home out there waiting for you to explore it…

xox, the Flamboyante

  1. Nice, some of the pics could be a little smaller, at least in the page.

  2. Das liegt wohl daran das du keine fashion blogs liest – da lautet die devise: Je größer umso besser. Kann mir schon vorstellen das man auf den geek blogs wohl mehr geschriebenes Wort und sonst eher nur icons sieht 😉 – Nicht das ich geek blogs lesen würde…lol (oder doch ab und zu?)

  3. Hey, falls eines der Mädels, die ich fotografiert habe, hier vorbeischaun, würd ich mich über ein Kommentar von euch freuen. Ich hoffe eure Fotos gefallen euch.

    Lg, Nadine

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